South African Coalition for Transitional Justice (SACTJ) President’s Fund Researcher 2024

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The South African Coalition for Transitional Justice (SACTJ) is seeking to appoint an individual or an organisation to conduct a review of the President’s Fund. Apply below.

When is Application Deadline:

7th August 2023

Tell Me About Award:

In April 2023, the OSF-Africa awarded SACTJ a grant to implement a project titled “Civil Society Mobilization towards Comprehensive South African Reparations for Apartheid-Era Gross Human Rights Violations.”
The key objective of the research is to conduct an independent review of the President’s Fund, which will include assessment of whether and to what extent the funds in the President’s Fund are kept, distributed, audited and invested in accordance with best practice.

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SACTJ is currently implementing an OSF-Africa-funded two-year project, which aims to mobilise civil society and stakeholders to develop a mandated policy and process that is inclusive, victim-centred and human rights based, that will recognise and provide redress for persons who suffered gross human rights violations under apartheid. SACTJ’s proposed intervention is built on its members’ experience and capabilities.

SACTJ’s project on reparations includes:
a) Research activities, which will inform both civil society strategy on reparations going forward and the development of a draft reparations policy.
b) Provincial consultations and a national conference on reparations, which will inform the draft policy on reparations.
c) Vindicating the rights’ of victims in courts. Should the government fail to engage with advocacy efforts concerning reparations policy, , SACTJ will pursue strategic litigation to enforce the rights of victims.
d) Media and communications. The intervention will be accompanied by the full-fledged media strategy aimed at raising awareness amongst victims and society at large on the issues related to reparations and building public support.

The failure by the government to adopt a fully fledged reparations policy until now has led to the mobilization of civil society to make this happen. SACTJ’s strategy aims to ensure that government meaningfully engages with civil society on the issue of reparations. Using the information gained through research and consultation, SACTJ will propose a mandated policy on reparations.



Who can Apply?

Requirements of the research

a) The review of the President’s Fund should ideally include a detailed analysis of the administrative data and information obtained from the government. Where possible, the consultant shall rely on primary sources (i.e., government reports, surveys, interviews).
b) The consultant will be required to regularly liaise with SACTJ’s Reparations Task Team concerning the research and shall harness the knowledge and experiences of the Task Team and other SACTJ members
c) The consultant will work with and share relevant information with other researchers working on the SACTJ OSF project. An inception meeting will be organised to introduce the three researchers to one another, and to set up a system for information sharing to avoid duplication.
d) The report shall be written in non-academic, simple and accessible language.

Consultant’s Profile
The consultant should have:

  • A degree in economics, accounting, finance or a related field.
  • Experience and understanding of government financial structures and regulatory frameworks.
  • A very good understanding of data analysis, in particular an ability to analyse financial information.
  • Demonstrated experience in designing and conducting similar research.
  • Excellent drafting skills in English and an ability to write comprehensive research reports.
  • Ability to analyse large amounts of documents for the purpose of producing a concise written material

Which Countries are Eligible?

South Africa

How Many Awards?


What is the Benefit of Award?

The overall maximum costs of the assignment is ZAR 30,000, which includes the consultant’s fee and disbursements (i.e., costs of data and airtime, transport costs, etc.).

How Long will Award Last?

The duration of the assignment is one to two months. A timeline for the submission of the final report and summary report will be agreed with the consultant who is selected.

How to Apply:

The application process is open to SACTJ members and external applicants. To apply, candidates should send the following documents:
a) An updated CV clearly demonstrating relevant experience for the consultancy
b) Expression of interest stating the consultant’s proposed research approach, methodology and the reasons for applying (maximum of 3 pages)
c) Unedited writing sample (e.g., a previous report, article or other document on a relevant subject written by the applicant and not edited).
Applications should be sent to: Jessie Waldman, Administrative Coordinator, SACTJ [email protected]

Deadline for applications: 7 August 2023, however applications will be considered on a rolling basis and a selection may be made before the closing date should a suitable candidate be identified. Therefore interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.
Only complete applications will be considered.

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