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New courses open for enrolment at edX Online education platform

Edx online education platform is introducing new courses for enrolment. Edx offers free courses from leading universities; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of California Berkeley, Wellesley University, University of Toronto etc

Following are newly introduced courses at edX

Introduction to Biology: “The Secret of Life” by human genome pioneer Eric Lander, starting March 5th, will teach the fundamental concepts and science that are driving a revolution in modern biology and medicine. Lander will explain, using innovative technology including a 3D molecule viewer and a gene explorer tool, how advances in genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, recombinant DNA, genomics and genomic medicine can provide the “secret of life” and lead to treatments for diseases from cancer to schizophrenia. There are no prerequisites for this course.edX Online education

Electricity & Magnetism (Physics) by web phenomenon Walter Lewin, which already started February 18th, is for anyone who has ever wondered about the nature of our existence, from behavior of atoms to the expansion of the universe. The course covers basic physics, as well as topics like why the sky is blue, lightning, magnetic levitation, Aurora Borealis, and particle accelerators. Through his dynamic teaching, enthusiasm and sense of humor, Professor Lewin makes these difficult concepts easy.

These three new courses now have official start dates

Edx MOOC platform now have start dates for these three courses and they begin soon so consider registering today if you are interested.

Justice — an introduction to moral and political philosophy, including discussions of contemporary dilemmas and controversies, starts March 12th.

The Ancient Greek Hero — a survey of ancient Greek literature focusing on classical concepts of the hero and how they can inform our understanding of the human condition (intro level), starts March 13th.

Human Health and Global Environmental Change — an exploration of global environmental changes, examining their causes as well as their health consequences, starts May 15th.

To learn more or register for courses visit the edX website at https://www.edx.org/courses.