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Nottingham Trent University Masters Scholarships 2020/2021 for International Students – UK

The Nottingham Trent University is offering a range of scholarships for International Students for postgraduate study in UK beginning in Spring 2020/2021.

Application Deadlines: Courses starting in January 2020

  • Monday 14th October 2019 16:00 GMT (4 pm)
  • Final deadline: Monday 11th November 2019 16:00 GMT (4 pm)

Offered Annually: Yes

About the Award: Nottingham Trent University is pleased to offer scholarships for international students starting a full-time postgraduate course. This application form can be used to apply for the International Undergraduate Scholarship. This scholarship is usually 25% or 50% of tuition fee per year for a three year course.

Type: Masters

Scholarship Worth: Usually 25% or 50% of tuition fee per year

Eligibility: All international and EU postgraduate taught course offer holders for courses starting in January 2020.

Duration of Scholarship: Three year course.

How to apply:

  • You must have a conditional offer for an eligible course with us for January 2020.
  • Download and fully complete the International Scholarship Scheme application form. Candidates should make sure they fill in all sections and send their completed form.

Email completed application form to [email protected].

Visit scholarship webpage for Details

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How to Get Admission into UK Universities For International Students

In the UK, the application process to university education is more standardized than in the United States; all schools admission process begins with one basic application form that can be completed once and sent to up to five different schools. All applications for full-time higher education courses, for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, are made using the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service) online application system which is available 24 hours a day.
You fill in the application online when it suits you and it doesn’t need to be completed all at once. This process requires that you know exactly which schools you wish to enter, so it is crucial that before starting the process you research which universities in the U.K. offer the programs you desire.

Steps to Applying for Admission:
Step 1:
Get in contact with the UK university’s international admission office via email or phone OR the university representative for your country (if there is one). Even if the school’s website lists information for international students, many admissions offices encourage you to contact them, as they have counsellors who can advise you on any additional information needed specifically as a foreigner, such as standard exams, English Language requirements, visas, interview procedures, financial aid, housing, international costs and specific resources to help you with the process.

Step 2: Access the website of the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) at www.ucas.ca.uk to start your application to any university or higher education course in the U.K. The majority of institutions in the U.K. require that you apply through the UCAS rather than directly. The UCAS application is one single online application form that can be sent to up to five universities in the U.K. at a time.
UCAS was designed to make initial application to U.K. universities easier, more standardized, and better organized, but it goes with a processing fee.

Step 3: Register and complete the application form.
You must know what five universities and courses you are applying to before you submit the application, therefore researching for the universities that will work best for you should come before applying. The application form requires your personal information, education, work history, qualifications and certifications, and a personal statement. You will need to obtain a reference and enter it into the ‘reference’ section of the application. Once you have completed the application, you send it to UCAS online.

Step 4: Wait for UCAS to print and send your applications to each of your listed universities. The universities will contact you via mail with their decision based on the primary application. If the school approves your application, you may be asked to send additional documents such as writing samples or completed questionnaires. The policies of each school vary.
Visit the ‘When to apply’ page on UCAS website to check the dates and deadlines by which your completed application should be recieved. You can defer your admission through UCAS for a maximum of one year, when you have a genuine reason, i.e NYSC.

Before you decide which university or college to attend, you need to be certain that you can pay the full cost of: your tuition fees (the amount is set by universities and colleges, so contact them through their websites for more information) the everyday living expenses, including accommodation, food, heat, light, clothes and travel, books and equipment for your course, travel to and from your country; except you’ve already been awarded a scholarship. You must include everything when you work out how much it will cost. You can get information to help you work this out accurately from the international offices at universities and colleges, UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) and the British Council. Universities and colleges will put information about their own scholarships on their websites or Stay on AfterSchoolAfrica for the bestinformation on scholarships in UK and worldwide!