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Top 10 Exciting Careers You Can Start at 40

When you choose a suitable career path that aligns with your experience and interest, it can be very rewarding because it would help you to succeed at 40 and beyond. However, when there is a need for a career change for you, it can be a turning point to help you assess your work-life balance, identify potential roles that suit your passion or just try out something innovative.

The options available for you to start a new career at 40 may be based on your qualifications, experience and interests. Some careers are favourable to those who want a more fulfilling career, prioritise job satisfaction over income status, while some favour those who want jobs that offer direction or stability.

In some cases, external factors beyond the individual’s control could be the reason behind the change of career. Such external factors could include the necessity to relocate, company downsizing, one’s health status not favourable to the condition of the career, not a good fit for the available jobs, ineffective leadership at work, need to improve work-life, and so on. However, there may be more personal or internal reasons to want to start on a clean note.

Why You Can Start an Exciting Career at 40

  • Feeling regularly worn out, depleted and shattered while working in your current career. if you feel emotionally, mentally and physically sapped in your career, it means that the demand of the work you do is higher than the personal gain. Here, you pray for the weekend to approach soon so that you could escape from work. You are constantly thinking about your career or considering a career change. When this happens, you certainly need a second career.
  • Your current job position is not what you want to occupy for the rest of your life. You may be great at doing your job, but you are not getting a feeling of satisfaction while at it. It means that you are using your skills and ability to do a job that you are not wired to do. It does not matter how good you are at the job; all you feel is an emptiness that needs to be filled up.
  • The remuneration for the current career is good but it does not take away the emptiness and boredom you feel. Most people hate their job, but because the pay is not just satisfactory but offers a great life, they may want to stay put. If this is your case, then you might need to reevaluate your gain and consider your happiness. If the money you make no longer compensates for your happiness, the truth is simple here – you deserve a second career.
  • You feel your skills and competencies could be more impactful in another career. You know yourself better and understand how underrated you feel about your skills and abilities while doing what you are currently doing, it is better to go for a second career where your impact will be compensated for the input.
  • Age. This might sound odd, but so many people resist going for a new career due to their age. They feel they are too old to make a career change and possibly, career advancement. They have all it takes to make a fresh start, but the age factor is limiting them. They do not derive satisfaction getting up early in the morning to arrive at the same office and doing the same job. They like the pay but not the job. They have an inner yearning to step up and step out, yet they ignore it because of the age limiting factor. If you are in this category, do not fear career change. So many people started afresh at 40 and you would not be the first.

Tips on How to Find an Exciting Career You Love in Your 40s

What is the next step after discovering that you are ready for a career change? The following will guide you on how to find a career that gives you satisfaction:

  • Be practical with your decision: To start on a new note in your career, you will need to upgrade your skills and abilities or better still, go for new ones. To achieve this, you could take some classes which will help you to acquire the relevant training and direction to steer towards the new career role you want to play.
  • Have a mental picture of how to achieve your new career goal: This will give you the right direction you need. You will get focused, knowing that the picture you have painted about your career is always ahead of you.
  • Do some research: You do not just start a new career; you need to understand the hot deals in the industry you want to venture into. This will give you a hint of what you should train for. It would not be enticing to train for jobs that are going redundant in your new career field. You will end up not being hired by anyone, leading to frustrations.
  • Know that your first salary may not be attractive: Starting a new career may mean that you are starting with an entry-level job. It means that your previous salary scale might be higher than what you are to accept currently. But never mind, you will recover in no distant time if you are consistent and keep abreast of the relevant skillset required of you.

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What to Consider Before Changing Your Career in Your 40s

Making a career change in your 40s may be a bit difficult. However, if you think you need to make the transition, look for exciting ways that you could do it. It might take a bit longer than it would have taken assuming you are in your 20s or early 30s. Since it is going to take some time to achieve, you will need to take some time in choosing what’s right for you.

Carrying out a self-assessment to learn more about your interests, personality type, aptitudes and values associated with work will be necessary too. Take time to explore the job list you have and consider taking some formal education or adult internship.

At age 40, you should understand that you are not just looking for a career that matches your traits, you will need to consider other factors like your financial responsibility. With your family to care for or even a mortgage to pay, spending a large chunk of your time studying may not be what you need at the moment.

You may also decide to use the transferable skills that you acquired in your previous career roles for your transition. It will allow you to transition easily because, at this age, you may want to limit financial, time and energy expenditure. It does not mean that you should not go for formal training if need be, but it is good to have an option.

Gather some information about the career options available for you. We will list some below, however, you might consider getting more information about the job on the web page of the US Bureau for Labour Statistics (BLS.gov). Once you have adequate information on this, you can assess them to decide the job that is most suitable for you, putting your age in view. Make sure that whatever job you choose has the salary outlook that will cover your expenses, allow you to do things you enjoy and save or invest some amount.

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The Top 10 Exciting Careers You Can Start in Your 40s

Some careers are better to transition in your 40s than others for some reasons which might include a short timeframe for the training. A degree or an associate degree will make do for a start, but you could keep upgrading. No age is too old for education. In any case, what matters the most is job satisfaction. If you are in the restart mode of your career in your midlife, below is a list of the top ten careers you can venture into and still maintain your sanity:

  1. Business Manager

A career in business management is ideal for those who want to transition into the business. It gives room for entry-level management and practical training in business law. You can obtain a degree in business management to prepare you for the tasks demanded by the job. You will be able to occupy certain roles such as human resource management, assistant manager, team lead or you could possess and manage your own business.

Average salary: $61,153 per year

  1. Information Technology (IT) Specialist

If you love working with computer hardware or software, you might consider information technology. This requires that you would solve some problems associated with the computer and make sure that everything runs efficiently.

Average salary: $61,717 per year

  1. Business Administrator

With a career in business administration, you can work in various settings and industries like finance, computer systems, banking, healthcare, oil and gas, etc. You can take some management, leadership and communication training to boost your career.

Average salary: $44,305 per year

  1. Translator

It turned out that you needed to learn a second language because you wanted to travel abroad. Now, you can polish that language and put it into use while cashing out on it. You can work as a translator in healthcare or other fields that have a large number of foreigners coming for business.

Average salary: $45,732 per year

  1. Dietician

If you have the right skill, becoming a dietician and helping people to plan their meals could be a lifelong career for you to start in your 40s. You need to be detail-oriented and excited about the ever-evolving science of nutrition. Acquiring a bachelor’s degree in dietetics and nutrition could give you a good start. The average salary is $58,000.

  1. Cybersecurity

The average age for the field of cybersecurity is 42 and only 20% of the workforce is under 35. You have great chances to succeed in this field. What more? It is one of the most sought-after and lucrative professions with an average salary of $116,000.

  1. Therapist

Older workers are mostly favoured by this job. Why? Some jobs are better off with some experience that comes with age. Would you love to meet a therapist that just got out of college or someone who is more advanced in age? This job role offers great satisfaction too.

Average salary: $64,641 per year

  1. Online tutor

As one in his 40s, you may not fancy the idea of moving from one place to another. why not consider an online job where you could offer some training in the comfort of your home? Most professions are moving their positioning online and would want to reach out to a wider audience where distance would never be a barrier. You could consider applying for roles that you have the skills for. You could also create your own online courses and offer your training at your terms and conditions.

Average salary: $44,954 per year

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  1. Independent Contractor

Yes, you could term it ‘self-employed’ and that’s exactly what it is. Would you not want to enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss and setting your working condition? The flexibility of the job is perfect for an older adult and has great earning potential, though you will need to hustle harder to earn higher.

Average salary: $48,177 per year

  1. Event Planner

Having strong organisational and people skills, with excellent time management will help you to excel in this career. You are also responsible for managing budgets, negotiate contracts and manage a team. If you have experience managing supplier and client relationships, it might be added advantage to you. Otherwise, a degree or other qualifications in hospitality, public relations or relevant field will be applicable, though not always the ideal.

Average salary: $40,509 per year. Starting a career in your 40s can be an exciting decision if you go about it the right way. Do not be deterred by the challenges you might encounter. This decision might become your biggest breakthrough ever, you never can tell.

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