Top 10 Countries With the Best Economy – Best Destinations to Live and Study

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Ever being curious as to which study destination is right for you? One of the best decisions you can make as a student is choosing to study abroad. It can be your game changer, leaving you entirely with a global mindset. When it comes to job opportunities, believe it, your employers are going to consider you first. There are so many benefits of studying abroad and as you have chosen to do so, we have also chosen to help you narrow down your choices of study destinations to ten.

  1. The United States of America

The United States is a vast country with literal bits of everything you need to survive and enjoy life as a student. The cities are bustling, the natural habitats are alluring and safe for you. There are innumerable institutions in the country that accept international students with thousands of programmes that are just right for students with diverse educational backgrounds.

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There are both expensive cities and affordable ones for students on a low budget. You would have endless options to where you would love to live and study.

Southern California is one city with non-stop entertainment. New York is classified as a city that never sleeps and it is for the fact that it is bubbling with life. The US will always rank one of the best when it comes to studying abroad destinations.

Living expense in the USA is around $5000 to $1000 per annum and the tuition fee is around $35 000 per annum.

  1. Australia

Australia has so many top-ranking institutions for study purposes. It is considered a global leader when it comes to education, with more than 22 000 courses and 1 100 tertiary institutions to select from. You would hardly not find your choice course taught in Australia.

Compared to other study destinations, Australia offers diverse lifestyles. Even though it is not so cheap to live in Australia, you would certainly find it a fun place with so many adventurous locations for exploration and outdoor activities. You are also going to have a balance between study life and extracurricular activities while living in Australia.

Living in Australia costs between AU 1400 and 2500 per month and tuition cost is AU 40 000 per annum.

  1. France

France is a place you should strive to visit at least once in a lifetime, even if it is not for study purposes. Known for its academic excellence, reduced tuition, and diversity, France promises to unleash its goodness on you. Universities in France consistently appear on the topmost corner of the world rankings for quality education. Not to mention that there are so many business schools in France with world-class facilities.

The history and culture of France are rich. There are different places to visit and have fun – Paris, Versailles, Bordeaux, and Lourdes. Would you want to visit the tallest towers in the world? Then, going to study in France will afford you the opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower and its sophistication.

Tuition cost is €2000 and €3000, while cost of living €500 and €1500.

  1. Singapore

Singapore is one of the outstanding study abroad destinations. It is obviously a small place with just 8 universities. As a result of that, to gain admission into one of its universities is quite competitive.

Singapore is also a gateway to other Asian countries and very famous for budget destinations. If you are looking for a country with the best economy to study, then, this country should be right on your list.

The average living cost in Singapore is SGD 3000, while the cost of education is SGD 8000 to SGD 25 000.

  1. Netherlands

Next on the list in the Netherlands. Surprised? Several of the universities in the Netherlands frequently rank one of the best in the World University Rankings. Its cost of living is quite affordable. The country offers other such things as cultural and historical cities which give you a peek into the background and traditions of the Netherlands. The environment is warm and welcoming, the reason you may not want to leave after graduation.

Tuition fee is in the range of €6000 – €15 000, while living cost is €700 – €1000 per month.

  1. Finland

You can’t talk about quality education without mentioning Finland. The educators in the country are topnotch and higher education is subsidized for international students by the government of Finland.

Furthermore, the country is fast rising as a tourist attraction centre. The culture and weather of the country are very cool, offering you unlimited experience while living and studying in this great country. Entrance into a higher institution may be quite competitive for international students, but it does not mean that you don’t have better chances to make it to the list.

The average monthly cost of living in Finland is between €700 – €1000. The average tuition fee is between €6000 and €18 000.

  1. Canada

Living and studying in Canada could be one of the best decisions you made. Toronto was recently ranked as the most desirable city for students and 3 other cities made it to the top 15. This could also mean that other cities in Canada have the same or almost the same quality. About 6.5% of students in tertiary institutions studying in Canada are international students. There must be something about Canada that is attracting students.

The country is blessed with a unique and vibrant culture and beautifully enormous natural environment. There are lots of places to be explored in Canada by students who choose to make it their number one choice. That aside, several of its higher institutions rank the topmost among international universities.

Tuition in Canada is at the range of $20 000 – $30 000 per annum while living cost is around $12 000 per annum.

  1. Denmark

Denmark is one of the study abroad places that are student-friendly. It offers tuition-free education for students originating from EU/EEA or Switzerland. There are also tons of scholarships awarded to students for various purposes. If you wish to run your PhD, in Denmark, you might be one of the lucky students who earn salaries while studying.

If you need to explore Europe and experience the Nordic culture, Denmark could offer a good platform for that purpose.

The tuition fee in Denmark for international students is between €6000 and €16 000 while living cost is between €800 – €1 200 per month.

  1. Germany

Germany is one of the economic powerhouses of Europe and even the world at large. It made its education free or almost free, as the case may be, for almost all its students, irrespective of one’s nationality. It is one of the countries with the highest number of international students, with its universities rated the best. Though cities like Munich or Berlin might be expensive, living and studying there may offer you the best experiences in Germany.

The cost of living in Germany is around €850 per month. Public universities do not charge tuition for bachelor’s and master’s, but private universities charge an average of €26 000 and €40 000 per year.

  1. Italy

With its amazing food, alluring arts and dynamic culture, Italy is the most inspiring study abroad destination. Educational programmes in Italy are combined with a blend of Italian cultural studies and other unique courses. This does not mean programmes are not taught in English language. The majority of them are. Walking down the streets of Italy could arm you with gelato of various colors you never believed existed. You could also choose to relax in a corner entertaining your eyes with the cinematic landscapes and seductive sites. However, it would be great to learn the basics of the Italian language as that would help you to integrate into the culture.

The overall living cost for students in Italy ranges between €700 –  €1000 per month, while the tuition is between €0 – €5000 for public universities and €3000 – €35 000 for private universities.

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Things to Know Before Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is quite exciting, but you need to be well-prepared in order not to get stranded along the way. Below are what you should put into consideration before making up your mind to travel out:

  • Choose where to study: where to study will determine, to a great extent, the kind of friends to make, and where you will spend a significant amount of your time living and studying. You will need to research the place, people, religion, food, how accommodating they are to strangers, and so on. Prior knowledge of these will make you have an idea of what to expect instead of flying in blind.
  • Weather and clothing: research about the kind of weather, climate, and the average temperature in that area. Find out the kind of clothing suitable for the weather condition. For instance, it would look awkward wearing light clothing during winter.
  • Budgeting: you need to understand how to make your financial expenses. While abroad, you are going to be solely in charge of your money with no parent to run to when you are low on cash. Therefore, you need to be aware of your financial circumstances and budget accordingly. Understand your bank’s international charging fee, the current exchange rate between your home country and the destination country and the monetary system of your destination country.
  • Emergency number of your school and residence: in addition, you need to know the emergency hotlines of your destination country too. You can write them down on paper and keep them in your luggage to be able to avoid being stranded or confused.
  • Phone plan: this is very essential. Check with your mobile phone provider about their service plan. Find out the cost and get yourself prepared.

Studying abroad offers more opportunities than the educational qualifications you may achieve. Having a certificate of international standard is a great selling point for you. The education and environment equip you with skills that would help you excel in all your life endeavors. Your horizons would be broadened the more if you could combine study with travels. There is no harm in trying. But one thing is certain, you would stand tall at the end of the day, patting yourself on the back for taking this great decision.