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IZA/FCDO ONLINE Development Economics Course 2021 for Sub-Saharan Africa

We are happy to announce that the IZA/FCDO Program on Gender, Growth and Labor Markets in Low-Income Countries (G²LM|LIC) is sponsoring the ONLINE EVENT: “Development Economics Course for Sub-Saharan Africa”, September 13- November 12, 2021.

Application Deadline: 15th August 2021

About the Award: The biggest puzzle in economics is why fundamentally equal humans living in different countries enjoy very different standards of living.

The aim of this course is to bring together the very latest research in development economics that tries to answer this puzzle. We will follow the arc of development that starts with small subsistence entrepreneurs (normally in agriculture) and ends in large complex multinational enterprises. We will analyze how man-made organizations trade with one another, how they affect the environment in which they live and how the environment affects them in return. We will finally analyze the role of the state in regulating markets, coordinating economic activity and containing externalities.

The course is organized in eight blocks. Each block contains a prerecorded lecture and a live-online-class on one or two days per week. The course is modeled after the award-winning undergrad development course at the LSE and, like its model, it is entirely based on research articles.

Type: Short Course


  • The course is designed for undergraduate students but we can accept applications from grad students as well.
  • Residence in African is a strict requirement.
  • A basic knowledge of economics, statistics, mathematics is useful but there are no prerequisites other than a deep clear curiosity about the subject. Our goal is to open a window on the world of research, and to give students glimpse of what economics can do.

Eligible Countries: African countries

To be Taken at (Country): Online

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: Free

Duration of Award: September 13- November 12, 2021.

How to Apply: Online Application Form

  • It is important to go through all application requirements in the Award Webpage (see Link below) before applying.

Visit Award Webpage for Details

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