10 Best & Affordable MBA Programs in the Netherlands

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An increasing number of international students are going to the Netherlands for their MBA programs. Statistics show that applications to business schools in the Netherlands are increasing annually. MBAs in the Netherlands take between 1 and 2 years to complete. It comprises some coursework like finance, economics, marketing, accounting, and management. MBAs from B-Schools in the Netherlands make up the top ten MBA study destinations in the world. There are over 80% of international students pursuing MBA programs in the country.

GMAT scores and required work experience are necessary for pursuing an MBA program in the Netherlands. Approximately 10 universities in the country offer full-time MBA programs and some of them rank among the first 100 MBA schools by QS Global MBA Ranking, 2021.

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Below are reasons to help you understand why studying in the Netherlands is a good choice:

1. High-standard quality MBA:

The MBA in the Netherlands gets accreditation from top bodies like the National Accreditation Body (NAVO) and world-class accreditation institutions like the AMBA and EQUIS. Therefore, the aim is to solidify the three root concepts of MBA stewardship, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

2. Available jobs after graduation:

The Netherlands does not lack a shortage of management jobs, ranging from small to medium to high-class jobs. Graduates can fit into the job market and chart their career paths with no hitches. Furthermore, prominent employers like Philips, ABN, AMRO, FrieslandCampina, Google, Canon, and a host of others are also handy to get them to work in the shortest interval possible.

3. Stable economy:

The Netherlands boasts a stable economy with a good standard of living. This is also reflective of the employment rates in the country, which rose from 78.10% in the third quarter to 78.40% in the fourth quarter of 2021.

4. Favorable immigration laws:

The immigration laws of the Netherlands are quite attractive for international students to resist. Even after completing their MBA, international students could spend an extra year searching for jobs using their student visa. If the student is able to crack the job within the time, the employer has the responsibility of filing a residential permit for him or her. This is ‘Knowledge Migrant’ or Kennismigrant.

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Top 10 MBA Programs in the Netherlands

1. Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) – Erasmus University

This is the highest-ranking institution in the country that offers MBA programs. It has an international outlook and is open to innovation, which makes business an easy task. Rotterdam is very vibrant and diverse, making it a perfect place for great thinkers to receive inspiration to move to the next career level.

They teach students the latest organizational, management, and financial knowledge from one of Europe’s top ten research institutes. For aspiring leaders, the Personal Leadership Development programs of the school are custom-made to increase the students’ leadership skills by putting a spotlight on what motivates others and also what motivates them personally.

The classroom has students from diverse backgrounds while going on international study trips or international exchanges.

The school prepares managers for any management role in sustainability, social impact, and entrepreneurship. They also have personal coaching while securing broad opportunities in the corporate world. It also has an alumni network of over 40,000 movers, shakers, and decision-makers in various sectors and roles who share the same values and mindsets.

2. Amsterdam Business School (ABS) – University of Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Business School offers full-time and two part-time MBA programs in healthcare management and big data. Both senior and aspiring professionals can have a sense of education by developing their leadership skills with sovereign minds, an innovative spirit, and a world-class mentality. Famous academics offer lectures with comprehensive industry experience.

The school is in the financial and business capital of the country and ranks highly among top-ranking bodies.

What more? Amsterdam Business School is among the less than 1% of business schools globally with ‘Triple Crown Accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS.

3. Maastricht School of Management (MSM)

MSM is one of the oldest international business schools in the Netherlands, with a large network of students, alumni, and partners scattered across the globe. The school offers a full-time MBA in the Netherlands, together with three part-time overseas MBA options in Peru, China, and Vietnam. All programs do not exceed two years. It also offers shorter courses, both on-campus and through distance learning.

Furthermore, the faculty and staff of the school help the students enjoy the best academic, professional, and personal experiences. As a fast-moving and market-focused institute, MSM will stop at nothing in offering content and programs geared towards specific management and leadership needs in the market.

Tuition: 32,500 EUR per year.

4. Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Nyenrode is the only private university in the Netherlands where one can study an MBA program. The school has a variety of master’s and executive-level business programs that link expansively with the Dutch and global business communities.

The aim is to develop globally-minded business managers while fostering leadership and true entrepreneurial spirit within the academic programs. Located 20 minutes away from Amsterdam and Utrecht, Nyenrode is a great study location with beautiful Saturday explorations, exciting nightlife, or just a dinner out that would add some beautiful colors to learning.

5. School of Business and Economics (SBE) – Maastricht University

The Maastricht University School of Business and Economics is famous for its high-quality education and excellent research. It also teaches programs with global views in the fields of economics and international business administration.

Furthermore, the alumni network of the school offers excellent opportunities for students to develop their careers and enjoy lifelong learning with other members of the community.

Also triple-accredited, the programs offered in the school include financial economics, economics and strategy in emerging markets, business research, economics, econometrics, and operations research, finance and control, financial economics, international business, human decision science, fiscal economics, and financial economics.

6. Tias Business School

Accredited by the AACSB and AMBA, Tias offers a full-time MBA program whose aim is to help students accomplish their professional and social leadership dreams. Through quality education, students are encouraged to consider the ‘bigger picture’ and have an extensive understanding of the broader social impact of their decisions at every point. With a return on investment that sees over 80% of the students in employment within 3 months of graduation, the school is set to break records.

7. Master of Business Administration, The Hague University of Applied Science

The MBA at The Hague University of Applied Science is fortified to handle numerous business and management challenges beyond economic and financial jurisdiction. They also come up with effective, responsible, and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the business world. Lecturers with professional skills from different fields impart students with unquantifiable knowledge in the areas of leadership and professional development. The MBA also emphasizes the United Nations SDGs in topics like circular economy, sustainability, innovative business models, and responsible management.

Furthermore, an MBA graduate of The Hague Graduate School has to apply the right business knowledge and management theory that are with state-of-the-art practices. The school allows for flexibility in selecting the program, practical orientation, location, and networking. All programs are offered in English and Dutch – one-year intensive full-time, two-year part-time, and distance learning programs.

Tuition: 21,999 EUR per year.

8. Master in Imagineering, Breda University

The Imagineering approach of the university focuses on innovation from a human-centered perspective through the empowerment of creativity. Stakeholders from all quarters are involved in the shaping of the future.

Master Imagineering fits into the context of strategic design, whose aim is to realize organizational transformation focused on value creation.

Furthermore, in-depth theoretical knowledge of organizational design and the development of analytical, proactive, and problem-solving attitudes are made available to the students.

The program is made up of four blocks of classes that last for six weeks each and are finalized by an exam/design week. For regular students, the program lasts for one year, but for part-time executive students, it requires 18 months.

Tuition: 9,416 EUR per year.

9. Master of Business Administration, Tio University of Applied Science

The program is made up of a core program, a specialized program, a development program, and a thesis project to cap it up.

Furthermore, the school understands that the business world is desperately in need of highly educated and dedicated managers and so it has designed programs to bring out the right skills in the students. The students are expansively employable after graduation as they are imparted with hands-on and well-articulated analytical skills.

Tuition: 20,400 EUR per year.

10. Master of Business Administration in Purpose Economy – Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Business professionals who aim to grow purposefully personally and career-wise to find solutions to current and future challenges that would benefit the organization and the international community as a whole are encouraged to apply for an MBA program at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. They are taught how to manage an organization professionally and ethically.

It has a focus on upholding the United Nations SDGs. It offers both full-time and part-time programs, which last for 12 and 18 months, respectively.

Furthermore, obtaining an MBA in the Netherlands is a decision that would leave you with multiple options in your job search. You will not just see things from an international perspective; you will make decisions and act based on what is obtainable in the international market. As an international student, studying in the country may not come cheap, but it is certain to place you in a spot where competition helps you grow instead of putting fear in you. There are numerous reasons to study in the Netherlands; it is better experienced than told.

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