Top 10 Degrees that Guarantee a Job in China

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China is a country in East Asia, with a population of about 1.4billion as of 2019, it is the world’s most populous country. Having about a 9.6million square kilometres, it is the world’s third-largest or fourth-largest country by area.

China has the world’s fastest-growing consumer market, and the second-largest importer of goods. It is the world’s largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods. China is one of the leading political and cultural forces that helped ours. China has become one of the most popular destinations for international students worldwide. Some of the top sites in China the great wall of China, the forbidden city, the bund, the summer palace, the temple of heaven, the imperial palace etc. China is one of the four ancient civilizations, it has a history of over 3000 years, it boasts of the world’s richest breadth of culture. The scenery in China is just wonderful, places ranging from the legendary yellow mountains with their seas of cloud and beautiful alpines to the rainbow lakes of Jiuzhaigou to pandora’s floating pinnacles in Zhangjiajie and so many others.

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Why a Study in China?

  • From breakthroughs in medicine, technology, engineering, to mass production of textiles, furniture, plastic articles, it is safe to say that China has become an innovation leader.
  • While skills and knowledge are more important than the prestige of the University you graduated from, the school you also graduated from plays a very vital role in your career, having said this universities and colleges in China are top-ranked, they have 106 top-ranked universities and colleges, they even went as far as creating Academic ranking of the world’s university (ARWU)
  • China offers low tuition fees for students, low living costs, the easy visa application process, easy university, entertainment, and social activities, living costs in bringing is between 850 and 1200 euro a month, while in Shanghai and Shenzhen it’s between 650 and 1100 euro a month.
  • China offers a huge pool of international students in the city and cities beyond.
  • Quality education and international recognition.
  • Travel and exploration
  • Employment advantage.
  • Chance to school and chase your business dreams in the world’s most dynamic trading centres.

Why Work in China

The standard working time in China is 40hours in a week and it is in the accordance with Chinese labour law, they are expected to work from 9 am to 6 pm from Mondays through Fridays, but most Chinese organization do not adhere to this as they always want their workers to work overtime but, in the end, these workers don’t get paid for their overtime. China experiences three national holidays and all workers in China are entitled to it, these holidays include the Chinese New Year which usually take place in late January or February as the case maybe, international labour day which occurs in every first week of May and national day which is first week of October. Salaries in China depends on whether you are employed locally or expat from abroad, it also depends on the organization you work and position occupied, if you are employed as an expat from overseas your salary is according to the western European standard or the US standards plus a full benefit range.

Expat salaries ranges from$25,000 to a $100,000 per year excluding other benefits, while a local expat salary ranges from $15,000 to $30,000 yearly, although it is said to be increased if you can bring some level significant experience to the organization that hired you. Some of the benefits in working in China are healthcare packages, 3,4 weeks vacations, visas, bonuses and raises etc.

10 Degrees that Guarantee a Job in China

1. B.B.A. Economics:   This program is been offered at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in Shenzhen, it is a four year course, Economics is said to be the study of how people allocates resources and makes decision, students who pursue economics as undergraduates can go further to have career in finance, international relations, insurance, business etc. you can work as a financial analysts, data analyst, operations manager, and the median salary is ¥435,500 which when converted to dollars is $4,081.01.

2. International Economy and trade: The program is offered Zhejiang Wanli University Ningbo china, it is a four-year duration course, it is full time type of degree, international Economy and trade deals with economic interactions between countries, it describes and also predicts pattern of production, investments, trades across countries, the average gross salary is ¥206, 578, when converted to dollars it is $1,945.08.

3. Bachelor of business administration: Business administrator oversees the general operations of an organization or industry.  Business Administration enables an individual to understand the dynamics of operations of companies, industries, organization, learn how to solve organisational problems by using human resources and management principles, this course is offered in School of Business, Renmin University of China GBBA, it takes  three to four years to complete full time degree, as a business administration graduate you can work as a business consultant, financial Analysts, human resources specialists, loan officer etc. the salary range for a job in business administration in China is 23,300CNY to 66,800CNY per month.

4. Biotechnology and Food Engineering: Biotechnology covers both the basic and applied sciences of living systems and their engineering aspects required to exploits their bio processes to bring products to their market place, biotechnology extends and refine methods that produce new plants and animals, the use of biotechnology plants can produce more food on less land by reducing the amount of crops lost to pests and diseases, it creates flexibility within the food chain, it offers medical advancement opportunities, it helps to minimize or eliminates wastes product, it reduces infectious disease rates and so many others. You can study biotechnology and food engineering in the Technion International, located in Shantou china, it is a 4year degree course, you can either study the biotechnology or food engineering, either way after graduating, you graduate with double honours, career in biotechnology and food Engineering include drugs and pharmaceutical research, Environmental Control, Waste Management, food processing, bio processing industries etc. the salary range of workers in biotech and food engineering in China is CNY 171,894 and CNY 304,921 yearly.

5. Global Communication and Management: It is the development and information sharing through the verbal and non-verbal medium, modern communication methods have turned the whole world in to a global village, organizations can communicate with diverse groups without much hassle, effective communication is very essential in this global world, it is not only the interaction between employees in an organization, understanding the key to effective communication is the way. Global communication and Management can be studied in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, it is a 4-year course, careers in Global communication and management are senior international consultant, global communication specialist, public relations, foreign service, politics and lobbying etc. the average salary paid in china is ¥367,397

6.  Chemical Engineering and Technology: Chemical Engineering and Technology has to do with the application of the principles of chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics in order to proffer solutions to problem regarding the use of drugs, food, fuel, and diverse other products. Chemical engineers work mostly in offices, refineries, laboratories, where they monitor or direct operations. In order to become a chemical engineer and a technologist you should obtain your degree from the East china university of science and technology in Shanghai, also try to take up internships since employers do put much value in practical experiences. The average range of salary for a chemical engineer is between CNY207,326 and CNY 367,943 yearly.

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7. Logistics Management: logistic management is said to be the overall process of how resources are gotten, stored, transported to their final destinations and how the overall process is been managed, it involves the identification of prospective suppliers and distributors and determining their accessibility and effectiveness, some of the roles they play include transportation/delivery, packaging, cargo handling, information processing, distribution processing, etc. you can study logistics management in Zhejiang Wanli University, Ningbo china.

Some of the job careers in logistic management are fleet manager job, configuration analyst, procurement manager job etc. salary range is CNY 17,100 to CNY 51,600.

8. Dual bachelor degree in event management: This has to do with application of managing project to the creation, development of small/ large scale cooperate/personal events, it also involves handling the overall logistics of the event. It also involves studying brands, identifying your targeted audience, devising the concept of the event amongst so many others. Some major skills required for event management are organizational skill, the communications skill, client- first approach, networking savvy etc., you can study event management as a course in the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, it has a four-year duration. Some careers available in this field include tournament director, event manager, event planner, stage delegation, exhibition analyser etc. the salary range of event management is CNY 14,000 to CNY 39,300 per month.

9. Material Science and Engineering: It is the design and discovery of new materials, material science incorporates elements such as chemistry, physics and engineering, they are involved in all phases of development of materials, material engineers work with metals, plastics and ceramics to develop new materials. Material science engineers generally works in a conducive environment where they access to computers and design equipment, others work in industries and in factories, some career opportunities in material science and engineering include CAD technician, Design engineer, Technical sale engineer, Metallurgist, etc. you can earn a BSc in material science and engineering from Guangdong Technion Israel institute of technology, the average salary earned by a material science engineer is ¥144,000.

10. Business Management: Business management solely focus on the planning, organising, analysing business activities that are required to effectively set up and run a business. Some jobs you can do as a business manager includes Arbitrator, Forensic accountant, data scientists and analysts, project/risks manager etc. you can get a degree on business management from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology it is a 4year course, salary earned by business manager in China is CNY 23,300 to CNY 66,800.

Here we have them: The Top 10 degrees that guarantee a job in China. Therefore, if you want to get a high paying job in China, you need to consider studying one of these courses.