Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in South Korea

South Korea is blessed with a vibrant culture and alluring cities which make it a fantastic place to live and work. Each year, the country grows globally and offers great opportunities to graduates for career advancement.

Big companies in the country are interested in bilingual individuals who can interpret events or documents effortlessly. This could explain why translating jobs is making waves in the country. But that’s not all, you can find in South Korea. There are numerous other jobs in the country that you can do after graduation.

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As a student, you might be wondering about the best field to study in order to get a good job in the competitive job market of South Korea. Here are some of the best degrees that would guarantee you the right job you need to build your career and excel in your field of choice:

  1. Engineering

The government of South Korea made a huge reform in the educational sector of the country some years back and this has kept playing a role in the improvement of the sector. In 2012, South Korean students were five times more likely to study engineering than American students. Moreover, the country was providing America with high skilled engineers.

Some universities in South Korea rank among the best schools in the world when it comes to engineering degrees. With reliable work ethic and high intellectual abilities, an engineer in South Korea can navigate the job market and make the best out of his or her career.

  1. Natural Sciences

Natural science degree prepares students with strong research and creative abilities. This enables them to excel in the job market. If you are keen to know how the world works, you can decide to obtain a degree in natural sciences. South Korean universities already equip their students with the ability to work under pressure and so, the job market is not going to be that challenging for scientists.

Seoul National University, the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) are some of the universities that offer programs in natural sciences.

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  1. Sales and Marketing

South Korean consumers are well-known for looking for hot trends. Marketing is one of the means to let them have all they need by waving the options to their faces and compelling them to purchase, according to their capabilities. In South Korea, there are many resources at the disposal of marketers to excel.

Social media is one avenue where the young generations are showcasing their talents and marketers can leverage on the opportunity to reach out to their audience anywhere in the world.

  1. Humanities

With the knowledge of any humanities course in South Korea, one could have an insight into the dense tradition and history of the country. Students have also transferred the ability to research extensively and think critically on ways to contribute to national development.

To be able to navigate the field on a higher level, a master’s degree will be more appropriate. Getting an entry-level job will enable you to acquire some experience in the field.

Universities like Yonsei University, Korea University, and Sungkyunkwan University can boast of the best humanities programme in South Korea.

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  1. Nursing

The department of nursing in South Korea aims to train and nurture nurses so people maintain stable conditions and help in the prevention of, recovery, and rehabilitation of diseases by assisting patients in interacting with their environments.

Students are also taught professionalism so as to see patients as human beings with life and dignity as well as have the ability to solve problems with scientific knowledge and critical thinking.

Nurses are trained in such a way that they become SMART (Specialty, Mindfulness, Ability, Reliability, and Totality). Their professional skills can help them to cope with the demands of individuals and families in their field.

Masan University is one of the institutions that specialize in training professional nurses in the country.

  1. Finance

Obtaining a degree in finance prepares students for professional careers by giving them a strong and reliable foundation in the principles that are needed in making operating decisions for an organization and in financial market analysis. Students who major in finance are trained to understand, evaluate and manage risks. They also conduct and present financial analysis and research valuing complex projects, assets, securities, and firms.

Finance students are offered the opportunity to explore the relationships among investors, firms, financial institutions, markets, and regulators. Finance majors in South Korea are, in addition, offered a unique chance to globally and regionally meet with other top professionals in the fields, for unique and diverse job opportunities in government, large financial organizations (like Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac), international organizations (World Bank, IMF, etc.) as well as other careers related to finance.

George Mason University, Korea is one of the best universities to obtain a degree in finance.

  1. Global Affairs

The Department of Global Affairs offers training to students who are interested in international issues and the global dynamics experienced in all societies. The degree program is multidimensional as it covers strategic areas like politics, economics, and culture.

After graduation, students could pursue their professional careers in international security and intelligence, global health and international development, law, management, business, and media. The students are also offered the opportunity to gain a sophisticated understanding of complexities, like terrorism, refugee crisis, global inequality, as well as health and environmental challenges.

Global affairs concentrate on the following: Africa, Asia, Europe, the environment, global governance, human security, global economy and management, Latin America, Russia and Central Asia, North America, international development as well as media, communication, and culture.

Students also find internships by taking advantage of the resources available in the political and cultural environment to develop valuable skills. They could work with the Capitol Hill, US Department of State, the FBI, Human Rights Watch, and even embassies in South Korea and abroad.

A degree in Global Affairs could be obtained from George Mason University, Korea.

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  1. Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics offers a unified home for the mathematical sciences. It is a comprehensive department in the state. The students of the department are educated to work in a wide range of problems like designing better drugs, fighting against AIDS, assessing the effectiveness of foster care programs, helping FAA route airplanes around weather systems, designing fusion reactors. It is a universal theory that problems drive mathematics. You will get trained in research-related issues, especially if you are planning to advance your career in this field.

SUNY Korea can boast of offering the best education in this field.

  1. Accounting

An accounting degree provides the best professional careers in both the private and public sectors. The accounting major is designed to produce accounting professionals that can generate financial information and apply them in different areas of business problems.

Students are also taught the principles of business and the specific skills and technical knowledge that would help them to navigate the complex business and accounting fields.

Other skills that are transferred to the students include ethics, critical thinking, written and verbal communication, in addition to effective use and understanding of technology. The assurance, tax advisory, and consulting firms do not joke with accountants in South Korea. Fortune 100 companies, the nation’s capital, and other top accounting firms provide opportunities for accounting professionals to work in both public and private firms.

George Mason University offers a four-year course in accounting.

  1. School of Global Convergence Studies

SGCS is a multidisciplinary educational program that combines both engineering and business studies so as to produce integrated and empathetic professionals who would take charge of global, economic, technological, and linguistic societies. Inha University is a top South Korean university that offers degree in this field.

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A Quick Glance at the Job Market in South Korea for International Students

In South Korea, the rate of unemployment is quite low. The economy of the country is steadily developing, making it a great market for job seekers. International students are also much welcomed in the country as the government of the country is very keen on offering jobs to overseas students.

That notwithstanding, certain fields are easier to come by job roles than others. Therefore, before committing to settling in South Korea for a job, you need to be sure of what’s in for you. The job market is quite competitive due to the fact that you are competing against the nationals. With a good command of English and a degree from South Korean universities, you may be very lucky as they may work to your advantage.

Furthermore, it is necessary for you to do the following:

  • Take advantage of any job role during your studies as that would add to your CV while searching for a job in South Korea.
  • Take a course in the Korean language to sharpen your knowledge of the language because it will be an added advantage to you.
  • Network with people and position yourself for any job opportunity.
  • If you have work qualifications from another country, ensure they are recognized in South Korea before making your trip down to the country.

A work visa will be necessary to take up employment in South Korea. Teaching language in the country is one of the vast careers in South Korea for native English-speaking graduates. Opportunities also abound in fields like technology, manufacturing, IT, engineering, and business. Learning the basics of the Korean language will be an added advantage as you will be able to communicate freely with the locals who would get to see you as one of their own.

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Leading employers in South Korea include Samsung, Hyundai, LG Electronics, KPMG, and ExxonMobil. In South Korea, you could find yourself working for very long hours; however, the constitution has adjusted the working hours from 68 to 52 per week. Workers in South Korea are mandated to pay income tax at the rate between 8% and 35%, health insurance, and pension insurance.