Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in Ecuador

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Ecuador is a developing country located in northwestern South America with its capital known as Quito. Ecuador has a relatively developing economy and the unemployment rate is not too high as compared to other developing countries of the world. The country is said to be highly dependent on its commodities which include; petroleum and agricultural products for its economy.

Working in Ecuador is not always a big feat since the economy of the country is still gradually growing, but notwithstanding, the country has tried to decrease its unemployment rate to a very minimal level by making available more jobs for its citizens and also foreigners.

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The weather in Ecuador is very hot and there are also some things which you need to know before you consider moving to the country for work. The purpose of this article is to bring to light some of the necessary information which you would require to start your journey in your desired host country.

Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in Ecuador

Ecuador has a growing economy and jobs are not always readily available for foreigners. Although, there are certain degrees which are in high demand in the country and can also be very rewarding. Below is the list of 10 career fields which you can use to get a good job in Ecuador.

  1. Surgeons/Doctors: This set of professionals are at the highest rank of most paid degrees in Ecuador. Doctors have a very high-risk job and their studies require so much time and money and getting a well-paid job is the reward that is needed.
  2. Law: this is another degree that pays so much because of the responsibilities attached to the job. A lawyer can work in a private or government-owned establishment and any other place where the law needs to be upheld. If you want to work as a lawyer or judge in Ecuador, you need to obtain a license of practice. 
  3. Accounting: accounting is a good degree that is also in high demand in Ecuador. This career field is in charge of finance in any organization or company where funds need to be spent. Due to the high responsibility of this degree, it allows for the workers to be well paid.
  4. Teaching: tutoring jobs are also in demand in Ecuador, college professors and English language teachers are well sought after. If you are a professional in the teaching field and have what it takes to tutor, you can work in Ecuador and earn big rewards for doing what you want.
  5. Pilot: this career entails so much rigorous training and has a high level of responsibility in handling the safety of people’s lives when on board. In Ecuador, there is a demand for pilots and they are surely well paid for their services.
  6. Marketing: marketers are needed in any business endeavor which needs to make a profit. Marketing managers are well-schooled on how to make use of their talents and skills to carry out their services.
  7. Computer science: these professionals are quite important everywhere in the world due to the improvement in science in technology. Computer scientists are in charge of programming and keeping data and translating them in plain language for people to understand. A computer scientist can work in any field.
  8. Engineering: is one degree that cannot go into extinction and its value not overpriced. Engineering degrees are well sought after in Ecuador and its varying fields and career are well accepted. As an engineer in this country, you stand a very big chance of getting huge salaries and rewards for your job.
  9. Nursing: this degree has become quite important in these recent days with the coming of the covid-19 disease. Many healthcare workers in which nurses are a part are well compensated for their contribution in helping to curb the spread of the disease and also caring for those already infected. A nursing degree is very much appreciated right now in Ecuador.
  10. Business management: every business needs a good hand to help manage its resources. Businesses are set up to make a profit and so employing a business management degree holder would help to boost your business by making use of the right tools.

Top 10 Things to Know Before Going to Live and Work in Ecuador

In moving to a new country, it is of utmost importance to learn a few things about the host country and try to make plans on living there. Ecuador just like every other country of the world have some peculiar things known to it alone and below are outlined some of the important things to know about Ecuador.

  1. Dressing pattern: it is worthy of note that Ecuadorians do not wear shorts at all and you are likely to stand out as a foreigner when you wear them. So, if you are the type that wants to blend into the environment very fast you need to adjust your dress style to the country’s own also, you can go with a hat or two as the sun is quite intense in the summer.
  2. Language: the official language of Ecuador is Spanish and that is what is used throughout the country as a general means of communication. It is also used to teach their students and at the workplace too. You can pick a Spanish language class to brush yourself up on the language before moving into the country.
  3. Ecuadorians are friendly: the locals are quite friendly and courteous. The people in Ecuador are well mannered and also polite, greeting people is very common among them and it comes with a smile always.
  4. Ecuador is very hot: the amount of sunlight in the country cannot be overlooked as they experience 12 hours of daylight and the sun hits very hard on the country. As a visitor, you should go with a lot of sunscreen, hats and avoid too much exposure to the sun to avoid sunburn.
  5. Plan your healthcare insurance before moving: this is one of the important things to note about moving to Ecuador. You should take out your preferred health insurance scheme from your home country before starting your move to the country. The health insurance would assist you in taking care of any unforeseen medical issues, buying prescribed drugs, and so on.
  6. Proof of funds: before entering Ecuador, a foreigner is expected to show proof of financial status and also a return ticket if you are not a resident. Many people are turned back by immigration but sometimes, you could be lucky to go free without immigration asking for your return ticket but proof of your financial status is mandatory.
  7. Accommodation: housing is very important since you would need to live somewhere when you get to Ecuador. It is always advised to sort your accommodation issues before you move to the country to avoid going in on dates when there is a festival going on and you have to stay in overpriced accommodation.
  8. Ecuadorian healthcare system: the healthcare system in Ecuador varies from time to time. It is not usually compulsory to take out health insurance but you can make use of voluntary membership in the national healthcare system known as Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social, or IESS to foot your medical bills. Another common method that can be used is to organize a specialist international health insurance policy that can assist in getting access to the best health care facilities, and also help to avoid some of the hospital charges.
  9. Cost of living: the general cost of housing, food, and transportation is quite low in Ecuador. Food is very cheap in the country whether, you are eating out or at home, you can get very affordable groceries to buy. Transportation in Ecuador is also pocket-friendly and you can make use of the buses and taxis all at affordable rates in comparison to buying your own car.
  10. Lifestyle: the Ecuadorian lifestyle is very affordable depending if you don’t have a high taste for things. There are many places to visit and hang out during the weekends. Places such as; museums, Latin music shows, and other outdoor activities to enjoy. Moving to Ecuador is so much fun when planned right.

Types of Working Visa You Can Get in Ecuador

Ecuador offers different types of visas for foreigners who want to move to the country. Also, depending on the type of job you would be doing in Ecuador, the visa and its requirements would differ too.

Ecuadorian visas are divided into two categories of resident and non-resident visas. The non-resident visa would need to obtain a work visa and it is issued for a limited duration while the resident visa is for an unlimited duration.

The resident visa comprises; Professional Visa and a technician visa. The professional visa allows workers with degrees from a higher institution of learning to work in Ecuador and the technician visa is usually issued to technical experts.

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What are the Necessary Criteria to Work in Ecuador?

Here, below are the general requirements that are needed for a foreigner to be able to work in Ecuador but depending on the type of visa, the requirements may vary.

  • A valid international passport
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • A copy of the applicant’s CV
  • A medical certificate
  • Your completed visa application form
  • Proof of payment of the visa application fee

Ecuador is a vibrant country filled with many places to explore and the cost of living is quite average. We hope this article would assist you in making your work decisions on moving to Ecuador.