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Top 10 Countries to Visit this Year as a Student

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Saint Augustine once quoted that the world is a book and those who do not ravel only read a page. You wouldn’t want to be told some stories when you can see things with your eyes. Being a student can never hinder one from visiting fantastic places and viewing the world from multiple lenses.

When you explore new places, you would understand the people living there better. Their culture, background and history would no longer be alien to you. Your overall health will be enhanced, while improving your creativity.

You’ve got a lot to enjoy by visiting countries other than your home country. From improving the fluency of your second language to expanding your learning skills and network, there is no limit to what you can enjoy. If possible, make it a yearly activity to take time off your daily tasks, responsibilities and schedules; it is a good thing to do. To have fun while strategically planning your adventure, you need to choose the right place. This is why we are here for you – to help narrow down your choice countries while considering some factors like cost, location, education standard, tourist attractions and so on.

  1. France

One undeniable fact about France that attracts students is its romanticism.  From the fashion statement to the culinary adventure and enchanting Notre-Dame Cathedral, you wouldn’t want to be told about France, you would love to be there. You have not visited France if you are yet to behold the glory of Eiffel Tower and assorted museums littering the cities of France.

The city of Paris is endowed with beautiful lightings that make you feel like you are walking down the streets of heaven. This is no exaggeration!

France sits at the topmost corner of every traveller’s bucket list, having the most prestigious education system and ranking one of the best in the world for culture and adventure.  You can’t visit France for the first time without returning over and over again.

  1. Australia

Uncountable numbers of students fly south just to land at the bottom of Australia while feeling on top of the world. You could imagine that!

From being home to cuddly kangaroos and koalas to attracting a wide range of animals both on land and in water, Australia is rated high for its adventurous lifestyle. You might even think Mother Nature built its capital right in this country. You could decide to take a trip to the Outback or Great Ocean Road; all we know is that you would always find something interesting about Australia.

  1. Mexico

Are you running low on budget, yet need to visit some countries in a faraway land? Mexico is the perfect place for you. Its locals are very welcoming. The country has a very rich and artistic cultural heritage. In case you love adventure and making friends is your greatest fantasy, you won’t be disappointed a bit.

The 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites is a great place for adventure, even as you trek down the myriads of mountains, beaches and rainforests which all have something unique to offer your eyes. If you also wish to study in Mexico, it promises to be worth every penny spent.

  1. England

England is one place where tradition is held in high esteem. It is fun and full of quirkiness, with so much personality that you wouldn’t want to lose sight of. The weather is drizzling with cheese-rolling competitions and tea to go with it. Not to forget that the cities of England are surrounded by historic buildings, serene environment and evergreen hills. It is home to the Buckingham Palace and one of the best countries you would definitely love to step your feet on as a student.

  1. Spain

From balmy beaches to beautiful edifices and irresistible cuisine, Spain is full of bubbling environment. The atmosphere oozes out warm summer breeze, even as you relax by the beach with a glass of Spanish wine. As a student who wants to experience the glitz and glamour of life, you might find Spain the best place to visit.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland harbours a lot of goodies that you may not find elsewhere. If you are a chocolate lover, then this country is just right for you. On the other hand, if you love playing around with nature, consider visiting Switzerland. Is it hiking, snowboarding, biking, skiing or climbing the mountains and valleys that surround the country? Warning: you might end up considering settling down in Switzerland. It may not be bad though.

 In case you wish to study foreign languages, Switzerland has four official languages, namely; Swiss-German, French, Italian and Romansh. The country is also known for its diplomacy and stability, with high cost of living.

  1. China

Assuming you are to describe China in one paragraph, you are going to find it a near impossible task. The country is vast with unique regional cultures that make it look like multiple countries rolled up in one.

It boasts of dazzling modern cities, even though it is historic and antic. With the unique cultures come assorted cuisines of which you are going to find difficult to make a favourite. At every corner of this tremendously large country, you are bound to find something new which would make your adventure a memorable one.

  1. Italy

Italy is quite an impressive country with every part of it oozing of graciousness. Do we talk about its rich culture, the fashion sense, enticing history, or the scintillating cuisine? A walk through the streets would have you experiencing this dreamy country from an enticing dimension.

  1. Japan

When it comes to hospitality and welcoming nature, Japan has already carved its name on the hearts of the people. Its transportation system boasts of speed and convenience. While on transit, you do not need to tag along with a book as the beautiful cities are going to give you something awesome to look forward to.

Not to forget, Japan hosts some of the finest STEM and educational programmes in the world, with some thought leaders building their nests in the country. The scented culinary experiences like sushi would make every moment count for you.

  1. Ireland

Ireland offers one of the best opportunities for exploration. You would experience some unique cultural artifacts like Viking ruins, large green cliffs and castles. Geology students could take their time to discover the Giant’s Causeway, while literature students could lurk in street corners or hide in parks with authors like Edna O’Brien and Roddy Doyle. Those interested in research have the Emerald Isle to research on fields like technology and pharmaceuticals. Dublin is a hub for the world’s prestigious Guinness Storehouse; you would love to take a look at that. If you are an extrovert, Ireland is just a place you are going to find yourself making tons of friends.

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Benefits of Travelling as a Student

Travelling is one opportunity that helps to improve your memory. Having a great time helps to improve one’s self-esteem and self-worth. As a student, there are boundless opportunities you could gain from travelling outside your country. Below are some benefits you would gain from travelling:

  • Networking: traveling and visiting other countries is a way you can build your network of friends. This could give you that contact that could change your life for good. You could also see people of other backgrounds from another viewpoint, having stayed with them and having a firsthand experience about them.
  • Confidence: Living among people of different cultures, no matter the length of time, tends to boost one’s self-confidence. Any challenge you encountered is an avenue to build yourself up. Overcoming the challenges helps to prepare you to face bigger life challenges with the aim of coming out better and more confident.
  • Perspective: You would view the world from a different perspective once you make it a habit to visit other countries. It does no matter how long you stayed there, your experiences with the food and culture of other people could be a way to tell better about those people.
  • Health: you may not believe it, but traveling is a way you can cut down on stress. This lowers the chance of heart diseases, thereby improving your health. Laughing and moving around with other people or walking down the street of a new country could help to ease off accumulated stress while leaving you a happy person.
  • Disconnection: when you visit other places, you are bound to disconnect from your daily life. When you are used to a routine, it is good to break it by leaving the environment to a place very far away. Trying to handle all the pressures at once could cause you to break down. The moment you break down, it might take you a very long time to recover.
  • Social and communication skills: Travelling benefits you by improving your social and communication skills. You would learn to communicate better. If it is placed where your native language is not widely used, it would enable you to brush up on the most commonly used phrases or words in such places.
  • Better coping strategies: there are situations in life that can be handled well if you find yourself in a faraway land. Things don’t always go as planned and when you find yourself in a state of dilemma, you will learn to cope with them.

Every student wants to have fun. There are no limits to what you can enjoy while visiting your favorite places or such countries you only watch on the television or in magazines. The first time your feet step there, it’s going to feel like a mission accomplished. There is a gush of feeling you would get that boosts your self-confidence and self-worth. You know what? Decide to pack your bag and see the world. You only live once, don’t spend the better part of your life wishing, take action. The best time is now!

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