This section is dedicated to answer many of the questions regularly asked by readers and partners of After School Africa. Please go through this page for possible answers to your burning questions. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please send us an email.

Who are we?

AfterSchoolAfrica is the go-to source for Young, Smart & Ambitious students and adventure-seeking learners who desire to advance using local and international educational, entrepreneurial and developmental Possibilities & Opportunities. Learn More

Who is the typical audience of AfterSchoolAfrica?

Our typical audience:

  • Are young, Smart and Ambitious
  • Are the next generation of African Leaders
  • Are looking for local and global possibilities & opportunities to widen their Exposure, Knowledge and Experience so that they can impact their communities and Africa.
  • Want to Study Abroad, attend Leadership/Developmental Events & Conferences, receive Business Grants/Mentorship or win Scholarships.

Do You Award Scholarships?

No. Part of what we do at AfterSchoolAfrica is offer resources and information on scholarships for students. We are not associated with or affiliated to any scholarship-awarding organization and do not award scholarships.

How can I apply for a program mentioned on AfterSchoolAfrica?

To apply for any program, we strongly recommend that you visit the link supplied in the appropriate announcement for further details.

How do I submit an essay for your writing contests?

AfterSchoolAfrica does not organize writing contests (yet). The contests published on this site are from external sources from different essay contests available on the internet. To apply for any essay writing contest, follow the instruction provided on the page and please make sure to visit the link at the end of the page for the full details of the program.

I applied for a scholarship/essay contest but yet to hear from you. Has the result been out?

We do not follow up on scholarships or competitions programmes to know when candidates are shortlisted. Usually these programs provide a possible period for applicants to expect to hear from them. In other cases, not being contacted would mean you were not shortlisted. The short listing periods vary from program to program.

How can I Get my Post on AfterSchoolAfrica?

We are open to guest contributors to share knowledge with our readers. Please click here for guest writing guidelines.

Why do you display ads?

To offer most of the content free to our members and to keep the community running, we put ads on our site that blends with the content while maintaining good user experience. Ads are generally 3rd party content for which we get paid. This doesn’t mean that we are biased towards a particular advertiser.

How can we Sponsor AfterSchoolAfrica?

Since we want to keep our service free for our members and deliver the maximum, we always look out for sponsorships for our services and deliverables and try to keep them free for the end users. Please click here to contact us on sponsorship.

How can we Partner with AfterSchoolAfrica?

AfterSchoolAfrica as a community has a very broad vision and we are always open to a variety of partnerships which help us move closer to our vision and deliver the best to our community. If you are interested in partnering with AfterSchoolAfrica please click here to contact us.

How can we advertise on AfterSchoolAfrica?

AfterSchoolAfrica is the right place to let a targeted community know about your upcoming programs, event, conference or product/service on AfterSchoolAfrica. We offer a variety of advertising options. Please click here for details

About Content on AfterSchoolAfrica

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We encourage our members to use our content to share and promote opportunities and possibilities in education and development to increase knowledge.

The content must not be used for 3rd party commercial purpose by any other party except for AfterSchoolAfrica or by a person/organization authorized by AfterSchoolAfrica in writing.

The content doesn’t support any individual or any organization or any product of any other party. The content is not intended to hurt any individuals’, groups’, organizations’ nor anybody’s moral, religious or ethical beliefs.

If you have further questions not answered on this page, please contact us.