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Top E-Learning Platforms and Tools for Students

Today tens of thousands of schools have closed throughout the world, with students out for a month or more. The volume of e-learning the schools provide varies, with so many students left with their own Smartphones. Families strive to figure things to do when distancing themselves from society.

Students may be thinking about how they can spend this time wisely studying. Extracurricular activities, science fairs and other competitions have been suspended, leaving many high school students starting to wonder how to fill gaps in their resume.

It might just be enticing to lay around, post video clips to TikTok or watch a movie all day. Instead, students should be using this time to acquire new skills, take an intriguing course or start preparing for JAMB, or standardized tests like the SAT or ACT. Below are the best resources for students;

Top Websites for Students

One of the significant contributions of the digital revolution which marked the first two decades in this millennium is that it unshackled the means of knowledge production and distribution from classical gatekeepers and orchestrated an era of ‘mass knowledge. Everyone now with a connection to the internet can connect and browse the world knowledge right from the comfort of their own place. This digital revolution has benefitted immensely the students, too. With knowledge and know-how, it motivated them to take their personal educational experiences to another level.

  • Khan Academy

Khan academy provides daily schedules for 4-18 year olds. The free platform also offers courses in math, physics, history of the United States, spelling and punctuation, economics and biology. Free SAT practice questions and tests can also be found in high school sophomores and juniors. Although the coming SAT administrations have been cancelled or postponed, students might still want to begin preparing for this crucial examination.

  • Duolingo

There’s no questioning the cognitive advantages of learning a foreign language. Studies have confirmed that just being multilingual can enhance memory, problem-solving skills and even intellectual prowess. Duolingo is a free software that will now help high school students. Some schools offer restricted options for foreign languages, but students can learn Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian and much more through Duolingo. You could even take lessons fictional languages such as Klingon and High Valyrian if you want.

  • Phlearn

Understanding how to shop isn’t really something many high school students are studying how to do. You can learn on-demand via Phlearn with video streaming for free. This will teach you all about Photoshop, Lightroom, Mobile Editing and the essentials of capturing beautiful shots.

  • YouTube Edu

If you’re a visual learner, check out Education’s YouTube channel. Some tips for studying at home can be picked up, including how to learn more efficiently, stay focused and create a study space. In addition, the channel has crash courses on topics such as chemistry, SQL and illustration. Fitness videos, cooking videos and fun DIY activities can be found here.

  • Codecademy

Although you may not yet think of the job market, coding is one of the most useful skills you can pick up from. The Codecademy offers students affected by school closures Pro scholarships. You can choose what to learn on the free platform, like web-building to analyze data. And doing so you can learn and can begin writing code within minutes of accessing the platform.

Top Mobile Apps

It can be really stressful to study for your promotional exam! Fortunately, there are apps out there just to organize you, keep you inspired and on track to achieve your milestones.

Hit the running ground by using the latest the tech world has to offer. You’re so much more likely to build a concise study plan if you’re organized early on and actually stick to it!

To save you some time we’ve put together our top 5 picks from the huge number of apps available right now to help you stay in the shape of a tip-top study!

  1. GoConqr

Unless you’re much of a social learner, this is the app that lets you communicate and interact with your buddies, classmates or even students around the globe!

You can enter countless discussion groups on various topics of study, share and post information, and receive input and advice from those studying the same subject.

This is visual and interactive, which helps you to learn on the go!

GoConqr changed its mobile service from a native app to a web app. You will find out more about what this means here, but in short, it means you will access the web app directly from your desktop or mobile browser and never get obsolete.

The App is available on both the iOS and Android Store.

  1. Exam Countdown Lite

Consider it difficult to keep track of your upcoming exams? This app offers a convenient visual reminder of all your significant forthcoming dates. You’re going to keep yourself focused as you can easily check how long you’ll have to cram before you sit every exam.

We appreciate the fact that all your exams and tests can be coloured and icons used as a simple visual guide for and subject. Also, you can add notes to remind you of something you need to bring on the day.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is much more than merely a place to store notes. It’s the organizational effectiveness app that allows you to add lists, pictures, web pages, memos and more!

Whatever way you like organizing yourself, we’re 99.9 percent sure that this app has a feature for it. You can type notes, write and photograph documents, store items as word docs or PDFs-it’s the only organizer you’ll ever need!

  1. Alarmy

Will you just sleep in for a class or right through your free morning study? You have to have the ultimate alarm clock. Introduce Alarmy. It features super-loud ringtones and ‘mission’ to complete before shutting off the alarm making it impossible to ignore or snooze.

Choose among photo missions where you take a pre-set object photograph, math missions in whom you solve math problems, barcode missions where you need to scan a pre-set barcode and start shaking missions where you need to shake your phone a number of times to stop the alarm.

You will never sleep over again!

  1. My Study Life

Intended for high school and university students, this calendar app enables you to build your own timetable to conveniently keep track of your lessons, assignments and exams.

This lets you delegate tasks to specific classes and comes with notifications so you don’t miss a thing! Plus, it comes with rotation schedules for the day and week, so that you can easily pop up in those classes or assessments you only have every other week.

Other Tools

Here’s a very nice set of websites for high school students compiled here in EdTech and mLearning from our archives in responding to requests from some of our readers. It is not always correct to categorize tool websites by grade and some of these tools can be used for specific age ranges. We’ve tried to come up with what we think are among the most important platforms high school students should know about.

  • HowStuffWorks

This American website offers students from around the world with informative and interactive materials ranging from science, art, animals, house, technology and much more. This fantastic website is the perfect choice for inquisitive children who ask questions about almost anything. The website basically demonstrates how things work just as the name implies. And by “stuff” it means anything you can think of, and everything.

The ultimate go-to resource for assignments, schoolwork, and school projects is this website. Kids under the age of 11 years and over will use it. The platform is highly user-friendly because there are many charts, diagrams, videos, images and animations on it. So if your child questions you perpetually, this is the right website to get valuable information. With HowStuffWorks you’ll never have to answer too many of your kids’ questions again.

  • Edx

This online education website is specifically beneficial for students in secondary school. It gives the students unlimited access to the use of advanced educational content through a number of educational materials. The online educational website provides specialized classes from some of the top universities in the world, such as Stanford and the Harvard International Institute.

This website offers courses in a wide range of subjects ranging from language, biology, marketing, information technology and more. This is an open-source website that is freely accessible to students applying to institutions anywhere in the world.

Many of these free educational websites that have been recommended for children need very little to no form of supervision.

But parents can make an extra check just to be absolutely sure of it. An easy way to deal with the safety problem is to install a secure parental control program that regulates everything they’re looking for on the Internet.

Personal Development Resource

WATCH NOW! “Free and Low Fee Online Courses from these Top 5 Learning Platforms

Teen years can indeed be tumultuous, filled with self-doubt and disappointment in the outside world. These days, we are all filled with images of the wealthy and successful with perfect faces, figures, hair and life. Teenagers are under constant pressure to have a perfect body, to wear ‘right’ clothes, to ‘fit in’ and to be socially accepted by their peers. Add to that the day-to-day increasing pressure of school and exams, and also the emotional and physical changes they’re going through, and we’re seeing that teenage years can be quite challenging.

Knowing to be assertive and also to believe in oneself can benefit teens immensely with the struggles they face. Having discovered how their thought processes affect the way they behave, as well as how they would change it, will significantly develop their personality – this is what this section is all about.


  • Aim A little Higher

This British podcast is a blend of focus group discussion, information and Q&A training directed at encouraging young adults to … well, as the names indicate, aim a little higher! Recent episodes have tried to look at personal branding, what to do after GCSEs and developing a good way of thinking. This is a Fantastic inspiration-builder of the mind.

  • TED Talks Podcast

So if you’re interested in tech, architecture, sports, politics, education or entertainment, there’s a TED Talk for you.

  • How To Do Everything

Similar to Stuff You Should Learn, How to Do Everything uncovers some of life’s most everyday struggles, such as how to quit or send out a message, and a guide to destroying drones.

  • The School Of Greatness With Lewis Howes

This former pro athlete is now interviewing accomplished people to find out how they got to the top. Millionaire business owners, social media superstars, best-selling writers, famous actors … everyone talk about their experiences and strategies that have helped them to accomplish great things. Each episode is filled with ideas and observations that you can use to bring your own findings to the next level. We strongly recommend this.

  • Stuff You should Know

Ever asked how the Great Wall of China was constructed, or why the freak shows were closed, or who is Anonymous? Then you need to listen to the things you should know about. Guaranteed you’re going to get away with a lot of interesting information to impress your friends, mom and dad.

Personal Development Sites

  • LifeHack

There you can find useful tips and tricks to deal with difficult circumstances and even to make the best of them. This resource focuses on relationship, inspiration, connectivity and lifestyle.

  • MindBodyGreen

Learn new skills by reading and studying motivational topics such as faith, literacy, and aesthetics. Be able to revitalize the understanding of personal growth.

  • SelfCreation

This website deals with self-development, personal growth, and self-knowledge. This shows you how to be happy and effective on the basis of personality analysis and different case studies.

  • The Creativity Post

Here you’ll find high-quality content on creativity and innovation. You will learn with the aid of materials provided in fields such as psychology, philosophy, community and education.

  • TheHackLife

This site has a path to follow: Getting back to Content. Mark and Angel, the editors of this website focus on providing their subscriber base with simple but powerful tips that everybody should truly understand and do.

  • Becoming Minimalist

Minimalism is yet another path to personal achievement. It helps people to distinguish the difference what’s crucial and get rid of apparently unnecessary stuff.

  • Coffitivity

Are you used to working together as a team and getting irritated when you focus on your own self-development? This is insane! Coffitivity gives you ambient sounds that produce the feeling of a café, enhancing your capacity to study.

  • Trello

It is important to coordinate your priorities, activities and progress along your road to personal development. This readily available and easy-to-use online self-help tool helps you track your development system and allows it possible to stay on track.

  • Pocket

Don’t really have time to read the post immediately, nor do you want to read it later? Then put it in the Pocket and then access it. There’s no need to fear that this post will be lost or forgotten.

  • MindTools

Get a better understanding of the tools provided by this site. Mind Tools incorporates a range of toolkits for both personal and professional advancement. The practical and theoretical recommendations can be discovered on this website.

Life Skills Every Student Should Lean

Life passes through quickly. Before you know it, the little ones are going to grow up into people with their own lives. Because when they do, you’d like them to be ready for adulthood. Schooling gives the students the information they need about various subjects, but that does not automatically provide them with important life skills.

Here’s a list of some basic life skills that teenagers should know before they leave their nests and how parents can help children gain those skills.

  1. Clothing or Dress Sense

Your teenagers may be able to change their style entirely due to external influences, but the chances are they might be influenced by the wrong people. So, here’s how you get one of your everyday skills right.

  • Pick up the right shoes, a good suit.
  • Selecting the correct clothes for the right time.
  • Sewing is a talent that both men and women can stand to profit from.
  • Please do the laundry. Teach your teen to wash clothes by hand or to use a washing machine and to deal with simple stains.
  • Fold your clothes and place them neatly in the closet. Whether they’re at home or away, you don’t want a messy wardrobe.
  • Pack your suitcase.
  • Learn and recognize the labels of fabric.
  1. Personal Grooming

Grooming is an ability that youngsters need to master early. Personal grooming is critical if you want to remain safe and then have an excellent interpersonal or relationship life.

  • Teach them healthy behaviors like brushing and bathing every day.
  • Highlight the concept of keeping your bodies clean. They need to know how to take care of their skin and hair.
  • Boys should learn how to shave or keep their facial hair hygienic.
  • Teach girls to keep healthy during their cycles, healthy sanitary pads, etc.
  1. Budgeting and Money Skills

Budgeting skills help youths learn the importance of money, intentional expenditure, and preparing for the future. Important financial principles that you can help them understand how to include:

  • Draw up a budget and stick to it. Your children know when to spend and when to save.
  • Every adolescent need to learn how to open a bank account, uses the ATM, move money online, and write a check.
  • Save money to buy or invest in emergency situations.
  • Give the charity money without going overboard.
  • Hold accounting records.
  • Assess the fundamental market value of the goods.
  1. Time Management Skills

How often did you hear your teenager complain that they didn’t have enough time to do whatever they wanted? We’ve all got 24 hours a day. How we effectively managing it makes a massive difference in what we do. Critical skills that your teen may need for smarter time management include:

  • Start by designing effective time management practices. If you’re always looking for ‘more time’ and doing things in a hurry, chances are that your kids will learn to do that, too.
  • Teach them to start organizing their time using a simple schedule or planner.
  • Let them make a schedule and stick to it. Even the slightest deviation from the plan will leave them crunched for a while.
  • Teach your children to give priority to their tasks in order to use their time responsibly. Help them to identify challenging functions and distinguish between what is important and what is pressing.

In conclusion, now, you can quickly move ahead in the field of self-development by concentrating on inspiration, motivation, innovative thinking, and practical steps to find greatness in your future efforts. Get to know yourself and the beautiful world around you with these self-improvement websites and applications.

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