10 Ways to Make Money Online You Never Knew

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I’m sure you may have seen our post on “10 Ways to Make Money With Your Smartphone” and you may be wondering if this isn’t the same or a similar one – Well, this is a similar one but with a unique difference.

In this article, you will learn how to use unpopular tools/means to make money using your smartphone. These means have been proven to work and are not common knowledge to every average person, so read this and explore all you can.

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Have you ever checked for ways to make money online? Do you even know you can make money online? Have you thought of how your phone can make you earn money even without a computer?

Now, it is possible to make loads of money by using just your smartphone. This means you can, in some ways, supplement your income and have additional cash coming in from other source. The extra income becomes very useful as you can plan on other particular purposes and save even for rainy days to cover up for bills and more.

From diverse countries of the world, people are making mobile money through a lot of legitimate methods like paid surveys, cryptocurrency platforms, affiliate marketing as well as YouTube- whichever way you decide.

It is noteworthy that whichever way you decide to make this mobile money, it is never complicated if you can set your mind to it and get to work it out. To get yourself started, you need to read through this article and you may also want to read our post on “10 Ways to Make Money With Your Smartphone”. Keep reading to get yourself on the financial freedom track.

Here are the unraveled secrets:

  1. Paid Surveys

No doubt, the best way to start making mobile money with less stress is by filling online surveys. In these surveys, individual opinion is precious and is considered very important for the growth of their organization. This is why companies are always willing to pay for the reviews you take.

To start with any paid survey platform, you need to sign up (for free) and complete your profile requirements. Once this is completed, you can start making good money online and with your mobile phone just by sharing your ideas and thoughts.

  1. Swagbucks

For search portals that pay well, SwagBucks is highly recommended. The platform pays you some cash as a reward when you search the Internet with Swagbucks. Subsequently, you can change this currency for real money when you have enough of it.

Sadly, there are fewer payment options with Swagbucks as you can either get your payment through your PayPal account or make the exchange of it for merchandise through the online Swagbucks store.

With Swagbucks, you should expect that the amount which you would be paid from a series of an online search varies from $1-$100. That being said, an online search is not the only way to make money on Swagbucks; you can as well make some cash by completing special offers.

Swagbucks makes available the Swagbucks network where users can also shop to make more mobile money.

  1. Pact

Do you want to get in shape or maintain a better physique? Interestingly, you can make some extra money while you keep yourself in shape with the pact app. The pact is a unique application that helps you work out regularly after you register.

With Pact, each time you work out, you give back information to the application concerning the exercise you engaged in and the duration which you worked out for. After noting this, you will be paid a financial reward for taking part in the gym pact.

Whenever you fail to follow your work out routine, or you fail to complete the required sets or reps, you will be charged a small fine. It is this fine that would be used to pay other users who work out regularly and by their schedule.

The payment method for the pact is PayPal. So when you have enough money, and you want to withdraw, you can only transfer it to PayPal (minimum withdrawal is $5).

  1. Locket

The way locket pays is somewhat surprising. Locket app pays users to unlock their Android phones. How does locket function? Locket displays paid advertisements on your screen, so when you turn your phone on, you can swipe at two directions- one is to unlock your phone, and the other is to access the advertisement.

There is an algorithm in the application which helps you track the number of ads you view. Subsequently, the number of ads you see is what earns you some amount of money as rewards, i.e., you earn rewards based on the number of times you viewed advertisements.

The more times you unlock your phone daily, the more funds you can earn. Before you can withdraw your funds, you must have made up to $10 in your wallet. PayPal is the only withdrawal option with the locket.

  1. Receipt Hog

Big companies and organizations are usually in need of periodic market research. This is to help them develop and market their products in a very effective way. One of the methods in which companies get information about prospective customers is by examining an individual’s buying habits.

Receipt Hog is an application that collects information and data as regards to diverse spending habits. The app would analyze all the information found on receipts. Each user can also submit any picture of the receipt for purchase for up to 20 times a month.

The receipt could be from a grocery store, a gas station, a restaurant, a convenience store, or even a department store. Receipt Hog also works well on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Whenever you upload a receipt, the application pays your reward in for of virtual coins. When you warm up to a thousand coins (1000 coins), you can trade these coins for real money ($5) and then transfer it to your PayPal.

  1. Field Agent

A lot of big brands and world-class companies usually need information about how people perceive their products. They also want to know how their products are being displayed in stores. In this response, Field Agent offers itself as the link while also helping you make some money from doing this.

Big brands like Tyson and Target are also using the application; this implies that you will surely be dealing with big and well-known brands. After downloading the app on your cellphone, you can always complete the tasks whenever you are visiting stores.

Most times, the tasks would require you to check through the display methods in the store, enter information about it, and also take photographs. You can get paid from $3-$12, based on the brand and product you are reviewing. Also, to withdraw your money from Field Agent, you have to make the transfer to PayPal.

  1. Poshmark

Poshmark is an instant response to this age where a lot of people have clothes they no longer wear or have never worn. This application helps you turn these clothes into cash! How do this? You need to download the Poshmark app, create an account, and start taking photographs of the clothing you want to sell out.

Alongside the images, you should also include brief information and description of your clothing before it would be posted on the PoshMark online store. With Poshmark, whenever someone buys your clothes, you get 80 percent of the actual price of the product from the store, and subsequently, you ship the item to the buyer.

  1. Shop Kick

Every application possesses in itself amazement and unique qualities. Just as the name must have suggested, Shop Kick is a smartphone application that pays registered users to the wall into a certain number of stores.  The app has a functional partnership with retailers like Old Navy, Walmart, and many chain restaurants across the globe.

You are given points and coins for visiting those locations (the points can be turned into real money). Also, you can make extra cash by scanning bar codes with your smartphone. Another way is to make your friends sign up to Shop Kick through your referral codes. All the points and coins you make can be converted to cash and would be paid into your credit card (if you have any) or to your PayPal.

  1. Easy Shift

Companies make use of Easy-Shift to make inquiries and find out how well (or otherwise) their products are selling at retailers across the globe. Subsequently, they use the information gathered to decide on the kind of stores and location to take their products to and where to keep their products away from.

Once you download Easy Shift on your smartphone, you can make money by checking out on certain stores within your community a looking out for selected products therein. With your smartphone, you can scan the bar codes on the products and also enter the price at which the product is sold.

When you do this, you can make between $2-$20 depending on the company and product you are checking on. Once the task is completed, you can transfer the money to your PayPal account.

  1. My Likes

Lastly, on how to make money from your smartphone, this is for you if you are very much into social media on your phone. My likes is very terrific money-making an application that allows you to participate in various advertising campaigns. For every battle you engage in, you would be paid some rewards (in the form of money).

The money is made through your likes and shares on other campaign-related posts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. If you have a broad social media audience, you will surely make a large amount of money using My Likes.

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Finally, after reading the above information, in some ways, you can now conclude that it is possible to make great money online. Although you might not be getting millions of cash, you can make some extra cash on the side like a part-time paying job. With this, you can supplement your income, live comfortable, and also save up for some other expenses. Also, when choosing an application or a mobile method of making money, be sure to select something you can do for an extended period.