How to Graduate With a Second Class Degree

A Second Class Degree System

Getting a second class degree is the next aim for a student that sees it too hectic to attain the upper-class CGPA. A second class degree is separated into two different divisions. These divisions are; upper second class and the lower second class.

A student is said to have an upper second class degree when he graduates with a 2.1. With this grade, you stand a very high chance of employment into respectable offices. This is a minimum acceptable grade for some employers and institutions. Graduates with 2.1 are in a good position for postgraduate programs and even post-graduate studies. 50% of full-time graduates attain the upper second class.

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The lower second classes usually know as a 2.2. This result is also not as bad as it is the minimum grade demanded mostly for employment opportunities.

Importance of a Second Class Degree

Over the years, the essence of graduating with a second class degree has been overemphasized. As notable as it is in attaining a first-class upper grade, not every student graduates with a first-class upper. Some strive or work very hard to get the upper second class grade which is a minimum grade and a gateway to some of the best job opportunities and graduate programmes. There are many advantages derived in getting a 2.1 degree, below are some of the many benefits a graduate enjoy/derive from having a second class degree:

  • Better opportunity at being employed by a firm

With the second class grade which is known as a minimum grade for employment, a graduate stands a good chance of being employed.  This can be so especially if you have a wide range of knowledge and skills that are useful in a particular workplace.

Taking a scenario from two graduates that seek employment in a firm that is less bothered about degree grades. One has a first-class upper degree and the other comes with the second class degree. These two people are highly skilled and are in the best position to carry out the jobs efficiently; there is a high tendency that the candidate with a lower class will be preferred because he is more affordable.

Often times, Companies or firms does not select or give job opportunities to candidates based on degree classification, they do not count it as a major part of its selection equation. They are usually more focused on the skill possessed by candidates that will be useful to them. A firm at some point needs an asset that will add value and also comes at a cheaper rate. The first-class degree holder will be perfect for the job, but then he comes with a higher cost. His degree makes him more expensive than the one with a lower degree, thus, giving preference to the former. Looking at this scenario, one can come to the conclusion that it is sometimes a blessing to actually graduate with Desmond and relevant skills.

According to Nick Paton in his Guardian “the London School of Economics lists 11 tips, including the value of thinking laterally and looking at whether, if you can no longer get onto a big scheme, a smaller employer in your chosen field might still be an option” He says that smaller companies are often less bothered about degree grades and may, in fact, offer the chance to gain a wider range of experience and responsibility more quickly.

Since employers are now interested in more than the degree grade of a candidate, it is however advised that emphasis should be placed more on graduates experiences or skill acquired and work experience accumulated.

  • High employment rate

Having a second class is way better than getting a third class or even a pass. As have discussed above, the Desmond is seen to be the minimum grade for employment. You can get a very good and well-respected job opportunity from different firms or organizations.

Since an honours degree specifies your level of achievement and even gives employers an avenue to understand graduates proficiencies, having a 2.2 which comes immediately after the 2.1 is not exactly a bad academic reputation.

  • A golden pass to enroll in a graduate programme

With a second class degree, you have a golden opportunity to further pursue your career paths by enrolling for a graduate programme. This graduate programme offers you professional development, networking opportunities and specific training on career paths which when put in practice will make you very perfect for a large organization.

With a second class degree, you have the opportunity to access well-structured training and access to executive staffs and their knowledge simply by the graduate programs you enrol in.

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How to Get a Second Class Degree

Getting a second class degree upper entails lots of hard works and discipline in all arrears of your life, both academically and otherwise.  You will need to involve in some major activities that will ensure your success and achieve your aim. Though it sometimes cost you so much time and will be very tough, it will be very rewarding at the end of it all. If you are bent on getting a “Desmond” which is not a bad grade, then below are some of the perfect ways to get achieving your aim:

  • Be determined and stay focused consistently

Achieving a good grade will need you to put in your unlimited efforts in making your dream grades come to reality. You should always plan ahead of things. Read ahead and don’t just rely on class lectures. You should also be coordinated. Make sure to work on all given assignments. Avoid being lazy. Make it a habit not to propone working on coursework to the next day for this will eventually mount pressure on you which is bad for your goal.

  • Develop and increase your research skills

Getting a decent grade, you will have to form a habit of reading wide. Put a reasonable quality of time in reading through course handouts and study materials. Form a good habit of setting Google alerts for certain topics you want to research on.

Always try to get foreknowledge on relevant topics which concern your area of academic interest and you will find out that with the substantial amount of time you put in school works will help you gain more knowledge and make you academically sound.

Gaining different perspective by reading wide will make you think captiously and get an independent opinion of your own, not just relying on that of your lectures.

  • Make the library your favorite place in the university

Visiting the library as frequently as you can manage will really help in your quest for achieving good grades. By making the library your place of focus, you will have the benefits of unlimited access to books that are relevant to you or to your respective ideas.

 Make good use of the library; do not just go there as a comfort zone, make sure to take notes of essential page numbers, chapters and other information before dropping back any book on the shelf. By taking note of every relevant ideas and fact from the book, you will easily have access to such books whenever you need it again.

  • Always endeavor to ask questions from tutors on subject that seems not to be clear to you

There is this saying that “one is never at a loss when he seeks and asks for information he doesn’t have or doesn’t know” great men are known to ask lots of questions on things they do not know, this adds wisdom to them.

On your journey of gaining good grades, be sure to set up appointments with your tutors as frequently as you possible. During these meetings, discuss on topics that are related to previous subjects, talk on relevant ideas.

It is no harm to get added information on the already existing idea that you have. You are advised get the interest of your teachers piqued up by discussing ideas that are related to their field of study. This makes them know that you are interested and will make them willing to discuss intently with you.

  • Make sure to attend lectures and seminars

Attending lectures is one of the very important things you must do to gain good grades. Try not to miss seminars or lectures so as to be on the good side of your respective lecturers. There is no harm in creating mutual friendship with your tutors you know? They will be fair when grading the result of a student who is always present in his class.

With these practices you are sure to work your way to getting a good grade.

Maintaining a Second Class CGPA

CGPA refers to the average grades gotten by a student throughout his entire academic experiences. This CGPA involves the compilation of grades from all terms and semester.

Well, maintaining a second class CGPA isn’t quite different from the various procedures you engaged in when seeking for it in the first place. You just have to continue doing those things that got you the good grades. You have to continue reading excessively making sure not to stress yourself out while doing it. Below are some activities you are expected to do to keep that good grade of yours:

  • Spend little time on social media and give full time to studies

Yes, according to this popular saying “all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy” you should give yourself a break from intense reading, but that doesn’t make you overuse your leisure time on social media.

Yes, you might want to stay very current on the happenings on social media, but then report has it that spending much time on social media isn’t the best ideal thing for any student seeking for a good grade. It can bring about distractions and thus very bad for your grades.

  • Pair yourself with a study partner

No matter how studious and highly determined you are, there will always be days where you will feel relented and will need a kick up the backside. Being friends with a person with the same motive as you will serve a great deal in helping your study level.

It is a very good plan to have an equally ambitious study partner that will motivate you to study even on your hard days. This will be good for maintaining good grades, for with him there is never a lazy time of reading.

  • Stay in a good health shape while seeking to maintain your good grade

Much emphasis should be placed on the impact of good food to your health and the ability it has on your grade. Eating the right food will make you stay healthy, fit and active. You will surely need your good health to study.

Eat and drink the right amount of brain fuel foods that will aid you to do the very best you can do. Regular exercising will also make you stay fit and give you that quality amount of energy boost you will absolutely need.

Benefits of a Second Class Degree After University Education

The benefits to be derived from a grade as good as the “Desmond” cannot be over emphasized. The second class degree is a very good result and will fetch you a great job opportunity.

 With this grade you have a golden way to a nice graduate programme. Having a 2.1 is something you should be proud of. Many firms are becoming flexible on the entry requirements for a job; they are mostly now less concerned on the degrees but are after the level of skills acquired over a period of time.

There should be no longer many worries on the minds of those who graduated with a 2.1 because with their results, they have a very good future.

As earlier discussed with your Desmond you can go for graduate programs that will mold you into becoming a professional in your desired career path. It also gives you networking opportunities and this will be very helpful to you.

Getting a second class degree isn’t a very demeaning grade. There are so many advantages to be gotten and enjoyed it. Have you just graduated with a Desmond? Then be of an enlightened countenance because there is good to it than you have never known. Regardless of your grade, you have just successfully completed a degree. Employers look beyond acquired grades for something more explicit like a wide range of knowledge and skills.

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