Do You Add Facebook Profile/ Page to Your Resume or Business Card?

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Facebook has proven to be the fastest growing trend on the internet today. A household name, almost every web surfer and business is associated with at least a facebook profile and/or page. What can or can’t be done on this social networking site is limited by your imagination. I’ve read comments from people like, “My everyday life revolves around facebook“, and one can only wonder what more use can be (or is being) made of the world’s most popular online social media.facebook for job seekers

Would You Add links to your Facebook Profile or Page to Your Resume/ CV or Business Card?

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In the 90’s, it was the trend of registering email addresses with Yahoo, Hotmail etc. It didn’t take quite long before it became official to add your email address to your resume/CV, letter-head, Business Card etc. No law needed to be passed for it’s acceptance. It just happened partly because it made mailing and communication (formal and informal) a lot easier.

We all liked it those days; having our first email address registered. Job applicants could easily submit there resumes/CVs. Recruiters could receive and review them pretty much quicker than with the brother and sister method of postage and hand submission. Documents and files of any format and size could be attached and sent in a matter of clicks. Naturally, this online tool sold itself to the world without us being conscious about it’s invasion.

Facebook for Offline Recruiting and Business Purposes?

On the internet, facebook profiles and pages are used among other purposes, to build networks with friends/associates/clients and promote businesses to potential and current customers. Almost every webmaster/blogger/online publisher and evolving businesses, have a facebook presence. You get to know businesses and brands a lot more.

Facebook allow businesses to promote their facebook page online or offline. Offline marketing is a great way to promote your fan page to current and potential customers. Small and large companies, organizations, higher institutions and businesses are already exploring the opportunities.

Adding a unique URL on all your offline marketing materials like Business cards, Letterheads and Promotional items, will most likely give your business a leap.

TIP: Go to and secure a custom URL for your Facebook page. Then, put that URL wherever it’s appropriate.
Read ideas to promote your business facebook page offline on

Since people find this social platform a place to relax and be yourself, wouldn’t it be a right place to look into the lives and personalities of potential applicants or scholars?

How about using Facebook for Offline self-promotion? Like on your CV, personal business cards, handbills, postcards and other offline promotion tools.

-Job recruiters can look up select applicants profiles and, may be, wall posts to help make their final decisions.
– Scholarship Committees can comb through applicants profile while making their final round of candidate selection.
– Potential customers can quickly find you from your business card (people can be reluctant to pick up their phone and call a total stranger or send an email. Facebook is where people spend most of their time these days and feel more relaxed to network).

Have you been advertising your facebook profile/page link on your CV, Business-Card, Letterhead or hand bills? Would you bother to look through an applicants or clients facebook profile? What do you think of the idea of offline self promotion for facebook profiles?

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