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This page was first published on 12 July 2010

The Scholarship MasterPlan is a free downloadable 86page book on how and where to find and apply for National and International Scholarships for African Students. The book guide students searching for scholarships online and various sources of financial aid on available award programs and the application processes. African students searching for international scholarships can use the book to get started.

I understand how time consuming it can be searching for scholarship for Africans and financial aid. Even more overwhelming, is knowing how to go about scholarship applications. On that note, I researched and compiled this book which is free for you to get a copy.

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 The Scholarship Masterplan The Scholarship MasterPlan eBook contains 8 chapters, each dealing with a specific sub-topic on preparing, finding and applying for scholarships. Chapter 6 and 7 contains a list of scholarships in Nigeria and international scholarships for African students respectively. It also contains Appendices with articles on how to process your admission in US, UK and Canada; Plus more online resources.

The Scholarship MasterPlan – Scholarships for African students

This Free ebook contains over 70 scholarship programs and organizations you can apply to as a Nigerian and/or African student. If you are searching for help or guidance through your education, and a way to go about scholarships, this 86-page ebook is for you. The book can be used by students from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa or any African or developing country. The book takes you through the entire process from searching, finding, applying and deserving scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Please Note that the Scholarship Masterplan does not guarantee you will win scholarships. A number of factors are used to evaluate scholarship applications for different programs from academic qualification, leadership role, work experience, Financial need, Gender, Field of study, Interest etc but it can surely guide you through the scholarship process.

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