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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Division for Africa PhD Sandwich Programme 2020


The Division for Africa through the Technical Cooperation Programme requests for applications for the PhD Sandwich Programme.

Application Deadline: 18th September 2020

About the Award: In 2020, IAEA will plan to award on a competitive basis at least 20 PhD sandwich fellowships to students/scientists from Chartered Universities in Africa.

The PhD Sandwich Fellowship Programme will be implemented within the framework of the regional TC project RAF0052: Supporting Human Resource Development in Nuclear Science and Technology (AFRA). This project was recently approved within the framework of TC Cycle 2018-2019. This project is approved for 4 years (2018-2021) and is managed by the Division for Africa, Department of Technical Cooperation (TC), in collaboration with the Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM) Section, Department of Nuclear Energy.

Eligible Field(s): The PhD Sandwich Fellowship Programme focuses on the following regional priority thematic areas defined in the AFRA Regional Strategic Cooperative Framework 2019-2023. These include:

  • Food and Agriculture;
  • Human Health and Nutrition
  • Water resources management
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Industrial Applications
  • Energy Planning
  • Climate Change and
  • Radiation Safety.

Type: PhD 

Eligibility: In 2020, IAEA will plan to award on a competitive basis at least 20 PhD sandwich fellowships to students/scientists from Chartered Universities in Africa.

Eligible Countries: African countries

To be Taken at (Country): Part of candidate’s study programme will be in their home university and pursue their PhD research work in a foreign university.

Number of Awards: at least 20

Value of Award: Under this Programme, the selected candidates will be partially funded by the IAEA. However, nominating Member States will provide Government Costs Sharing estimated at half of the total training costs before the award of the PhD sandwich fellowship programme. Due attention will be given to candidates from LDCs to ensure that this programme contributes to develop/enhance their human resources capacities. It is envisaged that the second cohort of PhD sandwich fellows could start their training for the academic year 2020/2021.

Detailed information regarding the award of the PhD Sandwich Fellowship Programme will be described in the Letter of Appointment which will be sent to the selected candidates. In general, the award would include the following:

  • Training fees (registration fee, bench fee, course fee and examination fee) paid to then foreign University;
  • Return air fares;
  • Medical insurance and a
  • Monthly Stipend to cover accommodation, food costs and training/research materials

Duration of Award: part of their study programme in their home university and pursue their PhD research work in a foreign university for a maximum duration not exceeding 24 months.

How to Apply: The following required application materials shall be sent to Division for Africa by 18 September 2020 for the academic year 2020/2021 admission:

1) The candidate’s curriculum Vitae (one page);
2) A copy of the duly certified Master’ degree;
3) Transcripts of the Master’ degree (English version with signature and or seal by the student’s home university.); NB: Preference will be given to candidates with at least upper second class honours degree.
5) An official letter from the candidate home university confirming that the candidate is registered and enrolled in the PhD programme;
6) A Letter of admission to a foreign University;
7) A Letter from the home country University Supervisor’s confirming that he/she supervises the candidate’s PhD research work;
8) A Letter from the foreign University Supervisor’s accepting to supervise the candidate;
9) A study research plan clearly indicating preferred technical work to be carried by the candidate in the relevant research fields including detailed timeframe;
10) A recommendation letter from the Head of candidate’s institution through the AFRA National Coordinator for bonding purposes;
11) A duly completed IAEA Application form for Fellowship Training;
12) A language certificate from a certified language centre;
13) A recent medical certificate from an authorized Medical Consultant.
In this context, National Liaison Officers (NLOs), AFRA National Coordinators (AFRA NCs) and representatives of Chartered Universities in respective countries are encouraged to work closely to select the best qualified candidates competitively and recommend them to the Division for Africa with the endorsement of AFRA National Coordinators for consideration.
Note: The applicants must fill in their application form correctly and provide the above information. All the submitted application documents will not be returned, please do not send original certificates.


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