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10 Countries Where You Can Start a New Life


People have been faced with several challenging issues in life. Some of these challenges break them so much that the only best thing to think of at that point would be to change the environment, and go to a place where they meet new faces, friends, career, and so on. They feel this new environment will help them have a better grip on life and bounce back to their normal being.

Nevertheless, there are other reasons that could make one think of changing an environment. For example, a man could feel the grass is greener on the other side of life; hence, his reason for wanting to get a glimpse of how green it is over there. He wants to try his luck with new opportunities or just to find happiness in a faraway land. Also, some people just do not like the idea of living in a particular place for a very long time, therefore, changing environment would be just fine for them.

Factors to Consider Before Moving to a New Country

When considering picking up your bag and heading to a new country, there are some important factors to put in place before stepping out. Here are some of them.

  • The place to go: When thinking of the place to go, always put in check the climate, cost of living, customs, language, healthcare facilities and insurance, economic and political stability, rate of crime, freedom of movement, worship, and so on. Do not step an inch without having all these checked out.
  • Healthcare: Your health should be the first option to consider when thinking of leaving your current place of residence. Ensure the available medical services are topnotch in terms of quality, expensiveness, accessibility and consistency. This will be of good use to you in times of emergencies and times when you just need to get yourself properly checked and given the right medical attention.
  • Safety: Safety is as important as your health. This means that wherever you are, you must be very careful and always avoid things or places that can endanger your life. Be friendly with people, do not get drunk (particularly, outside your home), do not show off how wealthy you are, try as much as possible not to keep late nights, if possible, get a dog. Street crimes are one of the rated crimes in the world. Which means, you can just be robbed in your street!

More importantly, avoid countries where the recorded rate of crime is too high. Places with political instability and extreme religious groups are detrimental to your life. Try to keep off your eye from them.

  • Job opportunities and a conducive business environment: Earning money is pivotal to your existence. The level of money you make will go a long way to determine your standard of living. So, consider a country where you can freely do your business or your job security is fully guaranteed. Go for a low-risk paycheck, while considering the opportunities that can help you to maximize your income. You can as well consider working remotely, as it will help you to possibly convert your sitting room to an office and save some money that would have been used for an office space.
  • Cheaper and affordable technology: Most businesses and jobs require some technological tools. In short, technology has taken over the world today that an average person must be connected digitally in order to make the best out of life. While away in a foreign land, you will love to connect with your family back home. You will have to consider technological gadgets like phones, laptops, and get connected to a working Wi-Fi. Apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Netflix, Facebook, language translators will be much useful and make life easier for you if you have them connected to your phone or computer.
  • Language: Free flow of communication is very necessary for life. When you are in a country where you lack basic language skills, you might find it difficult to shop, commute, talk to a neighbour, and so on. It will do you a whole lot of good to consider a place where you can flow freely with the locals. If possible, get to learn about their language before venturing out. There are so many language apps like the Duolingo app which you can download and easily learn the official language of the people you are going to live in their land.

10 Countries You Can go to Start a New Life

The Top 10 Easiest Countries to Immigrate To

To have a life-transforming experience, one of the options you should consider is to change your environment. By changing your environment, you could choose to go to another country and get started afresh.

Whatever reason you have to change your country and move to a new one, we have compiled a list of 10 interesting countries where you can start a new life. While making your choices, do not forget that your happiness and freedom are very important.

  1. Sweden

Sweden is a country that would just be fine for you to migrate to, especially if you have a family. Moving a family from one place to another has a kind of psychological and emotional effect on one. What about bringing your children up in a totally new cultural environment or having to take them to a new school and have them adjust to the new people and teaching methodology? You also have your career to think about, isn’t it?

When you have to put family first in your migration, there is no better place to consider other than the Scandinavian nation. According to reports, Sweden is a very cheap country to raise children. Not just that, you will have to enjoy other benefits like 120 days off a year to look after your sick kid and 480 days of parental leave granted to you. Sweden is a country where family priority is considered above all.

Compared to other European countries, public transport is quite cheap, especially for those commuting to work on a daily basis. Renting a car is not that cheap and may not be advisable if you are low on budget.

Cost of living in Sweden: if you are residing in one of those big cities like Gothenburg and Stockholm, the cost of living might be a bit higher than normal. It may be a bit difficult to find long term accommodation in such big cities. However, if you choose to live on the northern side of Sweden, rent is usually easy to come by with excellent values attached to it. For a single person, you can budget about 8 500 SEK per month for accommodation and other expenses.

  1. Germany

If you are looking for a country where you will enjoy the prospects of career development, then, Germany is a perfect place to live. Economically too, Germany is a very comfortable place to enjoy the good things in life. Once rated as the best country in the world, Germany is a place where you can have an improved work-life balance, with efficiency and productivity.

Cost of living in Germany: on the average, the monthly living expenses covers about €853, while it could be around €10 236 per year.

  1. The United Arab Emirates

Interestingly, about 11% of people living in the UAE are foreigners. The majority of people who reside in the UAE, pitch their tents in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Most of them have come to take up jobs in construction companies, while some are just domestic workers who take care of families with busy parents. However, there are some who just came for the sole aim of doing business. Whatever your reason is, the UAE is just a place you can settle down with zero income tax to pay. With this, there has been a drastic increase in income and one’s wallet can grow fat overnight, just by living and working in this oil-rich United Arab Emirates.

UAE provides standard healthcare, both in private and government hospitals. If there is an emergency, required treatment for stabilizing the patient is free.

Cost of living: the average living cost is around $3000 for a family of four and $800 for a single person. This is exclusive of rent.

  1. Switzerland

If you are someone who has a penchant for neatness, then Switzerland is just the right place for you. With streets sparkling clean, Switzerland is a place you can enjoy your life. Though the country is home to the two most expensive cities in the world and the cost of living is very high for an average earner. However, an average earner in Switzerland is far better than some of the high-income earners in other countries of the world. The economy is just cool for anyone who wants to make money and live a good life.

When it comes to education, Switzerland is a perfect place to have your kids enjoy the best treatment.

Cost of living: for a single person, it living expenses costs about CHF 17 328 per year and CHF 64 344 for a family of four.

  1. Canada

Canada is one of the countries ranked highest when it comes to tolerance and friendliness. There is no country in the world without a resident in Canada. People of different races, gender, faith, sexual orientation are all welcome to this country with cheeriness and open arms. You can quickly make friends in Canada and get lifelong connections with individuals as a result of their cultural diversity. Vancouver, as a city, has a flourishing entertainment industry and is a film site for various TV shows.

When it comes to prospects in career advancement, you are certain to meet your dream job in this country. And the best of it all is that Canada is blessed with an irresistible natural beauty – mountains and beaches.

Cost of living: for one person without rent, living cost is about $1 040 per month and $3 790 for a family of four.

  1. Singapore

If your reason to change your country of residence is because of job, Singapore promises to bring your dream to fruition. According to the report, it is officially the best place to live and work.

For families relocating with their kids, they could comfortably count on Singapore as it boasts of high quality of education. Parents get to also enjoy a fat pay-check at the end of the month. Within a year, an average family is already settled and feels at home in Singapore.

It is noted that Singaporeans do not joke with their social circles. With assorted foods to make you feel at home, Singapore is just a culinary paradise. I’m certain you won’t like to miss this wonderful experience.

Cost of living: for a single person, the cost of living is about $4 187 per month and a family of four is about $7 344.

  1. Japan

Japan is just a place where you can live longer. The life expectancy of an average Japanese woman is 87 years. There is no smoke without fire, according to a popular saying and when implied in this case, there are reasons for the longevity of the Japanese people. One of such reasons is seen in their combination of diets. Another is the quality of their health services.

If you are someone in the teaching, finance, engineering and legal field, you might as well give it a shot. Japan has a friendly environment to accommodate people from those professions. The working hours in the country is also something to consider as it has the longest working hours. If you are someone who enjoys multiple streams of income, you could be at the right place to put your newly acquired skills at work and make extra bucks off it.

 Cost of living: the average monthly cost of living in Japan is ¥286 000.

  1. Ubud, Bali

If you are someone passionate about your spiritual life, it will be quite nice to give Ubud in Bali, Indonesia a try. Ubud is a creative place filled with yoga retreats and has a lot of rice terraces. It has a long history of welcoming visitors and foreigners who find it difficult to leave at the end of the day.

It’s got an excellent environment for working and getting things done. There are good schools, beautiful beach, horizontal lifestyle and working Wi-Fi to keep you on the move as you enjoy peace and serenity. Most of the residents are retirees, expats and independent workers. It is purely Balinese, though with a great mix of East and West.

Cost of living: for a single person, it is estimated on the average of $1000 per month and for a couple, $1 500 per month.

  1. Denmark

One of the things people have fantasized about is to live in a place they could have the weekend off the working list. Enjoying a healthy work-life balance, blended with considerate working hours is the real deal to make life easier. This is what you will actually get to enjoy as a resident of Denmark.

An average Dane person spends about 16 hours in a day off work hassles to socialise, relax, sleep, eat and have good dreams. Those in the teaching, pharmaceutical, energy and shipping sectors would be glad to relocate to Denmark because the country has a great offer for them.

Cost of living. Although living in Copenhagen might be a bit more expensive, the average cost of living in Denmark is about $850 per month.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand, among other things, boasts of an excellent school system which guarantees high quality of education. If you are a parent who needs a new environment, New Zealand has something special to offer your children. According to a survey, it is the best country in the world to raise your kids.

For those passionate about great family life and the safety of their children, you are on the right track if you have made New Zealand your new country of abode.

Best Places to Work Around the World

There is no reason to keep working in your home country right now if all you long for is a change of environment. If you need happiness and fulfilment as well as a successful career, political stability and a conducive economy, you might consider moving out of your comfort zone. Take a leap into another country and see what it’s got for you. The following countries would guarantee you the good working life you yearn for.

Cost of living is about $3000 for a single person and $5000 for a couple.

  • Luxembourg

For those passionate about job security, Luxembourg got you covered. For five years, the best country on the list of InterNation’s annual survey to move to for the purpose of job security is Luxembourg. Although a country with a few populations, Luxembourg boasts of being a hub to nationals of about 160 countries.

English is spoken everywhere in the country, with German, French and Luxembourgish as other official languages of the country. This makes it easier for anyone to relax without having to look out for his back. An average salary earner who lives in the capital city Luxembourg goes home with not less than €59 000. There a four world-class restaurants and a classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Luxembourg has also been recognised as the European Capital of Culture due to the presence of galleries, museums, theatres and concert halls. This is a good way to enjoy life and have guarantee for the future.

  • Switzerland

This Central European country is a hub for people who wish to improve their income. It is blessed with political and economic stability and the average salary is about $111 587 as against the global standard of $75 966.

 If you wish to spend your extra money on a good life, Switzerland has got you covered with enticing cuisines like rosti, Zurcher Eintopf, cheese fondue, and a host of them. Though quite expensive, the capital city, Zurich, will entertain you with an Opera House and Kunsthaus art museum. With an average salary, you have no reason to worry about money.

Switzerland is a country where official languages like German, English, French and Italian are fully acceptable. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to good communication.

  • Finland

Are you looking for a place to strike a balance between work and personal life? Look no more because Finland offers just that! The 1996 Working Hours Act has made it easier for companies in the country to provide a flexible working environment for employees. Another good news is that the 2020 Working Hours Act is set to give employees the flexibility of choosing the place and time to work for half of their working hours. It did not just end there, you are certain to enjoy a flexible 30 days of paid holiday and a 26-minute commute, all because you choose to live in Finland!

  • Manama in Bahrain

If you want to advance in your career, this Arabic country is just perfect for you. It is a centre of finance and construction and offers you the privilege to develop your career professionally. Out of necessity, you won’t have a choice other than to develop the necessary leadership and interpersonal skills.

The country has made a remarkable move towards innovation as it shifts away from its reliance on the oil industry. This means that you can develop your innovative skills and fit into the working environment.

Manama boasts of a large population of about 150 000 people which is an interesting opportunity to get connected with people and easily make friends. It will be good for you to learn the basics of Arabic as it will boost your people skills, though English is officially acceptable.

Your housing and education are as well covered with a tax free salary while working in the city of Manama.

  • The United States of America

The US still sits among the top list of the best country to live and work abroad. There are more than enough jobs in the fields of healthcare and IT for both Americans and Non-Americans who reside in the US. are you a nurse, IT personnel, lab technician, software developer, web designer and related skilled labour? It might interest you to start considering living in the US. What if you have no skills but could do any menial jobs or you are a student looking for short term jobs? You are also going to have all that you seek after in this great country. Places like the restaurants, retail shops, cafes, national parks, ski towns, resorts as well as tourist environments are well packaged for you to make meaningful career and get some cash into your pocket.

We understand that it could be difficult moving to a new country, but when you are equipped with the right and required information, you are certain to make it through. Do not joke with information as that could hinder you from getting the best out of the place you are heading to and also save you from heading to the wrong place. Whether you choose to pitch your tent in Europe or the west coast of Canada or even the Middle East, you are sure to have the best information in this article.

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