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10 Ways to Make Money Remotely During a Pandemic as a Digital Marketer


Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is a term used by business owners to advertise their businesses using online platforms. In the past, salespeople sold their products by using different media like shouting, use of the bell, microphone, and so on to attract their customers. Today, people use online platforms to market their products and sell beyond their immediate environment. This leads to the need to create a niche for the product in order for the buyers to know who you are, what you sell and how to locate you.

Importance of Digital Marketing

It is not an uncommon phenomenon that most freelance developers experience valleys and peaks as long as monthly income is concerned. There are months they make it big, there are other times they earn a paltry sum. Some of the importance of digital marketing include:

  • Digital marketing skills can help you in keeping a consistent flow of income. If you are able to get willing clients, you will be able to gather a lot of passive incomes from different avenues.
  • You are equipped with relevant skills that will help you manoeuvre your financial laxities.
  • The aim of every business is to make a profit. As a digital marketer, you will be able to help your clients achieve this aim.
  • You will be able to create a better personal brand for yourself and your clients through digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing helps you to create your own products and effectively market them using your digital skills.

During a pandemic like the one the world is facing today, there is a tendency for one to sit back and resort to fate to take care of his life. In short, most people relax at home hoping for things to get better. Unfortunately, in extreme cases, things grow from bad to worse. Though sometimes, it could get well, with a speed as fast as that of a snail.

As a digital marketer, you should not let the pandemic have any hold on you. Do not stop marketing yourself. You should not stop strategizing or finding a way to manoeuvre this period. There must be a way to penetrate the market and make yourself relevant, even if it means disrupting the status quo.

During a pandemic, it is not out of place for most industries to find key competition reducing its financial expenses in the area of the marketing of their products. The period is already a period where recession is having its toll on everyone, irrespective of your location or nature of business. As a result, most industries experience a kind of vulnerability to their success which could be capitalized upon by a wise organisation by employing the efforts of digital marketers. A digital marketer will help the organisations to increase their traffic as well as leverage on their website to grow their business.

This means that in times like this, digital marketing is one of the ways out. Digital marketing will aid in skyrocketing the online presence of a business and pushing it to the face of customers. As a digital marketer, there are ways you can make a lot of money remotely just at the confines of your home. The following ideas are not going to be just helpful, they are going to draw some money into your pocket.

  1. Do not ignore your customers during a pandemic: There are so many adverse conditions people are facing this time. For the fact that movement is restricted and people are locked up in the confines of their houses, it is enough reason to reach out. You need to show empathy and be sensitive to the conditions that are faced by the people. Therefore, seek out ways to reach out to your existing clients through social media. you can do away with sales and marketing and just get across to them. If there is a way you can help out without demanding a financial reward afterwards, do it. it is a great opportunity to make your brand stand out.
  2. Content creation: Creating or writing content is one of the ways to make money online these days. As most people are at home, they want to keep themselves busy by coming online. This has made some companies and blog owners look for people who can write catchy and alluring contents. Contents could be fictions, articles, social media posts, e-books, and more. The contents should be able to drive more traffic to their website, as well as help them to reach out to new audiences and convert them to clients.

As a digital marketer, you can take an interest in content writing, while focusing on a particular niche. You could also write on freelancing sites like fiverr.com, upwork.com, among others.

  1. Affiliate marketing: Through affiliate marketing, you can refer people who need a particular product or service to sellers who can provide them. This is done using a link which the potential customer is expected to click on in order to buy the product. Also, the link helps in tracking the number of customers referred to the seller. The higher the number of people you refer; the more chances you have to make money. Jumia, Konga, Jiji, and other online marketplaces are good platforms that offer affiliate marketing.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): SEO is a wider aspect of digital marketing. It will enable you to make the websites of your clients optimized for search engine visibility. This increases the chances of websites being seen by people who search for particular keywords online. You have to learn how search engine optimization works in order to make the best out of it.
  3. Social media management: A good way of making money remotely via social media is by managing the social media pages of notable people or businesses. These people or businesses need to have their pages booming with activities as a result of their influence; however, they lack the time to create the right content and attend to their fans and customers. You can take advantage of this to make money by offering to manage their pages while they enrich your pocket. You will need to have the idea of their targeted audience and means to reach them while protecting their brand.
  4. Social media marketing: Business owners who need ads to grow their engagements and customer base, and ultimately sell their products might not be able to run the ads. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads, and so on are ways you can leverage on to make money during a pandemic.
  5. Blogging: Blogging is one of the booming ways of making money these days. There are so many blog sites advertising for content writers. You can leverage on that to dish out appealing contents that will attract more readers to the blog. Remember that the more traffic generated to the site, the more your chances of making money. You can host ads through Google AdSense in order to generate more income. You can also offer a freebie in order to get them to register their email addresses for email listing. Get business owners to advertise their business on the blog and earn commission on each product purchased.
  6. Email marketing: This is a way of getting people to know and purchase a product using an email. The advertiser sends the details of a product to the recipient, explaining what the product is all about and ways the recipient can make the best out of it by parting with some money. Links are also made available to the recipients in order to have more access to the product in a single click. Millions of people can be reached at once using email marketing, as long as they are all on the email list.
  7. Mobile marketing: Mobile marketing, as the name implies, has to do with marketing your products using your mobile phone. This is one of the recent trends in digital marketing. Different ways of making money through mobile marketing include:
  • SMS marketing. This is done by using SMS to reach to a large number of people. This has been in existence before the advent of the internet. You can send a bulk SMS to a large audience, thereby developing your business and getting some people to know more about you. You could also leave a link that they can tap on to get directly to your website.
  • App-based marketing. Most people are developing apps that will enable their products to gain more visibility in the app store. A digital marketer can use it to earn money during a pandemic.
  • In-game mobile marketing. There are popup ads we see while playing an online game. If you click on the ads, you would be directed to a website which directs the user to a where he could buy or download the app or game.
  1. Website designing: Website designing requires a level of technicality. If you are good at website design, you can easily earn money using digital marketing. Regularly update your site with specifics like the quality of content displayed, inviting layouts, a right splash of colours, simply by using the latest marketing algorithm.

There are other ways to make money as a digital marketer by working remotely. Ensure you choose your niche of expertise and start working on getting your voice heard. It is important to note that patience and consistency are a necessary skill that you would need. With time, you are sure to smile your way to the bank.

To be able to get more clients, you will need more than just telling people that you are a digital marketer. Look introspectively, ask questions about your skills from those who would tell you the truth. Improve your skills and soar beyond average. Take cognizance of your design, communication and practical skills, ensure you are offering the best.

No client would want to patronize an acclaimed professional whose work does not appeal to them. You need your clients to tell your stories too in order to attract more customers. You can either create a trust or doubt in the mind of your client. Therefore, do not joke with good professional website design and your clients’ testimonials. If possible, work for free first, in order to sharpen your skills or make it very affordable. As you progress, you can increase your charge. By then, your work speaks better for you.

In essence, build customer trust, get yourself better equipped, position yourself as an expert, keep growing your niche and building authority, network with those within your niche, and so on.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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