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How to Make Money From Agriculture Without Going To The Farm

Agriculture has been known from time to be the major source of wealth, livelihood and economic growth for any nation and Nigeria, is not an exemption. Agriculture can be a very lucrative business for farmers and investors alike as the cash crops, food and fruits produced coupled with fish and snail farming and poultry business will always yield good income as food is a very important commodity which people can never get tired of.

However, you can invest in the agricultural process and products and earn money from it without necessarily owning a farm or going to one. There are a lot of reasons why you can invest in agriculture, one of which is the increase in the value of the business and it is a low-risk investment, high profits and flexible work.

10 Ways to make money from Agriculture Without Owning a Farm

  1. Investing in a farm: this is one of the major ways you can earn money without owning a farm. You can either invest in someone’s farm by giving out capital that is needed for the business and then earn profits. There are also online farms which makes it easier to invest in a farm without physically been present there. You can also invest in a farm by giving out a spare piece of land to another person who has the time to help in managing its for-profit purposes.
  2. Exportation of farm produce: you can also earn money from a farm by been in partnership with farmers to export their produce when harvested to other states and countries where they are in need of them. Exportation of these farm produce such as cotton, cocoa, maize, millet, cowpea etc can be very challenging but also rewarding with great profits.
  3. Selling of farm produce: you can also earn money from agriculture by buying and selling farm produce in bulk to consumers. You get these products at a cheaper rate directly from the farm and you can sell it at the price of your choice to retailers and consumers. You can either chose to be a distributor who partners with a farm to sell or be a retailer. In either way, you earn enough income from the business.
  4. Farmland yield: farmland investors can make money from agriculture through the harvesting of crops and fruits. These crops are either harvested monthly or annually on the farmland. This farmland yield is beneficial to both the farmers and investors even when there is a loss, the farmer can still start all over again.
  5. Packaging and storing of farm produce: if you can do food packaging very well that would be appealing to the consumers, then this is another good way to make money without owning a farm. A good and well packaged product is more attractive to the eye. Packaging and storing of farm produce is also a great way to make money from agriculture.
  6. Agronomy consultancy: agronomy provides research background knowledge for farmers. They help to supplement the traditional knowledge of the way farmers do their things with new technologies and tools to increase yields and produce tastier and healthier farm produce. You can earn money from agriculture by rendering advises to farmers on their crops and investments. Agronomy consultants are always in high demand.
  7. Farm transportation: transportation is a major challenge for farmers especially, those on a small scale. Limited access to transportation can affect how a farmer will be able to move his farm products into the market. In order to cut out this hardship, then farm transportation is necessary as it helps to move the products with ease. Transportation can be improved by buying a fleet of trucks and then partnering with farmers. Providing access to transportation for farmers can generate a strong profit.
  8. Online farming: this is almost like the investment type of farming. In online farming, all you need to do is spend your money for the planting of a particular type of crop for a duration and at the end of the planting season when the crops have been harvested and sold, you will get both your capital and profits. There are a lot of online farms which are legit and offers good rewards.
  9. Selling of farm equipment: you can solve farmers problems by the sale of farm equipment and machinery and the sale of high production seeds and crops, fertilizers, pesticides etc for the efficient and high production of farm produce. This is another great way of making a good income on agriculture.
  10. Teaching farming classes: If you are a farmer and you are confident in your skill, you can share your knowledge with young farmers who would pay for your classes. You could start an online farming class which can be interactive. This is a very good option for older, experienced farmers who are looking for a retirement option. Also, as a young farmer, if you are skilled and you have the ability to impart knowledge, you can also start your own tutorial online about farming. However, this can be very profitable for farmers who don’t just want to work on the field, but have the passion to share their knowledge with the next generation of farmers.

Did You Know ‘Smart Farming’ in Agriculture?

Smart Farming is the application and implementation of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into agricultural practices. With the experiments on plant breeding and genetics revolutions, this smart farming is taking over the agricultural world based upon the combined application of ICT solutions such as precision equipment, sensors and actuators, geo-positioning systems, Big Data, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, drones), robotics and so on.

Smart Farming is equipped with the potential to deliver a more productive and sustainable method of agricultural production based on a more precise and efficient approach. Smart Farming provides the farmer with added value in the form of better decision making or more efficient exploitation operations and management. Smart Farming can also provide added benefits in terms of environmental needs, for instance, through the efficient use of water or the optimisation of treatments.

 Ways to Make Money From Your Own Farming Business.

  • Plant medicinal herbs: this is one of the most effective ways to make money from your farm. With the increase of the side effects of synthetic medicine, more researches are been conducted for the use of natural medicine which is gradually becoming a trend. People now makes use of more natural medicines which are obtained from plants to cure their ailments. Medicinal plants like;

– Aloe vera: this plant can be used to clear the skin, increase the growth of hair and also stop balding in men.

– Lavender: these plants have medicinal usage and also it is used in cosmetics. It is a very rare plant to grow.

– Lemon grass: this plant has high medicinal value; it can be used in curing malaria and fever and it can also be used in soaps, perfumes, beverages and so on.

  • Breed fish and snails: other ways you can earn money from your farm includes the breeding of fishes and/or snails. The most popular type of fish to breed is the tilapia. The breeding of snails is known as heliciculture and it involves the raising of land snails for human consumption. Every part of a snail body is usable and therefore, there are fewer risks in snail farming than any other type of livestock farming. This business a very profitable one, which gives you the needed additional financial security.
  • Have a private lake: you can have a private lake on your farm if you have a large space. You can use it to charge for commercial fishing, which could be for fun where visitors catch the fishes and then release them back into the water or they can take the fish and pay for them. Either way, you will make a great income.
  • Breed chickens: you can add livestock farming such as the breeding of chickens to your farm for additional income. You can sell the chicken or sell the eggs that are been produced before they are hatched.
  • Start a Honeybee farm: the harvesting of honeybees is known as Apiculture. Honey bees can produce quite a lot of honey which makes Apiculture very lucrative business,  especially for people who are not allergic to bee stings. It is important to make sure you wear beekeepers gear once you are around the beehive to prevent yourself from the bee stings.
  • Investments: you can also earn money by investing in people’s farms. All you need to do is sponsor a farmer either to buy equipment needed for the farm or the crops which will be planted and at the end of the planting season, you get your profits. This is also a lucrative way of making good money from the farming business.

Agriculture is very important in any nation’s economic growth and therefore, it’s consistent contributions to the evolution of mankind is overwhelming. Agriculture is a very great opportunity for one to make an income either on a large or small scale. There are also a lot of career options in agriculture.

As the world keeps revolving, there are now different ways, you can earn from agriculture without owning a farm or even physically been present on the farm. There is also the use of online farming which can be done from the comfort of your home, all you need to do is to invest your money to Farmers who are willing to do the work and you get your profits at the end of the farming season. Indeed, agriculture can never be out of season.

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