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25 Signs You Are Not Serious about Making Progress in Life


There is one thing every one of us have in common; it is our desire to make progress. Regardless of where you are today, you should want to be in a better place tomorrow. Everything in our lives is designed around moving forward; from education and sports, to career and lifestyle. This is why the human race continues to advance in technology and civilization. And those who don’t want move are often left far behind.

So then why are you not moving forward in life? What are some habits that show you are not taking life seriously? We’ll in today’s post, show you 25 signs you are not serious about making progress in life.

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1.     You are not passionate about anything in life

One of the reasons people are frustrated and depressed is because they are not passionate about anything. For such people there is really nothing to live for. It’s; eat, sleep, pay bills and die. If you want to make your life worthwhile, you must be passionate about life beyond the conventional routine. Find something that makes you want to jump out of bed.

2.     You are not developing yourself

It’s unfortunate we have been sold the idea of education as getting a sheet of certificate. But true education is about knowledge of one’s self and the world around us. You don’t learn this from spending a few years in school. It’s a life long journey. To make progress, make developing yourself a lifelong priority.

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3.     You are not developing your financial intelligence

The world today is like a machine that runs on fuel. And that fuel is money. You cannot function in the society without money. And money is not emotional. It only responds favorably to those who understand it. Stop being too casual with your money-habits and start developing financial intelligence.

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4.     You don’t take your health seriously

If you choose pleasure and money at the detriment of your health, you’ll end up looking for money to get back the health you have lost. If you entertain unhealthy habits without thinking about the future repercussion, you’ll live with the consequences. Health is wealth.

5.     You are not building healthy relationships

Understand that in your life journey, not everyone is welcome aboard. You just need likeminded people around you. The sum total of your life is an average of the kind of people you spend time with. Be deliberate about your relationships.

6.     You are not learning from your mistakes

If the same cycle keeps repeating itself over and over again around your life, you are being too casual about your life. Mistakes are lessons you should learn from and avoid in future. The challenges that scared and limited you yesterday should not limit you today.

7.     You keep giving excuses for your failures in life

Both success and failure have explanations. The explanation for success is principles; the explanation for failure is excuse. You must learn to take responsibility for the outcome of your life based on the decisions you make. Life is too short to spend it on excuses and what could have become.

8.     You think you can’t make any difference

Race, class, tribe are all human creations to make some people feel more deserving of progress than others. Regardless of your belief, we all came from one source. No one is more human than the other. Life as we’ve come to know it is a result of individual decisions spanning throughout history. Whether you think you can or you can’t, it’s your decision; and you will be right.

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9.     You don’t value your time

You’ll often find inscriptions in cemeteries like this: 1954 to 2010. Much like how distance is measured in kilometers, our life is measured in the unit of time. Time is life. In less than one hundred years from today, a different set of people will be occupying earth. How you spend your time says a lot about you value for life.

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10. You don’t have goals

For a lot of people, life is something that just happens. Everything should be left to chance. You don’t want to live like that. Set goals that give you reasons to get out of bed every the morning.

11. You are always complaining

No one achieves anything from complaining. Make peace with the fact that life is not fair. Learn to live with what you cannot change and make the effort to change what you have the power to change. Life will not give you what you deserve. You get what you demand from it.

12. You cannot take correction without being offended

Some people are more interesting in feeling right than getting it right. But what’s the point in doing the wrong thing over and over? There is so much to learn in so little time. You’ll do yourself some good learning from other people. It’s better to get it right than to feel right.

13. You want to do it alone

We are not designed to function exclusively on our own. At some point, you will need other people to make significant progress. You will save yourself years of error and time wasted by collaborating with the right people. Why achieve ‘a hundred’ alone when you can achieve ‘a thousand’ with another.

14. You live in the past

The problem with living in the past is that you miss the present; which is where the action is. You will make mistakes. You will do things you are not proud of. The best thing to do is to learn from your mistakes. Then use the gift of the present to create better memories.

15. You live in the future

Living in the future is about dreams or fears of what could be. This is why people fall for get-rich-quick schemes. They want to leap into a future they day-dream about without putting in the work. Living in the future robs you of the only thing you have control over; which is what you do in the present. Real achievement comes from consistent daily efforts.

16. You don’t take responsibility for your life

If you believe you don’t have any control over what you get in life, you are simply not serious about making progress. In fact this is the first step to progress. It starts with accepting that you are responsible for your lives outcome. If you continue to look for whom to blame, it’s a sign that you are not ready to make a head way.

17. You are looking for permission to go after your dream

No one is coming to rescue you. The people close to you may disappoint you. Your parents may disagree with you. But in the end, it’s all up to you. Yes, some people may genuinely try to help. But no one can motivate you until you give yourself permission to move in the direction of your dreams.

18. You are living a fake life

If everyone on social media has a perfect life, where are the everyday struggling people? If you are not careful, you’ll be caught into this narcissistic display on Instagram, Snap or Twitter. If you are serious about making progress in your life, you want to get down and make the sacrifices that success requires. There is no point faking what you can actually become.

19. You believe sowing money-seed will make you rich

Here goes the gospel of greed; give 10 dollars to get 1,000 dollars. This is common in Churches today. The point is that, you are made to be productive; to be fruitful and multiple in your works. It’s another level of laziness and greed when you believe you’ll multiple your money by 100 without doing anything.

20. You are banking on luck

Success is deliberate; it does not happen by accident. You cannot fold you hands with an irrelevant degree and hope that a company will call you for an interview and offer you a high paying job without requisite skills. Life is deliberate. You have to be intentional. Plan, prepare and position yourself. That’s how you progress.

21. You are not teachable

Illiteracy in the 21st century is not the inability to read or write. Illiteracy in the 21st century is the inability to learn, unlearn, and relearn. The world is rich in knowledge and wisdom across borders. Only fools think they know it all. The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. You need to cultivate an open mind to learn at any opportunity.

22. You spend too much time on social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all businesses. These companies invest enormous amount of money to research human behavioral psychology so that they can keep you longer on their platform. That’s how they make money. The result is that majority of people are addicted to social media today, much like being addicted to drugs. Your life deserves better than that, don’t you think?

23. You are addicted to porn

Apart from pornography being a self destructive habit, these porn sites are owned by people who are only interested in making money; and porn-stars are just actors getting paid. You are just the pawn in the game, can’t you see? It’s time to wise up.

24. You live a life of crime

In the long run, crime never pays. If you are willing to do the crime, you’ve got to be willing to do the time. Many young people have wasted their lives in the world of crime; robbery, fraud, drug and human trafficking. In the end, it’s usually not worth it.

25. You take life too seriously

Way to use an irony to end this, right? Taking your life seriously to make progress is about setting priority for what should matter or not in your life. But taking life TOO seriously is when you neglect little things like gratitude, love, compassion, and patience over selfish ambition. In the end… NONE of us… is getting out of here… alive.

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