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25 Things You Did Not Know About Studying In Ukraine

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Ukraine is a popular destination for international students. A country renowned for its majestic cathedrals and monasteries, Ukraine has over 800 institutions of higher learning. In the past decade, hundreds of thousands of students have enrolled to study in Ukraine. We pray for peace for the country to regain its standing of being a top, international students’ destination again.

In today’s post meanwhle, we seek to unravel the mystery behind Ukraine’s attraction of international students. Here are 25 things you probably did not know about studying in Ukraine. If you are new here, welcome. Love videos? We have a Youtube channel. Consider subscribing to After School Africa to continue exploring opportunities.

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1.     International students from developing countries flock to Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the few countries in Europe where most of the international students are from developing countries. India, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Nigeria are the top five countries with the highest number of students in Ukraine.

2.     More than half of international students apply for Medical courses

Ukraine is renowned for its medical universities which are both affordable and offer quality education. Approximately half of all international learners who choose to study in Ukraine are enrolled for medical-related degrees such as medicine, pharmacy and dentistry.

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3.     Acceptance rates are high

Ukraine accepts almost all qualified students that apply to study in the country provided they meet the medical and financial conditions required of them for admission.

4.     Tuition fees depend on the language in which you will be taught

That is right. Overall, Tuition fees for international students on average range from $1,200 to $5,000. Tuition fees are however cheaper for students who will be taught in Russian or Ukrainian, around $1700-$3500. For courses taught in English language, tuition fees are in the range of $2000-$5000.

5.     Medical courses cost more

Tuition fees for medicine in Ukraine are still relatively cheaper when compared to other places in Europe. An MBBS degree in Ukraine cost around $4000-$5000.

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6.     Cost of living is low

A budget of $2500 per year should be able to carry you through the year. But this does not cover the expenses on accommodation.

7.     TOEFL isn’t required

As long as you are proficient in the language you have chosen for the course you intend to study, universities generally do not ask for TOEFL or IELTS. You can however apply for language support programs to boost your proficiency.

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8.     There are no limitations on work-study

If you have your work permit, you are allowed to work in Ukraine with guidelines to Ukraine’s labour laws. Student employees are allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours a week.

9.     Ukraine’s Medical degrees are recognized the world over

One fear most people who apply to study medicine abroad have is whether their degree would be recognized when they return to their native countries. Have no such fears about MBBS degrees from Ukraine. They are recognized by the US, UK, WHO, EU, UNICEF and a host of other international organizations.

10. There are two intakes in a year

The first intake runs between September and November while there is a second intake between February and March

11. International students get up to 50% cut in travels

Once you get your international students ID card, you are eligible for discounts of up to 50% whenever you book a flight or a train in Ukraine. Cool right?

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12. Health insurance is required

Without a health insurance you will not be able to process your registrations as a student. It is therefore important to acquire health insurance if you intend to study in Ukraine.

13. There were over 75,000 international students in Ukraine in 2018

The number of international students studying in Ukraine has continued to steadily rise since 2010. There were over 75,000 international students in Ukraine in 2018.

14. Scholarships are also available

There are a number of scholarships to apply for while in Ukraine. Some of them are fully funded while some offer certain financial aids. Visit to find scholarships in Ukraine.

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15. Education in Ukraine is no picnic

Don’t get carried away with the cheap tuition and things you probably heard. Studying in Ukraine is no walk in the park and if you lose focus, you could find yourself tapping out even before the journey starts.

16. Ukraine and Russia are not the same

This is a common misconception most people have about the former soviet country. While they certainly look like opposite sides of the same coin given their history, Ukraine and Russia are not exactly alike. The two nations have a long history and until the fall of the Soviet Union used to be one nation. They however have different languages and Ukrainians are more liberal than Russians.

17. Indians make up the bulk of international students

Out of the 75,000 international students enrolled to study in Ukraine in 2018 about 15,000 were from India.

18. Ukraine has over 800 tertiary institutions

Ukraine has one of the highest numbers of tertiary institutions in Eastern Europe. There are over 800 tertiary institutions in the country.

19. Medical students can receive financial aid

The Ukrainian medical study center often offers financial aid to the best students studying in Ukraine. UMEC gives to its outstanding students an annual scholarship package from the second year of their study. These scholarships received by the students is one thousand USD or basically 20% of their tuition fees.

20. Ukraine is dotted with beautiful cathedrals

One thing that will arrest your attention once you arrive in Ukraine are the gold domes of its majestic cathedrals and monasteries. Most Ukrainians are conservative orthodox Christians and their places of worship dot their cities.

21. Smoking and drinking in public is banned

In Ukraine, Smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks in public places is officially banned. Public places include transport, bus stops, underground crossings, cultural, sports and governmental establishments, playgrounds and parks. Drink indoors and keep your excesses private.

22. Studying In Ukraine offers you enriching cultural experience

There are students from over 140 nations in Ukraine and most of them are from developing countries. This offers you a chance to experience different cultures while at the same time showcasing yours.

We cannot over emphasize this. Ukraine is a magnet for international students seeking to study Medicine. Out of the 10 most popular universities for international students, 8 are medical universities.

24. Ukraine is still technically at war with Russia

In 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed its Crimea region in a move that was deemed illegal by the international community. Russian backed separatists are still fighting government forces in the east of the country since then.

25. Ukraine has a mildly friendly weather

You’ve probably been told that Ukraine is a cold place. While this is true, it is not entirely accurate. January is the coldest month in Ukraine with subzero temperatures that can cause frostbites. After that, comes 290 sunny days with rain and warmth in between.

There you have it, the 25 things you probably did not know about studying in Ukraine. Do you plan on studying in Ukraine? Or do you have experience studying in Ukraine? Tell us about it in the comments section. If you are yet to subscribe to the After School Africa channel, now is a good time to subscribe. Until next time, YOUR SUCCESS MATTERS!


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