Student Loans for International Students: A Guide to Funding Your Education Abroad

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Did you know that a student loan can help you finance your ambition of studying abroad? Regretfully, a lot of international students have trouble completing their studies abroad, including providing proof of finances. 

Traveling to study in the United States of America or Canada is becoming more and more expensive due to the rising currency rate.

Get Up to $100,000 Student Loan for Your Master in US or Canada - See if you are eligible

Got Admission to Study in US or Canada? See if you are eligible for international student loan

Industrial strikes have frequently caused extended semesters and full academic sessions for students in Africa, severely impacting the country’s educational system. Many families find it difficult to afford to send their children to college, and extracurricular activities are not warmly received during their school years. 

This post is for you if you have chosen to relocate to the US or Canada to further your studies. International students can now go to the US and Canada with loans thanks to AfterSchoolAfrica.

Now that we have your attention, allow us to walk you through the procedure. First off, AfterSchoolAfrica and MPower Financing have teamed up to help students who lack cosigners, collateral, or a credit history obtain loans.

Imagine securing your student loan without the need for a cosigner or using your family’s property as security.

What is an international student loan?

International student loans are becoming a very viable option for paying for your schooling in the US. With their long repayment durations and affordable interest rates, loans are highly flexible and can provide loan amounts sufficient to cover your whole education. This ensures that you can afford the payback after graduation.

Who is MPower Financing?

MPower Financing is a social benefit company founded by foreign students for foreign students. As a result, loans are granted to you according to your potential rather than the assets or income of your family or people you know. 

How AfterSchoolAfrica Can Help You Secure Your Loans

A lot of Africans have benefited from AfterSchoolAfrica’s assistance in completing borderless transactions for their tuition and international education applications. Additionally, it is a student loan scheme specifically for Africans to assist additional students who wish to study overseas. 

Loans of up to $100,000 are available for study abroad programs in the US and Canada. The good news is that there is no cosigner or collateral required; the applications are available for download. 

Personalized Services and Support

1. School and Visa Applications

Acceptance into a partner school in the US or Canada is the initial step toward obtaining the program. After that, the program’s interface becomes more user-friendly as it collaborates with hundreds of schools across these nations. 

You can find and apply to the top programs at these partner schools with the assistance of our experts. After you secure admission to a university, we can help you with the visa application process and assist you in locating scholarships and other financial options.

2. Student Loan Application

When it comes to studying abroad in the USA and Canada, we assist eligible candidates in obtaining loans of up to $100,000.

3. Global Support Team

Candidates can get in touch with our program manager and support staff around the clock. They will work together to organize your move, manage your application process from start to finish, and respond to any queries.

Eligibility requirements for an international student loan

  • A graduate student starts a 1- or 2-year program within two years of graduation.
  • A foreign student, a DACA beneficiary, a citizen of the United States, a refugee, or an asylum applicant.
  • To graduate, refinance, and work for at least three months in the United States or Canada.
  • You must again be admitted to or enrolled in one of the 350 accredited American or Canadian schools.

AfterSchoolAfrica fulfills the aspiration of studying overseas. Our top-notch professionals offer individualized and tailored study abroad services, including application assistance, student loans, visas, counseling, and more. A high success rate for employment, scholarships, loans, visas, and admission is ensured by our straightforward and distinctive method.

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