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How to Apply for an MBBS Medical Degree in 2020

A degree in Medicine is one of the world’s most popular degrees to attain. However, it is also one of the most demanding degrees one could get. Every aspiring doctor or health professional must attend rigorous academic courses followed by residency programs, in order to work and excel in the medical field. But if your mission is to save people’s lives and help people maintain a healthy lifestyle then it’s worth the effort. Now, let’s take a closer look at what an MBBS degree is and how you can apply for one this 2020.

What is MBBS Medical Degree?

An MBBS degree which stands for Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery is an Undergraduate Degree course for potential candidates seeking to pursue their vision of being a doctor.  MBBS is a professional degree in the medical science field. A person holding the MBBS degree becomes a certified medical practitioner. The length of the MBBS Degree course is five years and six months, plus one year of rotational internship in hospitals, community centers and non-profit sponsored youth camps which is probably just another word for NGOs.

The MBBS course syllabus covers anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, general wellbeing & nursing, pediatrics, and surgical research. The syllabus is typically prescribed in such a manner that holders of MBBS degree can select a specialization in medicine for further majoring and practice. Nephrology, cardiology, gynecology, anesthesiology, organ transplantation, endocrine, and general surgery are some of the professional specializations for MBBS graduates.

Is MBBS Degree Enough to Become a Doctor?

Theoretically, Yes! An MBBS Degree holder is enough to become a doctor provided that he or she has attended a proper clinical posting with full dedication.

However, in a practical scenario, this is totally different ball game. This is because in present time, people look out for super specialist instead of a generalist; they even don’t consider visiting a doctor with a Medical Degree. People feel comfortable visiting cardiologist directly instead of visiting a doctor with a Medical Degree in medicine. Similarly even for mild acidity, people would prefer to consult a gastroenterologist rather than a doctor with a Medical Degree in medicine.

Moreover, the legal system that exists in most societies today poses a hindrance in this regard. It is suggested that MBBS doctors be promoted and supported because they can easily attend to the health of the majority of the population especially in rural settings, although they can’t assist a pregnant woman in delivering a baby without gynecologist.

How Many Years can one Complete MBBS Degree?

The MBBS is a 5.5 year UG degree program (4.5 years of undergraduate education + 1 year of mandatory internship) that progresses to the two degrees of a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. MBBS is one of the most sought-after courses in the medical sector. The MBBS course is delivered by so many colleges and universities around the world. Students who passed the 10+ 2 test and had the 12th level in Physics, Chemistry and Biology will proceed on the MBBS degree track. The MBBS degree is enough to be accredited as a Medical Doctor in certain countries like India. The scope of MBBS includes fundamental topics such as genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy, pharmacology and pathology.

Benefits Open to MBBS Students

Various benefits available to students studying for an MBBS Degree include:

  • Good exposure to patients during the clinical postings, post mortems, and cadaver dissections.
  • There’s absolutely no need to attend many classes, this means there will be plenty of time to study in the library.
  • You actually get the opportunity to perform some minor surgeries!
  • Inexpensive. Not much fees and fines to pay.
  • You get to make new friends who are from different backgrounds.
  • The liberty to receive free medical treatment in the hospital where they serve.
  • MBBS students don’t have to wait in the queue to meet the consulting doctor in the OPD. They can directly walk into the cabin.

Careers in MBBS

After the MBBS Degree course has been completed, the first question that comes to mind is “What Next?” Medical graduates have the right to use the term Doctor as the prefix” Dr.’ in their name. Day by day, the demand for Medical professionals is growing owing to the tragic upsurge of diseases and illnesses. So a Career in MBBS & higher studies is really satisfying for students involved in research and the care of people that sick. After graduation in the field of Medicine as a Medical Researcher, there are strong work and career prospects for the graduates of MBBS.

The Career opportunities available for graduates of the MBBS degree are the following:

  • Junior doctors
  • Doctors
  • Physician
  • Junior Surgeons
  • Medical Professor or Lecturer Researcher Scientist

Some Offices where an MBBS graduate can work include:

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Biomedical Companies
  • Nursing Homes
  • Medical Colleges
  • Health Centers
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

Top 7 Reasons to Get an MBBS Degree

Here are the top reasons why you should acquire a MBBs degree;

  1. If you are someone who is always fascinated by the complexity of the Human skeleton, then you’re in luck as you will get to study the human body, inside and outside as a student of MBBS.
  2. The best thing about a Medical degree is that you are not limited by your home country; you can study Medicine anywhere in the world.
  3. Medicine has gone a long way from witch doctors and using leeches as treatment, and we can safely say that it is now an established science. So it is safe to say that you will become a Scientist.
  4. Forget the new Samsung GS20, there’s a new surgery robot! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; when you study MBBS because here You’ll have the latest technology at your fingertips
  5. Should you want to further your studies after your MBBS, there are so many paths and specializations you can pick from, they are; physiotherapy, toxicology, pharmacy, dentistry, nutrition and biomedicine.
  6. You can never end up knowing everything during your medical career. So when studying MBBS; you’ll never stop learning – and that’s a good thing. Because even the best doctors still need to stay in touch with new discoveries and procedures. So, you can rest assured you will never get bored.
  7. You’ve probably heard about medical job stability and the high salaries of doctors? Yes, when studying the MBBS degree program, you are sure to get the perfect Job security, even during the most dreaded apocalypse.

Step by Step Procedures to Apply for an MBBS Medical Degree

  • Check the application deadline for the university and make sure it hasn’t passed for this year;
  • Usually, the first step is to register to an online application service, either provided by the university, or the country’s government
  • Generally, there is a limit to the number of programmes you can apply to in a country
  • Submit your application documents online
  • If the documents are all well, you will be invited to an application interview – one or more depending on the university
  • Receive your confirmation,
  • Start your student visa application

Who is Qualified to Apply?

The entry requirements vary for each university. However, normally applicants are always expected to have achieved high grades at school, including high grades in Biology and Chemistry. Some universities expect three science subjects.

Universities require candidates for medicine to have engaged in the classroom, college or community life as completely as practicable. You would be able to show a large amount of community knowledge outside the immediate area. This takes into consideration your values, achievements and your commitment to the society.

Applicants are supposed to have some voluntary service experience in a medical care setting in a compassionate or safety community, or study. Applicants ought to provide a clear idea about what a job as a health care professional entails.

Medicine is one of the most valued career options, the research that deals with illness detection, diagnosis and prevention. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is an intensive four-and – a-half-year training plan that must be completed for graduates to become a doctor. This doesn’t need an explanation as to why a Doctor’s career is one of the careers most esteemed and wanted. Physicians undertake the most critical function of achieving the treatment or cure of diseases.

Finally, while a medical career can be like several other careers, the most notable of all is one of the Doctors. Someone needs to complete an MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery to become a Doctor. While it may mean two degrees for a layman, in fact, it is a single degree that educates an inexperienced doctor about the intricacies of health problems and their remedy. If you have finally been admitted to the medical course of your choice, Great! Quickly confirm if you will require a visa to study in your country of admission. If you do, then you need to start planning for your visa application.

If your MBBS degree application is unsuccessful, don’t be discouraged and give up totally as you will be allowed to try again the next year.

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