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DAAD/PLAAS/NELGA Scholarships for Masters & Doctoral Studies in Poverty, Land & Agrarian Studies 2021

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) in collaboration with PLAAS (Institute for Poverty, Land & Agrarian Studies) and Network of Excellence for Land Governance in Africa (NELGA), is offering in-country/in-region scholarships, as part of the Strengthening Capacities for Land Governance in Africa programme. 

Application Deadlines: 

  • The PLAAS application deadline is 7th August 2020
  • The DAAD application deadline is 11th September 2020.

Eligible Countries: African countries

To be taken at (country): University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa

About the Award: The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in collaboration with the Institute for Poverty, Land & Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), University of the Western Cape (UWC), is offering in-country/in-region scholarships, within the Network of Excellence for Land Governance in Africa (NELGA). This forms part of the Strengthening Advisory Capacities for Land Governance in Africa (SLGA) programme funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (MBZ).

Field of Study: The programme supports those in subject areas with strong relevance to land governance/land management. We propose the following topic areas for scholarships:

  • Land tenure, including customary tenure, titling and land markets
  • Water, forestry, fisheries and ecosystems management
  • Farming systems, agricultural development and the rural non-farm economy
  • Agricultural investment and inclusive business models
  • Governance, policy frameworks and investment standards
  • Population, migration and urbanisation
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Agro-food systems, food prices and food security
  • Regional cooperation and integration and the agro-food system

Type: Masters

Eligibility: These scholarships are aimed at young candidates, mid-career professionals, researchers and university staff. Female applicants and candidates from less privileged regions or groups are especially encouraged to participate in the programme.

Selection Criteria: For admission to the MPhil Research in Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies, applicants must have obtained an Honours degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. sociology, history, economics, political science, agriculture, public administration, development studies, geographical and environmental studies). Students must demonstrate a good understanding of their chosen research topic and have research experience in one or more of the following themes – poverty, land and agrarian reform, rural development, and natural resources.

Number of Awards: DAAD offers up to 3 scholarships for Master studies and 3 scholarships for PhD studies at PLAAS for the intake 2021.

Value of Award:

Tuition fees
Study and research allowance
Printing allowance
Monthly Scholarship (Accommodation, Food etc.)
Travel allowance (In-Region only)

Duration of Programme:The duration of the Master programme is two years, the duration of the PhD programme is three years, generally starting in May 2021.

How to Apply: 

  • The application process contains two steps. Your attention is drawn towards the two application deadlines.
  • It is important to go through all application requirements in the Award Webpage (see Link below) before applying.

Visit Programme Webpage for Details

  1. Esubalew says

    Please, help me how to get the link to apply here (online)? The aforementioned scholarships have not such type of information.

  2. Awoke says

    Subject: Letter of Intent to Application for DAAD/PLAAS/NELGA Scholarships for Masters & Doctoral Studies in Poverty, Land & Agrarian Studies 2021
    I am writing to apply for the position of DAAD/PLAAS/NELGA Scholarships for Masters & Doctoral Studies in Poverty, Land & Agrarian Studies 2021 student with an emphasis in Animal Production and related field of study that you advertised in (annual calls) on (January first,2021). I am assistant professor, community service worker and researcher at Debre Markos University, Currently publishing more than thirteen Articles in different journals, doing different community services and designing and implementing different projects, reviewing articles, teaching effectively my students for my promotion and work, and which will be expecting to promote in February 2020. I am confident that my teaching experience, community services work, publication , research interests and other credit-ability make me an ideal candidate for the PhD in Animal Sciences .Over the past 8.25 years, I have tutored and coauthored variety of Animal Science and related field of studies courses. I have extensive experience working with Animal Sciences Students and research , as well as students with a variety of learning disabilities, including laggards, disabilities and females. I pride myself in creating a tutorial environment that accommodates the needs of my students while still promoting a high level of critical thought and working skills. I know, I would thrive as a teacher in our college, due to mentors belief in small classroom size and individualized support for students. Not only does my teaching experience suit the needs of our College and Department, but my research, community Services work and Project interests also fit perfectly with your description of the ideal candidate for promotion. I argue that, and not being submissive to the requirements of the University and their readers than before had been assumed. I am Assistance professor to my readings of articles, letters, and diary entries by various livestock authors, with my particularly focus on Animal Production, I do have more than 50 citation,49 hi&1-i10-indexs in goggle scholars find below address.(https://scholar.google.com/citations?user= 2g2 LZ 64AAAAJ&hl=en).
    Therefore, upon my application, if I awarded to the PhD in DAAD/PLAAS/NELGA Scholarships for Masters & Doctoral Studies in Poverty, Land & Agrarian Studies 2021, I would be encouraged and worked more than what I died before. Should you wish to contact me for an interview, if there is any confusion please contact me in person and my phone address, thank you very much. My CV with credentials attached herewith below you can find it, thank you.
    Kind regards,
    Awoke Kassa Zewdie

  3. Taso Banja says

    Ihave MSc degree in Land Administration and Management (Land Information Management system)


    Can’t find the link to the application web page please

  5. Rusha Begna Wakweya says

    I’m Rusha Begna Wakweya here from Ethiopia.I’ve MSc.degree in Rural Development and agricultural Extension specialization in Rural Development from Jimma University of Ethiopia.I’m working as socio-economic,extension ,policy and gender researcher at Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute,Jimma Center.Please would you help me how to apply for this scholarship.

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