Michigan State University African Scholarship Program 2020/2021 for African Students –

The Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program is intended to encourage MSU African students (women are strongly urged to apply) to study at MSU and in turn make a contribution to the development of their country.

Application Deadline: 15th July 2020

Eligible Countries: African countries

To Be Taken At (Country): Michigan State University, USA

About the Award: Two annual awards to encourage MSU African students to enhance their studies and make a contribution to the development of their country. Women are strongly urged to apply.

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The Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship can make at least two awards annually of up to $1,000.  The number of awards made and actual award amounts depend on the quality of proposals and the resources available in the fiscal year in which funds are proposed for expenditure.

Type: Graduate (Masters, PhD)


  1. Applicants must be MSU African students in good academic standing. (The grant has an emphasis toward the educational enhancement of women).
  2. Applicants should be MSU students on a temporary visa.
  3. Applicants must describe the factors that suggest the likelihood of their returning to their home country.
  4. Applicants must have demonstrated capacity to achieve their educational goals and have the assertiveness to seek further opportunities to advance their education.

Selection Criteria: Proposals may request support for tuition or for other educational expenses such as research gathering or dissertation writing.  Personal, education related or family expenses will also be considered.  Proposals requesting partial support to attend a professional conference will also be considered.

Number of Awards: 2

Value of Award: $1,000.

Duration of Programme:

How to Apply: Application:  Applications may be submitted at any time, but must be presented by July 15 every year.  Send applications to: Office for International Students and Scholars, 103 International Center.  The application consists of 2 parts, a narrative and 2 supporting letters.

Part I:  Your narrative should be 3 single-spaced pages or less and should treat the following topics:

1.  General description of applicant’s educational goals and the relationship of the proposed activities to those goals, (What you will do and why, where and with whom). 3.  Budget outline detailing expected costs of the activities and other confirmed or prospective funding from university or outside sources to be received by the student during the time period of these activities.
2.  Specific purpose of the activities and the benefits likely in the short or long run to the student and the student’s home country.

Part II: Supporting letters

Two supporting letters are required, one from the applicant’s advisor or chairperson and another from a teacher of the applicant.

Visit the Programme Webpage for Details

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