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Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program for International Researchers 2019

The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship is awarded annually to scholars wishing to conduct independent study or research at one or more of the Smithsonian’s 19 units and research centers.  

Application Deadline: 1st December, 2018

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries: All

To be taken at (country): United States of America

About the Award: The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program supports independent research and study related to Smithsonian facilities, experts, or collection for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.

Program Description:

Smithsonian Institution Fellows conduct independent study and research related to SI collections, experts, or facilities in cooperation with at least one Smithsonian advisor. JessicaLindsay with Michael WiseThe Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program is open to:

  1. Graduate Students
  2. Predoctoral Students
  3. Postdoctoral Researchers and
  4. Senior Researchers

Graduate Student Fellowships: Graduate Student Fellowships are typically 10 weeks in length. Students must be formally enrolled in a graduate program of study at a degree granting institution. Before the appointment begins fellows must still be enrolled and must have completed at least one full time semester or its equivalent. Graduate Student Fellowships are usually intended for students who have not yet been advanced to candidacy if in a doctoral program. Graduate student fellowships are offered for ten weeks and are not available for periods of less or more than ten weeks.

Predoctoral Student Fellowships: Predoctoral Student Fellowships are typically (pls see below for exceptions) 3 to 12 months in length. Students must be enrolled in a university as a candidate for the Ph.D. or equivalent. By the time the appointment begins the university must approve the undertaking of dissertation research at the Smithsonian Institution and certify that requirements for the doctorate, other than the dissertation, have been met.

Postdoctoral Researcher Fellowships: Postdoctoral Student Fellowships are typically (pls see below for exceptions) 3 to 12 months in length. The doctorate degree must be completed by the time the fellowship begins.

Senior Researcher Fellowships: Senior Fellowships are typically 3 to 12 months in length. Applicants must have held a Ph.D. or equivalent for at least 7 years.

Type: Fellowship


  • The program is open to US citizens and Non-US citizens. Applicants whose native language is not English are expected to have the ability to write and converse fluently in English. All application materials must be presented in English (foreign transcripts may be translated, see below).
  • Past or current fellowship recipients are eligible to apply for another award.

Selection Criteria: Applications are evaluated and fellows are selected, by scholars in appropriate fields, on the basis of the proposal’s merit, the applicant’s ability to carry out the proposed research and study, the likelihood that the research could be completed in the requested time, and the extent to which the Smithsonian, through its research staff members and resources, could contribute to the proposed research. The number of appointments made each year is determined by the availability of funds for the program.

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Fellowship: The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship award amounts are as follows:

  • Graduate Student Fellowship**: $7,500.00 for 10 weeks.
  • Predoctoral Fellowship: $36,000 annually; research allowance up to $4,000.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: $50,400 annually; research allowance up to $4,000.
  • Senior Fellowship: $50,400 annually; research allowance up to $4,000.

Fellows in earth/planetary sciences and conservatory sciences are eligible to receive up to $5,000.00 over the amounts listed above.

How to Apply: Apply Through: SOLAA

Please ensure you go through the application guidelines in Scholarship Webpage before applying.

Visit Fellowship Webpage for details

Award Provider: The Smithsonian Institute

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