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University of Bath

The University of Bath which received its Royal Charter in 1966 is one of the top-leading Universities in the UK. It has its location in Bath, United Kingdom, and its main campus located on Claverton Down. As of recent, the institution ranked 6th by the Guardian University Guide 2020 in the United Kingdom and also received a TEF Gold award for their excellent teaching, learning, and results for their students.

The University has 3 available faculties, 16 Department, One School, and 3 Institutes currently functioning in the institution. They partner with some other major Universities to achieve an outstanding solution around the globe. For instance, Research alliance, irrigation solutions in South Africa, and many more.

Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses

The University has about 205 undergraduate and 58 postgraduate research courses such as humanities, science, engineering, and many more. The table below contains some of the courses available at the University.

Degree Programme Courses
Undergraduate ·        Psychology BSc (Hons) – This is 3 years full-time course.

·        Physics BSc (Hons) – This is 3 years full-time course.

·        Biology BSc (Hons) – 3 years of a full-time course

·        Biology MBiol (Hons) – 4 years of a full-time course

·        Mathematics and Physics MSci (Hons) – 4 years of a full-time course

·        Chemistry BSc (Hons) – 3 years of a full-time course

·        Pharmacology BSc (Hons) – 3 years of a full-time course

·        Mathematics MMath (Hons) – 4 years of a full-time course

·        Computer Science MComp (Hons) – 4 years of a full-time course

Postgraduate Research ·        Computer Science MSc3 years online course.

·        International Management MSc  – 1year full-time course

·        Innovation and Technology Management  – This is a 1-year full-time course

·        Accounting and Finance MSc  – This is a 1-year full-time course

·        Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management MSc -This is a 1-year full-time course.

·        Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) MSc – This is 3 years online course.

Taught Postgraduate Study

There are various courses available for taught postgraduate study in the institution.

Taught Postgraduate Study ·        Business Analytics MSc – It’s a 3 years online course

·        Sociology MRes – It’s a 2 years part-time course

·        Software Systems MSc – It’ 1-year full-time course

·        Computer Science MSc – 1-year full-time course

·        Engineering Design MSc – 1-year full-time course

·        Education MRes – it’s a 2 years part-time course

·        Politics and International Studies MRes – it’s a 2 years part-time course

·        Professional Practice PG Cert – 1-year part-time course

University of Bath Bursaries and Scholarships

The University offers Bursaries and scholarships opportunity to students willing to start a degree program in the institution.

Bursaries and Scholarships Opportunity for Undergraduate Students

  • Gold Scholarship Programme: This is a scholarship award provided by the University in support of 50 outstanding students in pursuit of a degree study in the institution. Also, they offer an empowerment program to build the student’s personal and career development. Also, the program provides the students with placement and internship opportunities.


It worth $5,000 annually for undergraduate study.

  • Bath Bursary: The University provides students with a grant to further their studies each year. Only students that selected unpaid placement or study abroad are eligible for the bursary award while paid placement students are ineligible for the award. However, this is only available to home students who are citizens of the UK.


It worth $3,000 annually for undergraduate study.

  • The Chancellor’s Scholarship: This is a scholarship offered to high-performance academic students, but only available to international students from other countries, not the UK. An eligible student will get either a 1st-year tuition fee waiver that worth up to £2,000 or £1,000.

However, this is an automatic scholarship award, you don’t need to apply for it. Once you meet their eligibility criteria and obtain A-Level grades of a minimum of A* A* A or equivalent you may be considered for the award.


The scholarship worth up to £2,000 (1st-year tuition fee waiver).

  • P. Morgan Scholarships: This is scholarship also known as Winning Women in Technology offered to students in the Technological field of study. They include Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science, Physics and Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Meanwhile, this organization focuses on sponsoring female in Technology. However, it’s not only limited to females and it’s available to all students who have a great interest in coding. Also, the successful scholar must maintain a GPA of 2:1 each year for the scholarship renewal.


It worth £3,000 each year for 3 years course of study and a paid industrial placement in the organization (J.P. Morgan’s technology department).

Postgraduate Master’s Bursary: The University provides 5 postgraduate Master’s bursaries opportunities for their students. Meanwhile, this is available to only students who are citizens of the UK and who obtain an undergraduate honors degree such as a BSc, BA, or BEng in the University.


It worth $1,000 for postgraduate study.

In Summary, due to their excellent research and world-class teaching, the University has captivated students and researchers across the world in pursuit of a degree programme at the University.

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