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One Young World Conference

About One Young World Conference

One young world is an organization whose sole focus is on bridging the divide amongst impactful young leaders around the world, while also creating a platform to produce impactful leadership, and also shape responsible and effective leaders out of them, which would help assist in the creation of a more effective and better world. At our annual conference, the brightest young talent’s situated in every country, and various sectors alike are being assembled to work cooperatively on the advancement of social impact. Delegates from over a hundred and ninety countries are counseled by global figures and at the end of this conference, the delegates from these countries become one young world ambassadors, with the means and motivation to facilitate changes in their communities and corporation.

How to Attend

Attendance could either be independent or on a scholarship basis, for the former an individual could nominate oneself to attend the conference as an independent delegate, while for the latter means of attending there are varieties of scholarships made available in order to assist individuals who are not supported by partners to take part in the conference. Attendance could also be with a partner organization, one young world is in partnership with numerous of the world’s leading organizations and a majority of these organizations send delegates to the convention. There are fees to be paid and the pricing can be found on the one young world page.


Ambassadors of one young world are automatically qualified to participate in the one young world conference.Numerous delegates are present for the one young world convention, most of whom are sent by their various bosses to amass knowledge and also for talent development. While scholarships also provide the possibility for exceptionally talented young individuals to attend on merit of their and proven leadership traits and impressive ability to be innovative in order to enable changes in their home country. There are also set down rules applicants must adhere to before submission of application to attend the one young world conference,

Some of the set down rules include;

  • To be eligible to gain attendance for the one young world conference, delegates must be 18 years of age or over during submission of application to attend, present proof of age would also be required for further assurance.
  • Details of delegates who are attending are to be sent to an address found on the one young world page or via email; deadlines are set for submission of these applications.

Scholarship Programs

one young world runs various scholarship programs annually which assist in the provision of funding for young leaders to participate. Application for more than one scholarship is permitted by the one young world organization. Leadership scholarships are also being run, these scholarships were created to ensure that outstanding young leaders are well represented at the one young world convention.

One young world is a gathering of the worlds brightest minds and an avenue that allows for innovations that are limitless, and also allowing for future leadership of the world to be in competent hands, it also acts as a social bridge as individuals from round the world come together to share knowledge and create innovations which help shape the world for the better. The one young world program makes all this possible and should be given the necessary assistance to help improve and grow even bigger globally.

Host Nationality

The One Young World Scholarships are hosted by the One Young World in England

Eligible Nationality

The various scholarships offered by One Young World are available for citizens of Africa, Asia, America, Middle East, Europe, and the Pacific.

Eligibility for one Young World Sponsorships

In order to be eligible for sponsorship for the one young world scholarship program, applicants must

  • Have an evidenced commitment to delivering positive change
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead
  • Address important local and / or global issues in your work
  • Must be nationals of a passport state of one of the countries listed in the six regions mentioned
  • Must have experience in generating effective and innovative ideas.

Application deadline for the One Young World Sponsorships 2020 is on the 15th of April.

List of Available One Young World Scholarships;

  1. Deloitte Scholarships
  2. Johnson and Johnson Scholarships
  3. DSM Brighter Living Scholarship
  4. CHANEL Scholarships
  5. The BP Advancing Energy Scholarship
  6. One Young World Summit Leading Africa Scholarship
  7. Lenovo Smarter Technology Scholarship
  8. AstraZeneca YHP Scholarship
  9. Dutch MFA Enterprise for Peace
  10. Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Scholarship
  11. DSM Nutrition Brighter Living Scholarship

The One Young World Summit, referred to as a “Young Davos,” is an arena where delegates discuss global issues and develop solutions “to meet 21st-century challenges.” Topics are selected through a survey of former delegates. Counselors who were leaders, advocates, chief executives, artists, designers, and chefs organize the meeting.