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Is there a Book in You? How to Create, Publish and sell your Books on Amazon Kindle… DIY Guide


What is the most honest statement you heard in recent times?

Do you have a challenge to publish and sell a book?

A friend of mine sent me two mp3 files of his music on Facebook some months ago. After listening to it, I was impressed.

As my course mate, I’ve known him since university days to demonstrate his interest in music and art, through performances in departmental parties and fresher’s nights.

After listening to his music, I told him he’s got talent as an artist. I tried encouraging him to take some steps to promote his work.

Then he replied with two letter words, “I’m scared.”

That was one of the most honest statements I’ve heard in recent times.

Staring at those two words, it dawned on me that this guy is not alone. It reminded me of a quote I read from Steven Pressfield…

If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), “Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?” chances are… you are. The counterfeit innovator is widely self-confident. The real one is scared to death.

Not many people will want to admit it, but most of us are scared to death to follow our heart; to pursue our dreams. You know you love to write and hunger to become a published author some day, but the thought of having your name attached to a book scares you to death.

You have even written the book but you can’t get yourself to put your book to the shelf.

You are giving yourself lots of excuses like; I will do it when I have time. It takes a lot of work to publish a book. I’m not qualified. I don’t know where to start.

Eventually, it’s going to boil down to one thing, do it now or forever remain silent.

No more excuses – Learn How to Create, Publish and Sell your Book on Amazon Kindle


Over the weekend, I met Jide, a married man, and reader of my blog to help him publish his book on Kindle. As we discussed, he told me that he had written more than 7 books, idling away somewhere.

In fact, he said he lost a 300+ page novel he had written at a time. He had been waiting for the perfect time to start publishing his book, until he realized that much time has passed by without an action step.

Interestingly, he had taken the step to publish his first book. And I was pleaded to help him publish on Kindle.

Why should you Publish on Kindle?

Amazon is the largest book-seller on the planet. The online retail company claims that Kindle eBook sales have overtaken print sales. For every 100 hardcover and paperback books sold, 114 eBooks are downloaded by customers on Amazon”.

If this is true, what this means is that readers are now buying more eBooks than all hardcover and paperbacks combined.

Some statistics:

  • Amazon’s annual revenue from book sales is at $5.25 billion
  • eBooks make up around 30% of all book sales in US
  • Amazon has a 65% share in book sales
  • An astonishing 86% of Amazon top 2500 Titles are ebooks
  • John Locke sold one million self published ebooks in 5 months on Kindle
  • Stieg Larsson (the first to reach 1 million book sales), James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Charlaine Harris, Lee Child, Suzanne Collins, Michael Connelly have all sold over one million copies of eBooks on Amazon Kindle.

Of course these successes did not happen overnight; however they are proof of the potential of publishing your book on Amazon Kindle Store.

You may not end up in the list of Kindle Millionaire’s club anytime soon; may be not in the Africa bestsellers list either.

The important thing is that you can finally get that book idea or the written content in your document folder in front of book buyers around the globe.

You can finally turn your passion for writing into a source of income by creating content to make an impact in the lives of other people.

Amazon provides the tools you need to self-publish your book regardless of your location or nationality. You can publish your book on Kindle as a Nigerian, African and receive your money via checks.

Internet technology is making life a lot easier and you have to start taking advantage while you can.

Take the step to publish your book on Kindle

If you have the desire to write a book, it’s time to get started.

And if you have written a book and waiting for the perfect time to get it published, it’s time to stop procrastinating and get published.

I have published books on Amazon Kindle as a Nigerian and help other writers get published.

In addition, I have created a free do-it-yourself guide on How to Publish your book on Kindle for anyone with the motivation to publish a book.


So you no longer have an excuse for not getting a book published.

To get a copy of the DIY guide to publish your book on Amazon Kindle, click here to opt in and download.

Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.

–          Steven Pressfield

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  1. Jide Komolafe says

    Interesting write up i have books that i have written which i wish is expose to larger audience but dont know how to do so but now you have open my eyes to something i dont expect. I will work on it. The dust it as gathered is enough now i will take the step. Thanks once more

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