Study Abroad: Discover the 1% secrets for a successful application

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Like many other areas, studying abroad also comes with its challenges. From students not knowing how to go about the process, to the discouragement that comes from receiving that rejection mail, and then the stress that comes with having to begin the whole application process again. Indeed, the process can be tiring. However, it could be that there’s something you’re doing wrong, something that needs to be corrected. Before you begin your next application, be sure to read this article to discover the secrets to a successful application. Also, subscribe to our newsletter, for more helpful content to aid your study abroad journey. 

Secrets to a Successful Study Abroad Application

Generally, access to the right information makes the process of carrying out a specific task seamless. This principle also applies to your study abroad application. Perhaps you’ve tried applying before but haven’t been successful or you’re just starting the application process, the application of these tips will ensure your success in your admission application. They include: 

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1. Select your most preferred course option

Before you begin your application, ensure that you have considered all the options available to you. Make sure that you have a most preferred course option in mind. While it is possible to apply for more than one course in a school, keep in mind that it will cost extra application fees. In line with your career and academic goals, select your most preferred course option in the destination of your choice. This will help you narrow down your options and give you clarity as to the direction of your journey. Identify your most preferred destination, school, and course and then the requirements needed. Ensure that you meet up will all of them before you start the application process. 

2. Begin early

There’s a popular saying that proper preparation prevents poor performance. Before you click the begin application button, ensure you’re applying one or two weeks before the closing date. If you do that, the chances of you getting the slot will be very slim and almost impossible as the school would have received lots of applications from many students. Once you have chosen your preferred school and preferred course, keep in touch with the school and know the date for the next application. Ensure you start the application as early as you can as chances of getting a slot in the school is high when a student completes their application early. Starting early also gives you time to adequately prepare. You will have time to source the documents that will be needed during the application. 

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3. Ensure you have adequate financial resources

Also, do not begin your admission application without adequate funding. Oftentimes, on the school’s website, the cost of the tuition fee and the application fee for your selected course are on display. This is to help you prepare adequately before you begin the process. If your school requires an application fee, your request will not be processed until the fee is paid. Consequently, if your school does not require an application fee, then you can proceed with the application. However, ensure that there is adequate provision for the payment of the tuition fee. As soon as your admission has been granted, you will need to pay your tuition fee. This is to permanently secure your slot in the school. Financial preparation is also a necessary aspect to consider when applying for admission to schools abroad. 

4. Gather your documents before application

This is another important aspect that will ensure a successful study abroad application and should not be overlooked. Before you start the application process, you should have familiarized yourself with the admission requirements and the necessary documents that you will need to submit to the school. You should gather them on time so that they will not delay the application process. 

Documents you need for your study abroad application

Generally, the required documents vary. However, the generally accepted documents you should have include: 

  • International Passport: You’ll need to submit a scanned copy of your valid international passport to verify your identity and your country. If your passport is expired, apply for and get a new one before you begin your study abroad application process. 
  • Academic Transcript: Your application will not be complete without an academic transcript. Your transcript further verifies your educational background and gives a breakdown of your overall grade in school. Before you begin your application, request for your transcript from the school you just graduated from. 
  • Resume/CV: Although this is an optional requirement, some schools however request that you submit your resume alongside other documents in your application. 
  • Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction reflects the language the student was taught while in school. If you’re planning on schooling in the US, UK, and Canada, some of the schools will require a medium of instruction. Sometimes, this requirement is waived for students from English-speaking countries. However, if this requirement is not waived for you, you’ll have to take a language test. 
  • Language Tests: language tests are often mandated for students from non-English speaking countries, depending on the requirement of the school. You can be asked to submit your IELTS or Duolingo score as the case may be. 
  • Standardized Tests: depending on the school and the course requirement, you may or may not be asked to take any of the standardized tests. This includes tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc. 
  • Letter of recommendation and references: A letter of recommendation form or references from past teachers, employers, or other professionals can boost the quality of your application. Some schools require this, while others do not. 

Personal Statement:

Your statement can also boost the quality of your application. Students often contract this piece out to their people to help draft it. However, it is advisable to draft this yourself, telling your story in a unique manner that reflects your personality. Below are some of the tips that can help you draft that unique statement of purpose:

  • Share your story: let your statement reflect your journey. This can reinforce the reason why you need the admssion and why it; ‘ll be helpful for you. 
  • Explain why you are qualified: rather than beat about the bush, state the reason why you are qualified for the opportunity. Also, include the positive impact it will have on your academics and career.
  • State your goals: stating your career goals will also reflect how much you need the opportunity. It will also show how best you will harness it. 
  • Be clear and concise: don’t use technical jargon, communicate clearly. Additionally, avoid unnecessary stories, and ensure that your work is concise. 
  • Edit and proofread: before you click the upload button ensure you have properly edited the document and corrected all the errors. If you’re not sure of yourself, you can give it to a friend to help identify any gaps or corrections.

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5. Crosscheck properly

Before you click the submit application button, ensure that you have gone through the application and have verified that all the documents submitted meet the stated requirements. You can take a few hours off or even a whole day off. Afterward, come back to it to ensure that you’ve crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s. 

6. Submit before the deadline 

Meeting up with the application deadline is a compulsory factor in ensuring the success of the application. Although students are given equal consideration, submitting before the deadline gives you ample time to invest in your application. The possibility of making mistakes or not meeting up will be slim as you will have enough time to go over your work. Additionally, it helps to focus on other areas of your study abroad journey. Areas like sourcing for accommodation, perfecting your financial plan, and sorting out transportation among other things. 

In conclusion, it is possible to be successful in your study abroad application but this will only happen when you do what is expected of you. Employing these tips will facilitate your admission process to any university abroad. 

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