4 Fully-funded PhD degrees at Aarhus University, Denmark

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Aarhus University in Denmark invites online applications for a number of fully funded PhD degrees at various departments. Here, we are providing a list of fully funded PhD degrees at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Eligible candidates may apply as soon as possible.

#1. Fully Funded PhD Special Call: Labor Economics

In this project, we focus on the lack of competition in the labor market and how it can lead to similar workers earning different wages at different firms. It is not controversial that many aspects of labor markets are inherently imperfectly competitive: either workers or firms can gain a rent from an existing employment relationship (Manning, 2010). These rents can come from two sources: The first is the heterogeneity of workers (skills or preferences) and firms (productivity and non-wage job amenities); this is employer differentiation. The second source is a lack of competition due to market concentration, i.e., the presence of a few employers that dominate the labor market and can strategically interact to set wages below the marginal product of labor, or employer concentration

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The aim of this project is to contribute to the frontier of the growing literature incorporating different sources of market power in economic models of the labor market by developing new empirical methodologies to allow researchers to measure labor market power and its impact on income inequality. In this project, we combine theoretical models of the labor market with sophisticated quantitative methods.

Deadline: April 4, 2024

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#2. Fully Funded PhD Special Call: Economics of Education

As a PhD student, you will be part of the collective research project “Characterizing Good Teachers and Student-Teacher Sorting,” funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. You will work independently as well as with other researchers, analyzing data, presenting research results, and writing scientific papers. Doing coursework and teaching is also part of the PhD position. 

You will be affiliated with Trygfonden’s Center for Child Research, which is located in the Department of Economics and Business Economics. The center is interdisciplinary and includes researchers from many different fields who share an interest in educational and child research. The center organizes several research-related activities and has its own seminar series.

Deadline: April 4, 2024

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#3. Fully Funded PhD Special Call: Research in the Effects of Debt Relief

As a PhD student, you will become a member of the research group, which is led by Jonas Maibom. The group also consists of researcher Gustaf Bruze and a postdoc (NN). The group will work together on the projects described above.
The successful applicant for the PhD will not only work closely with senior researchers but also have a chance to pursue an independent research chapter. As a part of your Ph.D. proposal, we, therefore, invite you to also include a description of a potential independent research project focused on issues in relation to debt relief or debt more broadly.

Deadline: April 4, 2024

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#4. Fully Funded PhD Special Call: Energy/Climate/Environmental Economics

The PhD student will be connected with the relevant section of the department, depending on the precise research project of the candidate and the supervisor. The PhD student will be closely affiliated with CoRE. You will work independently as well as with other researchers, writing research papers, analyzing data and research questions relevant to the PhD project, presenting research results, etc. Coursework and teaching are also part of the PhD position.

Deadline: April 4, 2024 

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About Aarhus University, Denmark: Official Website

Aarhus University is Denmark’s biggest and second-oldest research university. The institution is a member of the European Institution Association in addition to the Coimbra Group, the Guild, and the Utrecht Network of European universities.

Founded in 1928 in Aarhus, Denmark, the university consists of twenty-seven departments spread across five faculties: Arts, Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences, Health, and Business and Social Sciences. More than thirty globally renowned research institutes are located there, including fifteen Centers of Excellence supported by the Danish National Research Foundation. The university is listed in the top 100 universities in the world.


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