Embassy of France in Nigeria Séjours Scientifiques de Haut Niveau (SSHN) Scholarships 2024

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Applications are now open for Embassy of France in Nigeria Séjours Scientifiques de Haut Niveau (SSHN) Scholarships 2024. Apply below.

When is Application Deadline:

26th April 2024

Tell Me About Award:

The Embassy of France in Nigeria implements the French Government Scholarship Programme « France Excellence » among which are the « Séjours Scientifiques de Haut Niveau (SSHN) ». Adressed to academic and research staff wishing to spend some time in a higher education or research institution in France, the SSHN also aim to be a tool to increase the cooperation with French institutions.

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Who can Apply?

Nationality: any candidate with a tenure position in a public or private higher education institution or scientific research laboratory accredited by the National Universities Commission is eligible. Please note that binational candidates holding the nationality of one of the countries of the European Union are not eligible.

Degree: only PhD students and holders of PhD degrees are eligible. According to the programme rules, candidates who have obtained a doctorate for more than 5 years will be considered “confirmed researchers”. Candidates who have obtained a doctorate within the last 5 years, are considered “young researchers”.

Length of mobility: from 2 weeks (14 days) to 4 weeks (28 days).

Dates of mobility: in 2024, only mobilities scheduled between the 15th of September and ending at the latest on the 15th of December will be eligible, if the institution in France can host the grantee.

How Many Awards?


What is the Benefit of Award?

The scholarship includes a round-trip air ticket, a monthly allowance, health and repatriation insurance. Accommodation can be booked through Campus France Paris. The rent would be then deducted from the grant.

How Long will Award Last?

In 2024, the Embassy of France offers 9 scientific grants of one month each, but the number of visits funded may be higher, depending on the available budget, the duration of the visits.


  • 26 February 2024: launch of the call for applications
  • 26 April 2024: deadline for application
  • 29 May 2024: results
  • 15 June 2024: deadline for sending the full file to Campus France Paris
  • From 15 September to 15 December 2024: mobility period in France

How to Apply:

  • Applications will be assessed on the basis of the precision of the project and elements ensuring the added value and impact of the mobility on personal, institutional and cooperation levels.
  • The cover letter and/or letter of invitation may include a description of the activities to be carried out during the stay (e.g., titles of seminars/conferences organised, scientific articles in preparation), the reasons for the choice of the host organization, past achievements in line with the mobility project, relevance to the areas of research developed by the home laboratories, and actions generating the strengthening or creation of new collaborations. The quality and precision of the work plan will be assessed through the mobility timetable, which must demonstrate that the project has been carefully prepared in advance. Candidacies proposing a co-financing will be positively assessed.
  • The results will be sent by e-mail together with the description of the procedure to comply for the travel arrangements and visa applications. The Embassy of France in Nigeria will link the grantee with Campus France Paris who is responsible for the organisation of the practical aspects of the mobility.
  • Any mobility not started or not confirmed by June the 15th will be automatically cancelled. The scholarship will be given to a candidate on the waiting list. Scholarship cannot be transferred to the following year, whatever the reason might be.

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