Macqueen Scholarship for postgraduates at the University of Edinburgh, UK

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Macqueen Scholarship for Postgraduates: Applications are now being accepted for the esteemed Macqueen Scholarship, which is kindly supported by the Julie-Ann Macqueen Trust. With this scholarship, postgraduate social work research aimed at comprehending the experiences of single caregivers in one-parent households will be furthered. Enhance the quality of life for individuals who are essential to our communities by supporting innovative social work research.

Macqueen Scholarship for Research on One-Parent Families in Postgraduate Social Work

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Summary Table:

Scholarship NameMacqueen Scholarship
Application Deadline21st March, 2024
Research FocusPostgraduate Social Work on One-Parent Families
Funding SourceThe Julie-Ann Macqueen Trust

Study Area:

The Macqueen Scholarship is focused on research in postgraduate social work that focuses on the difficulties and experiences that single caregivers in one-parent households face.

Scholarship Overview:

With this scholarship, there is a rare chance to illuminate the lives of single caregivers and gain an important understanding of their experiences. It is supported by postgraduate research in the School of Social and Political Science’s PhD in Social Work program and is funded by the Julie-Ann Macqueen Trust.


By the deadline, candidates must submit two distinct applications to be considered:

  1. Application for admission to the Ph.D. program in social work (must be submitted no later than five business days before the deadline for scholarships).
  2. Application for the Macqueen PhD Scholarship.

Required Documents:

Make sure your application is thorough by attaching the required files:

  • Application for the PhD program: Use your MyEd account to directly submit documents.
  • Application for the Macqueen PhD Scholarship: Use the scholarship system to upload the necessary files directly.

How to apply for the Macqueen Scholarship:

The steps listed below will help you finish the application process:

  1. Submit an application to be considered for a PhD in social work.
  2. Send in your application for the Macqueen PhD Scholarship. Recall that before receiving an offer, you must upload any updated or new documents for either application directly through your MyEd account.


Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 23:59 GMT is when submissions must be made. Make sure your applications are complete and received by the deadline to be eligible for this life-changing scholarship.

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