Top 10 UK Universities that Accept Students with Study Gaps in 2024

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You are probably wondering if there are any universities in the UK where you can study with a study gap permit. The answer is yes; there are UK universities that Accept Students despite a study gap! But you must show valid reasons for taking a break from your studies. In this article, we will look at the top ten universities in the United Kingdom that accept students with study gaps.

UniversitiesAcceptance Rate
Bangor University41%
Bath Spa University12%
Brunel University65-70%
Cardiff Metropolitan University64%
Coventry University32%
Cranfield University30-68%
De Montfort University45-80%
Kingston University20-30%
Leeds Beckett University80%
University of Lincoln79.8%

1. Bangor University

Wales’s Bangor University is a public university. Approximately 2,500 of the 10,000 students enrolled at this university are international students from 120 different countries.

Bangor University consistently ranks in the top 650 of QS’s Top Universities, making it one of the best universities in the world. The university’s industry-leading programs are a strong argument in favor of this viewpoint.

Courses provide biannual internship programs and placement opportunities, such as a placement year. All of this aids in the development of the work experience that Bangor graduates require to improve their employability.

The university is aware that unexpected events sometimes prevent students from starting their degrees right away. As such, Bangor’s Student Services cordially invites you to speak with a personal tutor or student adviser. Support Team to discuss these matters in detail.

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2. Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University is a public university with beautiful and imaginative academic programs in many different fields. More than 8,500 imaginative people attend this university to further their artistic abilities, making it their home.

Many prospective international students with gap years from other universities are accepted by the university. It also provides them with the platform their peers use to advance their knowledge in a variety of fields. Because of this, Bath Spa University has excellent rates of graduate employability and student satisfaction. Thus, this educational institution can assist you in utilizing your skills if you wish to advance your studies and become a true master in the fields of business, science, media, or the arts.

Additionally, Bath Spa University is very accommodating to students who need to take time off from their studies. The resources and services of the university are available to students who need to take a break from their studies in the middle. Furthermore, there are student wellbeing services available around the clock to listen to you if you’re having problems. Bath Spa University’s website provides a downloadable guide on studying breaks!

Moreover, the Bath Spa University blog has an article by a student about choosing between studying and a gap year. That should be enough to demonstrate the university’s understanding of gap years!

3. Brunel University

One of the most well-known educational institutions in London is Brunel University, which has three associate colleges and more than 200 study programs. This university is among the top 450 best universities in the world (QS WUR 2023) and boasts a dynamic acceptance rate of 65-70%!

Because of this, the university offers more than 15,000 international students the chance to enroll in their preferred degree programs across 40 in-demand subjects each year and join the ranks of its scholars.

Brunel offers students in a wide range of fields a variety of placement opportunities through partnerships with over 8,000 companies. A staggering 93% of graduates find work within six months of graduation!

This university’s accommodating admissions policies are one of its appealing features. Therefore, even if you have a study gap, you can still enroll in this university with ease as long as you meet the necessary eligibility requirements and get ready for a bright future!

4. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University is a renowned educational institution in the United Kingdom that has gained recognition and respect for its commitment to providing top-notch instruction across a broad range of study programs.

With a 64% acceptance rate, this public university enrolls over 34,000 students, of whom more than 11,000 are international. Cardiff Met offers three breathtaking campuses that provide students with an engaging environment in which to devote their study time. All in all, this university has all the contemporary resources needed to support you in developing your career.

5. Coventry University

Are you still wondering if you can study in the UK during a study gap? As long as you can prove the gap, Coventry University offers you the ideal chance to enroll in a top-notch university!

Coventry University, an esteemed academic institution in England, enrolls over 30,000 students each year. With more than 13,000 international cohorts from 160 countries, it is a top university for students from abroad. It ranks among the top 700 universities in the world, according to QS.

With a QS 5-star teaching rating and an abundance of resources and facilities to enhance student access to experiential learning, the university is well-regarded. From your time in college until you graduate and beyond, its committed Talent Team helps you take advantage of professional opportunities!

6. Cranfield University

Bedfordshire’s premier public research and education institution, Cranfield University has won the prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize six times for its work in water and sanitation research and instruction.

The university has triple accreditation from AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB International, placing it in the top 30 globally in the fields of mechanical, aeronautical, and manufacturing engineering.

Cranfield prioritizes smaller class sizes in addition to an experiential, hands-on approach to increase opportunities for one-on-one learning under the supervision of experts.

This gives you an idea of its excellent research and teaching caliber. This means that once you enroll in a course and are accepted into the university, you can relax knowing that you will receive the best education possible through highly regarded courses taught by professionals in related fields of study. You can still take advantage of all Cranfield has to offer, even if there is a study gap that you can justify!

7. De Montfort University

In the UK, De Montfort University is well-known as one of the top schools for art and design. This university offers a wide range of 20 different subject courses that students can take to hone their skills with the support of excellent instruction and workshops. It is yet another of QS’s top choices for UK and international universities.

Furthermore, over 27,000 full-time and part-time students are enrolled in over 300 bachelor’s and postgraduate programs at this public university, which also provides them with career-ready study options. This university has flexible admission requirements because improving accessibility to a top-notch education is one of its top priorities. Accepting prospective students with legitimate study gaps is part of this. All things considered, this educational institution is a good choice if you’re thinking about picking up art or design after taking a break from your studies.

8. Kingston University

Kingston University is one of the most established academic institutions in stunning London, having been around for 120 years. More than 18,000 students are enrolled at its four modern, roomy campuses.

More than 4,000 of them are international students seeking top-notch instruction and training in more than 140 countries. It should go without saying that this university is ranked among the greatest in the nation and the world by QS Top Universities. Don’t let a gap in your education deter you from taking advantage of this institution’s opportunities.

9. Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University is a renowned public university in Northern England that can accommodate more than 28,000 students. In addition, Leeds Beckett University is among the least expensive in the United Kingdom for overseas students. It manages over 300 study programs and runs two captivating campuses.

In addition, this educational institution employs about 2800 people who work nonstop to ensure that students are happy and supported in realizing their goals. This university’s 93% student satisfaction rate can be attributed to this. If your reasons for taking a break from your studies are legitimate and in line with the university’s policies, you can still be admitted to this university.

10. University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln is a public university located in England. It is the final elite educational institution we will talk about. This academy has a remarkable 79.8% acceptance rate. Because of this, the university admits more than 1500 international students each year. Those with legitimate study gaps are included in this!

It is a great higher education provider that is competitive both nationally and internationally, as evidenced by its ranking in the QS World University Rankings 2023. Should you be fortunate enough to be accepted into this university’s program, you will have access to first-rate facilities.

For instance, you can check out the vast library at this university and become a member of the sports center. You will also have access to first-rate lodging, with the option to live in a standard room or one with an ensuite. To sum up, the University of Lincoln offers all the amenities you require, regardless of what you require from a university, to help you achieve your objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about study gaps in the UK

Does a study gap year affect UK visas?

It is dependent on the reason for your study sabbatical. You won’t have any trouble obtaining a student visa and enrolling in a university in the UK if you can provide one or more convincing arguments for your gap year.

Does the UK accept a 7-year gap?

With seven to ten years of study gaps, some universities accept their students. Even with a lengthy study break, these academic institutions allow international students to enroll in postgraduate programs and finish their degrees. These study gaps are typically the result of students taking time off to advance their careers.

Can I Resume My Studies in the UK After a Ten-Year Study Gap?

Yes, you can resume your studies in the UK after a ten-year study gap, as long as the gap is deemed legitimate. Several UK universities accept international students with study gaps ranging from ten to twelve years. You can apply to the universities listed above, get accepted, and study overseas by following our advice on filling the study gap.

What Maximum Study Gap is Acceptable for Enrolling in a Bachelor’s Degree in the UK?

Many UK universities typically accept foreign students who have taken a two-year break from their studies. If you have a study gap of more than two years, you may still be able to apply to certain universities. Many UK universities will accept your application for a bachelor’s degree even if you have a three-year gap in your education.

Furthermore, you can still be admitted to some UK universities to finish your degree even if you have a five-year study gap. But you need to have a good reason for your break in order to get the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

What Maximum Study Gap is Acceptable for Enrolling in a Postgraduate Degree in the UK?

As previously stated, the UK is a welcoming nation that is home to prestigious universities with fair admissions practices for students from other countries. This implies that you can obtain a CAS to study in the UK if you have a lengthy gap year and a good reason for it.

Let’s now discuss in detail how long gap years are accepted by most UK universities. It is possible to graduate from many UK universities after a five-year gap in admission.

Let’s say, once more, that you have a longer break from studying than the time frame specified. If so, you still have the option of obtaining a study permit and being accepted into numerous UK universities to realize your dream of studying overseas. You must ensure effective communication with the university regarding the gap and its causes. Once you are certain that the university will accept your application despite the gap, move forward.

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