Canada requires family Ties to approve residency for new foreign workers

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The Canadian government prioritizes skilled foreign workers with family ties who reside in the province of Manitoba in Canada over other workers.

According to what the Canadian government recently announced, new skilled foreign workers coming to the province of Manitoba in west-central Canada, who have relatives there, will have a better chance of obtaining residency approval in Canada.

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Priority for residency in Canada is for those with family ties

Malaya Marcelino, the government’s Minister of Labor and Immigration, stated that the New Democratic Party government (left-leaning) is changing the program for candidates to visit the province.

This new initiative intends to award residency to talented foreign workers who meet Manitoba’s specific job demands, with a preference for applicants with family ties to the province.

The Manitoba government’s Minister of Labour and Immigration indicated that this decision will strengthen the province’s ability to retain these personnel.

Immigrate to Canada through the program

To immigrate through the program, a potential newcomer must first declare an interest in immigrating to Manitoba.

The Manitoba government picks people among those who have expressed an interest in visiting regularly, invites them to apply to the candidate program, and then approves a set number of them to come to the province.

The draws are not random but rather chosen by a scoring scale, with points awarded for various variables.

Points required for immigration to Canada

The maximum amount of points is awarded for possessing a work offer (500 points) or the presence of a person in Manitoba with whom the candidate is intimately associated (200 points).

The more points a candidate receives, the more likely they will be invited to apply to the District’s Nominee Program.

A lottery may be based on expressions of interest from persons in a given field, such as laborers, to solve specific area needs.

The recent lottery draws focused on individuals with close family links.

Manitoba province in Canada

It is worth noting that Manitoba is one of the three prairie provinces and the fifth most populous of Canada’s 10 provinces, with a population of around 1.47 million people, according to Statistics Canada estimates for the fourth quarter of 2023.

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