Erasmus Mundus Scholarships in Journalism, Media and Globalization 2024/2026

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The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in Journalism, Media and Globalization welcome applications from graduate students worldwide. You can apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, or as a self-funded student.

Application Deadline: 10th January, 2024

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries: international

To be taken at (country): A consortium of eight universities from Europe, North and South America, and Australia run the Erasmus Mundus Journalism Master’s.

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Eligible Field of Study: Journalism, Media and Globalisation

About Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in Journalism, Media and Globalization: As the Mundus Journalism programme is selected by the EU to receive Mundus scholarships (€34.000/€47.000) for EU/non-EU nationals respectively), the Mundus Journalism Consortium is able to offer a number of scholarships for the programmes running in 2024-2026. All Mundus Journalism students, who do not receive an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, can apply for an Erasmus+ stipend for the second year of the Mundus Journalism studies.

Type: Masters degree


  • Students fulfilling the eligibility criteria for both Category A and B (students with a double nationality) must select the Category of their choice. As a result, they are only entitled to apply to one of the two categories of scholarships.
  • Students must have obtained a first higher education degree before the course start of the Mundus Journalism
  • Individuals who have already benefited from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship for a Master’s programme are not eligible for a second scholarship for another Erasmus Mundus Master’s programme
  • Students benefiting from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship cannot benefit from another European Commission grant while pursuing their Erasmus Mundus Master’s studies.

Selection Criteria: During the admission process, all applications are assessed and graded in each of the categories below:

  • Academic background
    The applicant’s academic ability, previous academic record and academic references.
  • Journalism experience
    Based on the applicant’s examples of journalistic work and references.
  • Motivation
    Based on the applicant’s personal statement – strong, clear statement that demonstrates the applicant’s motivation, commitment and relevant skills.
  • Life experience
    Based on the applicant’s personal statement, CV and reference letters – cultural awareness, organisational skills, language ability, international experience, etc.
  • Language skills
    In addition, applicants are expected to have a minimum Academic IELTS band score of 7.0 if they are not native English speakers (we only accept IELTS tests). Applicants who want to study at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chili are expected to submit a certified copy of their DELE results or other documentation of their Spanish skills if they are not native Spanish speakers.

Number of Scholarships: Not specified

Value of Scholarship:

  • Category A scholarships (for international students) are expected to be worth €47,000.
  • Category B scholarships (for European students) are expected to be worth €34,000.

Duration of Scholarship: for the duration of the program

How to Apply: To apply for the Mundus Journalism programme you will have to fill in an online application form as well as sending an email with a PDF-version of the required documents.

It is important to go through the Application requirements and admission process on the Program Webpage (see link below) before applying.

Visit Programme Webpage for details

Sponsors: European Commission

Important Notes: Please note that both the application form and ALL supporting documents must be sent in before the deadline – 10 January: otherwise your application cannot be considered.


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