Proven ways for students to make money while in school

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In this article, we look at proven ways for students to make money while in school. However, you must check out your school’s student policies to make sure you aren’t running the risk of engaging in activities that have been made illegal before starting a small business or advertising.

Note that:

  • College students who are motivated have a wide range of alternatives to select from, including gigs, small enterprises, and part-time work.
  • College students searching for additional revenue frequently turn to gigs, textbook sales, tutoring, and the sale of any particular talents they may possess.
  • Participating in research projects, planning excursions, renting out parking spaces at sporting events, and reselling your student game tickets are a few uncommon options.

12 Proven ways for students to make money while in school

1. Run errands or deliver

Package delivery gigs are common in many locations, pay well, and frequently have attainable entrance criteria. Utilize your flexible schedule to offer your services to on-campus or nearby locals while they are at work.

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2. Tutor

You can tutor other students at your school if you are an expert in a certain area and like (or at least tolerate!) teaching. The real money, however, may be made by tutoring local college students.

They have parents who are willing to pay, and they are often willing to spend much more than your colleagues who are in college if they are struggling in an area or just need a little extra support to stay on track.

Therefore, you should ask about tutoring opportunities at nearby schools or think about placing advertising in your community’s newspapers, libraries, churches, pediatricians’ offices, and other areas where parents congregate.

3. Blog

If you already spend a lot of time online and want to write, think about blogging for money. It will take some serious work to get it going, but if you can come up with a special viewpoint to attract readers, you can earn money through services like Google Adsense and the affiliate program for Amazon Associates.

Additionally, affiliate program aggregators like can help you find new advertisers. If you become successful enough, you might even attract the interest of marketers who would pay to place advertisements on your website or provide you with free products to review.

4. Sell items

Could you, for instance, sell snacks and beverages? Why not establish yourself as the campus’ late-night cookie baker and delivery person?

5. Design school stuff

There are many individuals who support your institution or its sports team, including students, parents, alumni, and staff members. You may capitalize on this interest by producing products they’ll buy, such as t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, hats, and jewelry.

There are several websites that make it simple and quick for you to upload designs and order goods that you can then sell online through your own website, on-campus at events, or through regional groups and organizations.

6. Teach

Teach a short class, workshop, or one-day seminar for a fair price if you have a talent that you think other students or locals could find useful or interesting.

You could teach virtually anything you know about or have studied, including skiing, tennis, writing, acting, web design, knitting, cooking, weightlifting, scrapbooking, vehicle maintenance, and a plethora of other subjects. If it works out, word-of-mouth marketing could quickly increase your clientele and revenue.

7. Write, edit, and proofread. 

If you’re an excellent writer, you can assist people who require assistance with writing their resumes or ensuring that their essays and other papers are flawless. Additionally, you could also want to look into websites that connect freelance writers with companies looking for help with their blogs or other internet content.

8. Transcribe. 

Do you have time to listen and type? Some companies, podcasters, and others charge a fee to have their meetings, episodes, seminars, etc. transcribed for their convenience. You can work on it from a distance whenever it suits you. 

9. Babysit. 

Babysitting can be a rewarding enterprise if you have experience caring for children or if you have younger siblings. Make sure you know the family or work via a business that screens customers for your security, as with any job where you might enter someone’s house. 

10. House sit. 

People pay someone to stay at their home or to keep an eye on it while they are away when they go on business or vacation. While you’re there, they may occasionally ask you to perform some simple maintenance duties, like feeding the cat or getting the mail. 

11. Do yardwork. 

If you enjoy working outside, you may offer homeowners services like lawn mowing, leaf raking, yard cleanup, snow shoveling, and garden weeding. 

12. Start an online crafts business. 

If you are creative, think about creating a website or a page within a recognized online store to sell your work. 

13. Sell textbooks.

In addition to offering to pick up other students’ textbooks for resale, for a small fee, to save them time, you can sell back your own textbooks to recoup some of the money you initially invested in them.

14. Make use of your repair or specialized skills.

You can purchase a few inexpensive tools and materials before posting ads for moderately expensive on-site maintenance and repairs, such as oil changes.

Additionally, can you make bunk beds, tidy closets, or groom animals? The same is true for other specific abilities. Most likely, there is a local market for your abilities.

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