European Inventor Award 2024 Young Inventors Prize Begins

Nominations for the 2024 European Inventor Award are open. Whether you know of a pioneering innovator are or an inventor yourself, we would be thrilled to learn more about your work. Submit your proposals by 1 October 2023. Apply below.

When is Application Deadline:

1st October 2023

Tell Me About Award:

The European Inventor Award celebrates inventors worldwide who transform their ideas into solutions. It recognises technological breakthroughs that address some of the greatest challenges of our time and underlines the vital role inventors play in building a smarter, more sustainable world.

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To inspire the next generation of inventors, the EPO introduced the Young Inventors Prize as part of its annual European Inventor Award. The global prize is open to innovators (individual or group) of any nationality, aged 30 and under. Any idea, project or product in any field of technology may be proposed, as long as these initiatives use technology to solve a problem within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Which Fields are Eligible?



Who can Apply?

  • The Young Inventors Prize is open to any public/published initiative, by an individual or a group of individuals worldwide with a maximum age of 30 years at the time of the Award ceremony. The initiative should clearly demonstrate how it intends to solve a problem within the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework by using a solution from any field of technology.    
  • Candidates may be of any nationality – this prize is not limited to individuals with EPO Member State nationality.  
  • Only public/published initiatives will be considered as this avoids the risk of unwillingly disclosing information that may impact future patent applications.   
  • Each nomination must be accompanied by supporting information. Examples of supporting documents include granted patents or utility models, published scientific papers, business plans, videos or documentaries, or web articles. Please note that not all supporting documentation carries the same weight. For example, a granted patent is a clear statement of originality and potential technological impact, whereas ideas disclosed on a blog may not necessarily be so. The jury will use the hierarchy below when assessing proposals. 
  • A proposed candidate for the Young Inventors Prize may also be nominated for the categories above if they fulfil the respective requirements. However, a nominee cannot be selected as a finalist in both. 

Which Countries are Eligible?


How Many Awards?

Not specified

What is the Benefit of Award?

he winner will receive a cash prize of EUR 20,000, the second and third placed finalists will receive EUR 10,000 and EUR 5,000 respectively.

How to Apply:

Proposals can be submitted by the public, staff, patent offices worldwide, or even inventors themselves by following these three steps. Submissions will be open until 1 October 2023. After submitting your proposal, kindly email us with the nominated inventor and technology.

The Award ceremony will take place in Valencia on 4 July 2024. Good Luck!

Visit Award Webpage for Details