5 Effects of UK Visa Fee Increase on International Students

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The UK has long been the go-to destination for international students looking for quality universities that offer the best education, opportunities, and diverse cultural experiences. However, the government of the United Kingdom has recently announced some increases in its visa fee. This has led to major concerns among the general public about how accessible and affordable higher education will be for international students. Additionally, these also include changes to the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) as well as updates to visa application fees.

In this article, we look at the five effects of the UK Visa Fee Increase on International Students and how it affects the financial aspects of pursuing education in the UK.

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Review of the Increase of UK Visa Fee and New Changes for Immigration Health Surcharge Fee

Mostly, for visa categories, people just have to pay £625 per year as the IHS fee. While there is a discounted fee for students of £470. However, since the increase was issued,  visa applicants in most categories will have to pay £1,035 per year, while international students will pay £776. This amounts to about a 66% increase. Note that this fee is non-refundable, and applicants must pay ahead.

Furthermore, even if the increase in UK student visa processing fees is less than that of the IHS, it is still significant. We are not certain what the exact percentage will be, but reports suggest a 15% increase for work visas and 20% for others. 

Therefore, with an application for a short-term study visa amounting to £200, and the 20% increase, the new fee will be about £240. While the new prices for the long-term study visa will amount to about £435 from the current £363.

5 Effects of UK Visa Fee Increase on International Students

Here are the effects the rising costs of Visa Fees in the UK will have on international students: 

1. Rising Costs for International Students:

Over the years, international students have become very important to the UK’s educational system. They have contributed to the academic environment as well as the general economy of the United Kingdom. However, the proposed increase in visa fees is set to negatively impact their financial plan as well as alter their chances of obtaining higher education in the UK. 

Furthermore, with the increase in IHS fees, international students have to pay £776 per year, which is an increase on the former £470. Therefore, for international students undertaking a four-year course: 

2. It poses problems for Post-Study Prospects:

One of the top reasons why international students look to the UK is the prospect of getting valuable work experience after they graduate. However, the two-year post-study graduate visa, which was introduced to attract the best international talent to the UK, could face challenges. This is because of the high costs that are associated with staying and working in the UK. 

Furthermore, the increased fees may force graduates to change their minds about using this visa option, thereby negatively impacting the ability of the UK to retain skilled professionals who can contribute to its workforce.

3. Negative Implications for Universities:

Universities in the UK thrive in their ability to attract talents from diverse cultures and backgrounds to contribute to their growth. Moreover, international Students contribute over £40 billion to the UK economy. Reports show that international students studying in Glasgow, London, Sheffield, Nottingham, and Newcastle contribute significantly to their financial boost.

However, the increase in visa fees will negatively affect this, as prospective international students may be deterred from making the UK their destination for higher education. This is bad because many universities in the UK rely on the tuition fees paid by international students. 

Therefore, the attention of international students looking for quality education abroad may shift to other countries like Canada that provide affordable and more favorable fee structures.

4. Impact on Dependents:

The increase in visa fees further impacts the lives of the dependents of these international students. This includes dependents like partners, children, siblings, and even parents. 

These concerns may go on to affect the academic performance of international students because they become strained emotionally and financially since they find it hard to provide for their families in the UK. 

5. It harms Cultural and Academic Diversity in the UK:

The impact of the increase in visa fees will also put the cultural and academic diversity of the UK at stake. This is because international students may look away from the UK. Therefore, this means that the rich academic and cultural diversity that international students bring to universities in the UK is no more. There will no longer be an enriching educational experience for all.

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