What Are The Highest-Paying STEM Jobs In the UK?

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What Are The Highest-Paying Stem Jobs In the UK?

STEM jobs in the UK are challenging, engaging, and rewarding. They also offer various areas for you to create a career in, like medical science, mathematics, and engineering. However, not all career paths provide high-paying jobs. Therefore, you need to know the salary facts before making your decision from a financial perspective. 

Our salary data for the highest-paying STEM jobs in the UK will help you whether you are considering STEM careers, working on a degree, or looking to change fields. 

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What Is STEM?

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is a field that is made up of the principles of these four subjects. Additionally, the professionals that work in these STEM fields include data analysts, petroleum engineers, statisticians, mathematicians, computer scientists, and many more. 

Generally, STEM jobs focus on a lot of science fields, and individuals who choose a career in them have the chance to earn a high income. However, many of these jobs require a lengthy university education and a quality background in the field of your choice. But all these sacrifices are worth it at the end of the day.  

Top 10 High-paying STEM Jobs in the UK

Compare the following high-paying job options within the STEM field to see how these career paths align with your salary requirements:

1. Data analyst

Average salary: £57,000 per year

A data analyst is tasked with gathering, sorting, and analyzing data that companies use to make financial decisions. A data analyst can work in the sales, marketing, and banking sectors. Additionally, they help promote growth and development by interpreting financial and operational data.

2. Clinical informaticist

Average salary: £62,000 per year

A clinical informaticist is a professional who uses computer science to manage healthcare activities in order to create efficiency in the healthcare sector. Additionally, they use their knowledge of computer technology to: 

  • Assist healthcare workers. 
  • Enhance workflow 
  • Improve and strengthen patient relationships. 

3. Systems Administrator

Average salary: £65,000 per year

System administrators maintain the operation of computer networks. These technology professionals are usually responsible for installing and supporting business computer systems and configuring the user setups for wide-area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), intranets, segmented networks, and other data communications systems.

4. Mechanical engineer

Average salary: £68,000 per year

A mechanical engineer plans, designs, and develops electromechanical energy-converting machines that convert energy and generate power. They design machines like combustion engines, gas and steam turbines, and electric generators.

5. Chemical engineer

Average salary: £71,000 per year

A chemical engineer is a professional who plans, designs, and develops processes that industries use for the production of chemicals. Generally, chemical engineers use their knowledge of chemistry and biology for the manufacturing of fuel, food, and medicines.

6. Nuclear engineer

Average salary: £73,000 per year

 A nuclear engineer is a professional who develops, operates, and maintains nuclear equipment like: 

  • nuclear reactors, 
  • radiation shielding equipment 
  • and the systems that operate nuclear energy processes. 

Furthermore, they also work with nuclear medical technology, where they design and develop radiological equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines.

7. Materials engineer

Average salary: £74,000 per year

A material engineer is a professional who researches and analyzes textile materials like:

  • plastics, 
  • metals 
  • and ceramics to design new materials. 

Furthermore, they process materials that manufacturers use to make products like: 

  • Phone and computer parts, 
  • biomedical equipment, 
  • solar equipment and more.

8. IT manager

Average salary: £75,000 per year

IT managers are professionals who use their knowledge of information technology to integrate and maintain a company’s communication and technology infrastructure. They also provide support for businesses by managing their information and data systems and also heading their IT maintenance teams.

9. Computer scientist

Average salary: £82,000 per year

Computer scientists are experts who solve problems using technological applications. They also: 

  • write and develop software, 
  • develop applications for smart devices 
  • and develop websites. 

Furthermore, they develop mathematical models that we use for computer-to-network and user-computer interactions.

10. Software engineer

Average salary: £85,000 per year

A software engineer makes use of mathematics and computer science to design and develop computer software. Additionally, they also develop: 

  • software programs and applications, 
  • operating systems, 
  • games, 
  • business analysis software, 
  • and network systems

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