King’s College London Burdett Postgraduate Nursing Scholarship 2023/2024 for International Students

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King’s College London Burdett Postgraduate Nursing Scholarship 2023/2024 for International Students – With delight, we announce two full-time postgraduate nursing scholarships in the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care. Apply below.

When is the Application Deadline: 31st May 2023

Tell Me About Award: The Burdett Trust for Nursing generously funds the scholarship and covers both tuition fees and living costs. The scholarships will have a particular focus on developing leadership and research capacity within the nursing profession.

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Those successful in securing a scholarship are The Burdett Fellows.

As part of the scholarship scheme, you will be able to take one of the programmes outlined below. These two programmes lay the foundations for nurses who aspire to develop into senior leadership roles and enable them to build the knowledge and skills needed to influence national and international nursing policy.

We are collaborating with the School of Health In Social Science, at the University of Edinburgh and their Burdett Fellows, also funded through The Burdett Trust for Nursing. This collaboration will have a particular focus on building a research leadership network for Burdett Fellows. This will provide peer support and an opportunity for growth and sustainability building both nationally and globally.

Supporting your study and professional development

Balancing education and your career can be a challenge, but we’ll give you the support you need to make it happen. At King’s, you’ll join a supportive community of healthcare professionals who share experiences and discuss challenges the sector is facing. We’re famous around the globe for the impact of our research. So, whether you work in practice or research, we’ll share our latest discoveries and expertise to help you become a leader in your field. We’ll show you what it takes to become an expert and apply the latest evidence to healthcare.

Part of giving you a valuable experience is giving you opportunities to challenge yourself. Some postgraduates engage in helping to teach. Others make the most of opportunities to help with our latest research. Join our dynamic research community to work with world-leading academics at the forefront of international nursing, midwifery, and palliative care research. Joining a society is also a great way to meet like-minded people. The Nursing and Midwifery Society organizes talks, seminars, and social events.

Which Fields Are Eligible?

1. MRes Clinical Research – Full-time one year

The Clinical Research MRes is a multi-disciplinary course whose aim directs at practitioners who wish to develop their clinical or academic research careers. The course seeks to enhance the skills and knowledge needed for supporting, delivering, and integrating research into clinical practice, as well as fostering evidence-based practice. Practitioners with the appropriate innovation and critical-thinking skills may get the support to undertake further study at MPhil/Ph.D. level to develop a future clinical academic career.

2. MSc Palliative Care – Full-time one year

Our Palliative Care program will give you the skills to critically appraise research and evidence on palliative care, conduct high-quality research, improve clinical practice, and develop services across the world. You will have world-class teaching at one of the strongest centers of palliative care research in the world and the only purpose-built institute for palliative care. This course incorporates leading research and innovative and evidence-based practice. The Cicely Saunders Institute in partnership with St Christopher’s Hospice delivers it.

3. MSc Clinical Nursing – Full-time one year

The Clinical Nursing MSc will provide you with the knowledge you need to ensure the care you provide is compassionate, evidence-based, and person-centered. You’ll also learn about the use of digital strategies in healthcare, and be able to engage with institutional and wider cultures that promote patient safety and care. This programme supports qualified nurses to develop their knowledge and skills so they can take their careers in nursing to the next level.  Additionally, the Clinical Nursing programme will support you in your path to becoming an expert clinical decision-maker, able to autonomously manage and lead healthcare practice.

Type: Master

Who can Apply? All nurses applying for the above full-time courses are eligible for these scholarships, including UK, EU, and overseas students. Applicants should also be present in London during the academic year for on-campus teaching delivery and face-to-face contact.

How are Applicants Selected? The scholarships will be awarded through an assessment of academic performance, relevant experience (where appropriate), and a personal statement indicating reasons for applying.

Which Countries Are Eligible? UK, EU & International

Where will Award be Taken? King’s College, London

How Many Awards? Not specified

What is the Benefit of the Award?

Two awards (one for home and one for an international applicant) are available for full-time entry into one of our relevant postgraduate courses. For UK (Home) students, the award will cover a stipend of £10,250 per annum and the University fees for the programme. For international students, the award will cover a stipend of £17,425 per annum and University fees for the programme.

How Long Will the Award Last?

The scholarships are available for full-time entry onto one of our relevant postgraduate courses and provide a unique opportunity for nurses who aspire to develop into senior leadership roles and improve the quality of services and outcomes for patients through building nursing research capacity both nationally and internationally.

How to Apply:

All applicants should complete the King’s College London online application process for either the MRes Clinical Research, MSc Clinical Nursing, or MSc Palliative Care programmes. The personal statement submitted for that MSc application must include a brief sentence stating that you have also applied for this King’s College London Burdett Postgraduate Nursing Scholarship and how the Burdett Fellow Scholarship would impact you and your local/professional communities.

You will be asked to submit the following documents for your application to be considered:

Supporting documents

  • A CV of no more than two pages with evidence of professional registration as a nurse.
  • Two references including at least one academic reference. Professional references will be accepted if you completed your qualifications over five years ago.
  • Personal statement. This can be entered directly into the online application form (maximum 4,000 characters) or uploaded as an attachment to the online application form (maximum 2 pages). The personal statement should also outline how the Burdett Fellow Scholarship would impact you and your local/professional communities.
  • An outline of your research interests and potential project you may undertake as part of your studies. International applicants will need to provide a letter of support from their health institution supporting their research activities in their country (i.e. access to study sites for data collection) if they are planning to undertake a research project abroad.


Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a short interview to discuss their experience, reasons for wanting to join the programme, research interests, and how the award may support them in pursuing their future career aspirations. Interviews will be approximately 30 minutes, held online, and will take place towards the end of June 2023.

Additional task

Applicants should also note that as part of the Burdett Fellows Scholarship, successful candidates will be required to submit a personal statement at the end of their studies demonstrating the impact of the scholarship, their experience, and the benefits of their selected area of continued professional development.

Visit Award Webpage for Details