4000 Jobs Available for Unemployed South African Youths at the Department of Home Affairs 2023: Digitization of Records

4000 Jobs Available for Unemployed South African Youths at the Department of Home Affairs 2023: Digitization of Records. Apply below.

When is Application Deadline?

2nd March 2023

Tell Me About Award:

The Department of Home Affairs, (DHA) has started the digitization process of converting over 350 million paper records into electronic format for improved service delivery. The DHA, in collaboration with The Department of Employment and Labour and Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator as part of the National Pathway Management Network seek to contribute to the employment creation goals and strategic priorities of the Presidential Employment Stimulus programme by hiring unemployed youth on a fixed term contracts to assist.

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What Countries are Eligible?

South Africa

Where will Award Take Place?

All positions are based in Pretoria (Gauteng) and Brits (North West) Please only apply if you live in these areas or are able to re-locate at your own cost.

Who is Eligible?

  • · South African Citizens aged between 18-35
  • · No criminal record; and a clear credit history
  • · Your qualification must match the minimum requirement of the role you are applying for

How many Awards?

Not specified

What is Value of Award?

  • Document Warehouse Controllers (16 Posts), Runners (240 posts), Preppers (735 posts), Re-assemblers (734 posts), Receiving Clerks (100 posts), Scanners (125 posts), and Drivers (10 posts) – R5,000 per month
  • Indexers (1600 posts) – R5,500 per month
  • Quality Controllers (200 posts) – R6,000 per month
  • Team Leaders (210 posts) – R6,500 per month
  • Tech Support (24 posts) – R9,500 per month
  • Managers (6 posts) – R14,250 per month

How to Apply?

Click on the links below for the full role description and requirements and to apply, if you are already part of the SA Youth network.

If you haven’t joined the SA Youth network yet you will need to register first, the process will take 4 mins. Click on the link register then apply.

1. Runners: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782055

2. Document Warehouse Controllers: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782083

3. Preppers: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782085

4. Scanners: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782087

5. Indexers: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782089

6. Quality Controllers: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782093

. Team Leaders: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782095

8. Technical Support: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782097

9. Managers: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782099

10. Receiving Clerks: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782101

11. Drivers: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782103

12. Re-Assemblers: https://sayouth.mobi/p/dha/o/782105


Visit Application Webpage for Details