Dunlop Business-in-a-box Programme 2023 for South African Entrepreneurs

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Dunlop Business-in-a-box Programme 2023 for South African Entrepreneurs. Apply below.

When is Application Deadline?

Not specified

Tell Me About Award:

Tyre manufacturer Sumitomo Rubber South Africa (SRSA) is on the hunt for 48 township entrepreneurs who could qualify for startup support to run their own local tyre centres.

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SRSA is manufacturer of the Dunlop brand and has launched the business-in-a-box concept as an extension of its Dunlop container store project. 

The programme offers a plug-and-play solution through which shortlisted candidates are linked with recommended funders to apply for 100% funding to set up their own Dunlop Fitment Centres, and to become part of a growing network of more than 80 Dunlop container outlets employing around 400 people across the country.

In short: through the business-in-a-box concept, successful candidates take ownership of a 12-metre Dunlop-branded container with equipment, retail software, startup stock and point-of-sale material. The enterprise also includes a reception area, a workshop with tyre changing equipment, and a storage facility stocked with tyres.

Services On Offer:
With Dunlop’s Business in a Box, these fitment centres can offer these and other high-quality products and services to their community:

  1. Tyre fitment
  2. Tyre repairs
  3. Wheel balancing
  4. Wheel rotation
  5. Battery sales, testing and recharging
  6. Motor spares

What Countries are Eligible?

South Africa

Who is Eligible?

  1. 18 years old and above
  2. South African Citizen
  3. Registered Business
  4. Valid Tax Clearance Certificate and VAT Registered
  5. Business Bank Account
  6. Updated Financial Statements (For already existing businesses)
  7. A Comprehensive Business Plan (For the Tyre Business)
  8. Suitable premises, approved by SRSA inspectors
  9. Site Permit/ Site Lease Agreement
  10. Proof of electricity connection from Eskom or your local municipality
  11. Police Clearance

We value diversity, so women, young people and disabled persons are welcome. Entrepreneurial business experience and the right character and ethics are key – we’ll chat to you during a virtual interview so that we can get to know you a bit better!

How many Awards?

Not specified

What is Value of Award?

  1. A tailor-made and fully fitted Dunlop branded container – complete with equipment, retail software, start-up stock and point-of-sale material.
  2. Full non-financial support from a major international manufacturer
  3. High-quality machinery built to global standards
  4. Top-quality products you can sell at competitive prices
  5. The best technical training for your staff
  6. Strong familiar branding that your customers will trust
  7. Marketing and advertising support
  8. No direct competition in your area
  9. SRSA promotions, giveaways, and competitions for top dealers
  10. Fully funded training accredited by MERSETA and SRI to help you take your business to the next level. Choose from four focus areas – Technical Skills, Occupational Health & Safety, Business Acumen and Sales and Customer Care.

You’ll be all set to provide a professional service, and to offer top-quality products under a recognised and trusted brand. Simply connect to the electricity and start trading!

How to Apply?

We’ll link up shortlisted candidates with recommended funders to apply for total funding of the Business in a Box.

Applicants who secure funding will be able to access the following:

  1. Training at one of SRSA’s Retail centres to gain the skills necessary for their business to succeed
  2. Support to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements

Once your application and site are approved:

  1. We’ll send you an official Container Agreement document with terms and conditions.
  2. Sign, complete and return this to us.

Apply here


Visit Application Webpage for Details


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