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African UN Youth Delegates Programme 2023 – Call for Applications

African UN Youth Delegates Programme 2023 – Call for Applications. Apply below.

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When is Application Deadline?

24th January 2023

Tell Me About Award:

Apply to take part in the UN Youth Delegates program!
The project aims to support, guide and dispatch a new generation of the UN Youth Delegates from Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan. Further, we aim to build up UN Associations in all participating countries and gives you the chance to become a UN Youth Fellow and engage with the work of the United Nations on the ground.

Project “African UN Youth Delegates” aims to increase representation of the youth of the Global South at the United Nations. Therefore, we are looking for interested and highly motivated young people who want to become Tanzania UN Youth Delegates and UN Youth Fellows to represent the interests of the youth at both the national and international level!

What Countries are Eligible?

Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan. 

Who is Eligible?

Young, highly motivated people between the age of 18 and 32, with a sufficient command of the English language. Further, applicants need to be available to travel and attend workshops throughout 2023 (exact dates are indicated in the application form)

How are Applicants Selected?

If you are one of the 20 selected candidates, you have already secured the opportunity to be a Youth Fellow and access to UN internships and outreach programs. You will also be invited to a National Assessment Workshop in Nairobi, together with 20 other UN Youth Fellows from all over the country. The workshop will introduce you to your tasks and opportunity and prepare you to address the pressing issues of the youth both nationally and internationally.

At the National Assessment, 2 Fellows will be selected to become this year’s UN Youth Delegates and will get the chance to represent the youth interests at the United Nations in New York and regionally in East Africa. Further, the 2 delegates will be invited to 3 regional workshops.

Both the fellows and delegates will be required to attend and travel to events and workshops throughout the year, so please confirm your availabilities at the given dates before applying.

How many Awards?


What is Value of Award?

The chance to become part of a national UN Fellowship with opportunities at UN internships, formulating a mandate that represents the demands of the youth, outreach activities and the possibility to be part in joining a UN Association. Moreover, two fellows are selected as UN youth delegates and get to represent the youth interests of your country at the UN General Assembly in New York.

How to Apply?

Apply HERE


Visit Application Webpage for Details

See more Information on UN Youth Delegate Programme

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