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LG Electronics’ Life’s Good Award 2022 for Sustainable Innovations ($1million Award)

LG Electronics’ LIFE’S GOOD AWARD supports innovative and sustainable value creation activities.

When is Application Deadline?

10th October 2022.

Tell Me About Award:

LIFE’S GOOD AWARD is an innovation challenge pursuing environmental and social values and spreading LG Electronics’ LIFE’S GOOD vision by recognizing innovative solutions for our community and planet.

What Type of Award is this?

Entrepreneurship, Contest

Who can apply?

Innovation for the planet: Recognizes innovative solutions for technologies, systems and processes that help deliver a better life for all, including ideas that minimize environmental impact by pursuing renewable energy and carbon neutrality, creating circular economies, and developing eco-friendly products and services, etc.

Innovation for people: Recognizes innovative solutions for technologies, systems and processes for a better, healthier, and more comfortable life for all, including ideas that prioritize and improve inclusivity by providing accessible and usable experiences for all people, etc, including marginalized individuals/communities who experience physical and systematic barriers

How are Applicants Selected?

Materials will be evaluated according to their impact, innovativeness and relevance (subject to change). 

How Many Positions will be Given?


What is the Benefit of Award?

For The Award, the Judges must select three (3) individuals or groups.

  • a. Finalists : Prizes will be awarded according to the final ranking. Grand prix – USD 700,000, Silver – USD 200,000, Bronze – USD 100,000 (Tax rates based on overseas income (including prize money) may be applied differently depending on the nationality of the Participant, and the Sponsor is not responsible for any tax payment related issues). In addition, theproposed innovative business solutions will be displayed for six (6) months on the LIFE’S GOOD AWARD site.
  • b. Winners : If both parties agree, in addition to receiving a prize, the winner may be awarded the status of special judge for the 2nd LIFE’S GOOD AWARD.

How to Apply for Program?



Visit Award Webpage for Details

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