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RSIF PhD Scholarships 2022/2023 for Mozambique and Senegal Nationals

RSIF PhD Scholarships 2022/2023 for Mozambique and Senegal Nationals

When is the Application Deadline:

NEW: 15 April 2022 (OLD 31st March 2022 at 5:00 pm (East Africa Time; UTC+3)

Tell Me About RSIF PhD Scholarships:

  • RSIF PhD Scholarships are open to Mozambique and Senegal candidates interested in receiving international-quality PhD training.
  • Applicants apply for a scholarship to conduct PhD research in a PASET Priority Thematic Area.
  • Applicants apply to the icipe online portal indicating their preference for a PhD program at approved AHUs (a current list of RSIF AHUs and PhD programs is available here).
  • The AHU and RSIF selection panels will review applications and make recommendation to the PASET EB for scholarship awards.
  • On award of RSIF Scholarships, awardees must immediately complete registration to the selected RSIF AHU.

What Type of Scholarship is this?


Who can apply?

To be eligible for the RSIF PhD Scholarships, applicants must:

  • Be a citizen of Mozambique or Senegal.
  • Have a relevant master’s degree in one of the fields of study.
  • Meet the specific admission requirements of the RSIF African Host University where they would like to pursue a PhD (see links to the AHU PhD programs below; or go to the RSIF website .
  • Be willing to enroll full-time in a PhD program at an RSIF African Host University in the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Should not be holding another PhD scholarship, or currently be enrolled in any PhD Program when applying to the RSIF PhD scholarship.
  • Be willing to spend 6-24 months in a ‘sandwich’ research placement at an international partner institute.
  • Demonstrate that their research goals are well aligned to the Priority Thematic Areas and contribute to Africa’s development.

Which Countries are Eligible?

Mozambique or Senegal.

How Many Scholarships will be Given?

Not specified

What is the Benefit of RSIF PhD Scholarships?

  • The RSIF PhD Scholarship covers university tuition and related fees, competitive stipend to cover living expenses, travel, medical insurance, and research costs.
  • RSIF PhD scholars will be supported to spend 6-24 months in a ‘sandwich’ training at an international partner university, research institute or private company.
  • RSIF PhD scholars become part of a growing network of emerging leaders in ASET fields in SSA.
  • RSIF PhD scholars will have access to RSIF competitive research grants upon completion of their PhD.

How Long will the Program Last?

The duration of the PhD Scholarship is 3 to 4 years, including 6-24 months in a ‘sandwich’ training placement at an international partner university, research institute or private company. Priority for the scholarships will be given to women and existing young academic faculty who do not have a PhDs. The RSIF scholarships will be awarded in June 2022.

How to Apply for RSIF PhD Scholarships:

Applications are accepted through icipe’s online application platform. Applications submitted by email or in hardcopy will not be accepted.

It is important to go through all application requirements before applying.


Visit Award Webpage for Details

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