EWiEn Energy Start-up Incubation Program 2022 for Ethiopia Entrepreneurs

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EWiEn Energy Start-up Incubation Program 2022 for Women Ethiopia Entrepreneurs

When is the Application Deadline:

27th March 2022

Tell Me About EWiEn Energy Start-up Incubation Program:

Applications are open for the EWiEn Energy Start-up Incubation Program 2022. Ethiopian Women in Energy (EWiEn) has launched the first women youth, energy-based incubator program in Ethiopia (EWiEn incubator). The program is designed to address the energy access gap by making women change agents, through promoting innovation and women’s inclusiveness.

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The EWiEn incubator is a project that aims to bring social, economic, and environmental impacts across the entire value chain of the renewable energy business, starting from generation to consumption of energy. Women entrepreneurs will be trained in critical industry skills to create innovations that are affordable, accessible, and user-friendly for households or commercial use.

The EWiEn incubator encourages women to develop start-up ideas related to products, processes, technology, financial mechanisms, data services, and other aspects that can support and transform renewable energy accessibility specially solar energy in Ethiopia. The program will assist innovators by incubating their ideas through mentorship, technical, business, and skill development training, prototyping development, and networking to get their ideas off the ground and push it to the next level. This project is expected to generate ideas that will transform Ethiopia’s energy sector through the participation of young women.

What Type of Scholarship is this?


Who can apply for EWiEn Energy Start-up Incubation Program?

  • Business ideas should address a problem within the renewable energy sector specifically solar energy solutions.
  • The founder/cofounder of the business must be female.
  • Must be willing to commit 6hr per month to the incubation program
  • The business needs to bring an innovative idea that is targeted towards the community.
  • The business idea needs to have a potential to be scalable.
  • The business idea should be financially viable.

Which Countries are Eligible?

Ethiopian women

What is the Benefit of EWiEn Energy Start-up Incubation Program?

Program Details

The EWiEn incubator program is designed to help female-led energy startups develop their business to the next level through the planned training and coaching sessions in the program. The program includes various training tailored for business ideas in renewable energy specifically solar energy.

Entrepreneurship Training

The objective of this training is to equip trainees with entrepreneurship skills that allow them to develop their business ideas and start businesses. This entrepreneurial training will allow women to start their own business by teaming up with other trainees in the team or outside of the incubation program.

 The training will include

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Leadership/ team building
  • Market research
  • Business model canvas
  • Financial Projection
  • Business plan writing
  • Brand positioning/ vision/ Mission/
  • Social media presence/ Personal branding/ Logo Design
  • Pitch training

Technical Training

The technical training is aimed at providing the incubates with the knowledge to develop prototypes for their business. The technical training includes the basics of solar systems and PCB design.

During this sessions the trainees will get the chance to develop their prototype products through training and coaching. At the end of this program the startups are expected to develop their prototypes.

  • Basics of solar systems
  • Startups in the energy sector
  • Prototype

How Long will the Program Last?

The deadline for application is March 27, 2022. The program will run from April 2022 till December 2022.

How to Apply for EWiEn Energy Start-up Incubation Program:


It is important to go through all application requirements before applying.


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