Ashinaga Internships (Spring-Summer) 2023 for Young Africans

Ashinaga Internships (Uganda & Senegal) 2023 for Young Africans

When is the Application Deadline:

19th March 2023

About Ashinaga Uganda Internships:

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative will welcome 49 selected scholars from 49 different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to our leadership programs in Kampala, Uganda, and Dakar, Senegal, to receive academic training in their studies of interest, as well as assistance applying to universities around the world. Through education, Ashinaga hopes to empower its students to make the change that they wish to see in their communities, countries, and Africa as a whole. We are currently looking for a range of interns to support these students at Ashinaga Uganda and Ashinaga Senegal.

Job Description:

Planning classes and teaching Ashinaga Africa Initiative Scholars who are selected from sub-Saharan African countries, with an emphasis on improving their academic knowledge and skills as well as assisting with university applications.

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※We are particularly interested in interns who can teach science courses, assist Japanese teachers, offer prior guidance on Japanese society and culture, teach other subjects, offer career counselling or leadership training.

2023 Uganda Internship Program

Ashinaga Uganda runs Anglophone (English) and Lusophone (Portuguese) internship programs every year. In 2023, Ashinaga Uganda is looking for English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking interns to support their Study Camp.

*Due to the evolving circumstances of the Ebola outbreak in Uganda, we are exploring the possibility of both remote and in-person internships for Ashinaga Uganda; to be determined closer to the time of the internship pending updates on the situation. 

Uganda (Anglophone): Applications Open
Internship Dates:

1) Study Camp Term 1: June 25th  – September 2nd 2023

2) Study Camp Term 2: August 26th – December 16th 2023

Application Deadline:

Study Camp Terms 1 & 2: May 1st 2023

Internship Period: May 15th – July 23rd, 2023 (10 weeks) — *possibility of extension till September 15th, depending on intern performance and team needs

During the Spring-Summer 2023 Internship Program, interns from all over the world will work with teams from the Ashinaga Headquarters on part-time, flexible hours. Various intern positions are available for application – join us and contribute to Ashinaga’s work, wherever you are!  Please refer to our application form linked below for detailed descriptions of the intern positions.

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